2023-24 HCPS Transportation Request
Requests, received after August 8, 2023,  may not be approved and/or processed prior to the start of school. 

This is a request for a new bus stop assignment. Your student must be registered at the school prior to new services or changes in services. Changes can only be applied to addresses on file with the school or within PowerSchool. Changes will only apply to school bus services within your child's school attendance zone. All requests for morning or evening services must be for five days per week. Students that attend a school on a variance are not provided transportation services. 

The Department of Transportation is responsible for routing buses in a manner that maximizes safety and efficiency. We routinely conduct evaluations of bus stops and routes, therefore bus stops and bus routes are subject to changes and adjustments as determined by the department. The safety of all school bus stops are evaluated with the understanding that the parent/guardian (or other adult) will provide age-appropriate supervision for their student(s) at the bus stop.

The Department of Transportation attempts to minimize student walk distances from bus stops while maximizing bus use. Some bus stop locations will require students to walk in residential areas along and across streets, with or without sidewalks. Elementary students’ distances to bus stops can extend up to .3 of a mile, under ideal conditions. Secondary students’ distances to bus stops can extend up to .5 of a mile, under ideal conditions. Certain conditions may necessitate students to walk greater distances. These distances are measured by public roads and do not include any private lane or walkway of the child's residence. In all cases, bus stop locations are dependent upon roadway conditions and accessibility.

The department cannot consider factors that are associated with individual family and/or parental situations.  Such concerns are expected to be resolved by the family, parent, or guardian.  Examples:

¨  Parent not being able to see child walking to bus stop and/or waiting at bus stop.
¨  Neighborhood feuds or conflicts with nearby residents.
¨  Change in parent's work schedule.
¨  Parent not able to walk to bus stop with child because of other obligations

Once your request has been received it will be reviewed by the transportation department. Information regarding bus stops and route times will be available online 2 weeks prior to the start of school.

Please note that at the beginning of the school year, the response time maybe greater due to the number of requests during start of the school year.

After the first 30 days of school, transportation-eligible bus riders may request service to a before or after school care provider for the duration of the school year as an alternate to their student's home address of record.

Please visit HCPS's Transportation Page to submit an Alternate Bus Stop Request

Alternate Bus Stop Requests are reviewed in the order received, and any approval for an alternate stop is for the current school year only. We urge parents to be patient as routes settle at the start of the school year. Alternate Bus Stops are not guaranteed and are dependent upon bus capacity and serviceability.


This form requires that an email address be used. Please use none@hcps.us if you do not have an email address.

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