All of the information on this form will be presented publicly on the Ignition Northwest website. This is your opportunity to let our membership learn a little more about you and your unique qualifications. You don't have to answer every question, but the more you answer, the clearer the picture you'll provide. Some of the questions may overlap a bit - if you feel that you've already answered question B in your answer to question A, don't sweat it. Try to limit each answer to about a paragraph.

1) BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, KEEP A COPY OF YOUR STATEMENT for your own records! We guarantee that you'll want to refer to it before this is all over.

2) When you're done with this form, EMAIL A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOURSELF to webmaster@ignitionnw.org, and we'll post that photo with your application. Try to pick a photo that will let people will recognize you, so folks can connect your face with your name.

What's your real, full name?
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Playa name
Perhaps people know you better by some other name?
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Email address
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What's your passion?
In about a paragraph, tell us what you're most passionate about in the burner community.
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In about a paragraph, tell us about one of the best projects you ever worked on.
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Your Impact
In about a paragraph, tell us how you think the burner community is different because you're in it.
Your answer
Other groups
Are you involved with any other groups, ie DPW, Rangers, theme camps?
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List any skills that you think you would bring to the board. You can interpret this very broadly. Here are some examples: accounting, managing performers, developing processes, dealing with local government, organizing events, internet communications, making art, instilling passion in other people, building stuff, burning stuff down, blowing stuff up.
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What the board does
In about a paragraph, tell us what you think the Ignition Northwest board does, or should be doing.
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Why you?
In about a paragraph, tell us why you'd like to run for the board.
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What's your agenda?
Are you running for the board to tackle particular issues? For instance, maybe to improve the art grant process, or oversee INW spending, or help manage Critical Massive?
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Do you see yourself running for an officer's seat?
Officers are selected annually. There is no requirement to run for an officer seat.
Why an officer?
If you checked any of the officer positions, what do you feel you would bring to that role?
Your answer
Do you see yourself sitting on a committee?
Why a committee?
If you checked any of the committees, what do you feel you would bring to that committee?
Your answer
In conclusion...
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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