Risen Christ High School Youth Group Registration (9th through 12th Grades) 2020-2021

The calendar for this year's High School Youth Group is still being finalized, but please save the date for 6:30 PM on Sunday, September 13th in the Emmaus Center (formerly known as the parish building). Please sign up now so we can get an estimate of numbers in order to ensure social distancing. Don't miss out on all the fun and fellowship!

Parents and students participating must agree to abide by Archdiocesan health screening guidelines and execute the Participant Acknowledgment of Risk and Commitment.
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I authorize, by my electronic signature below, that if the above people cannot be reached, church personnel are authorized to use their best judgment in an emergency. The church does not have medical or dental insurance for the students. It is understood that all costs related to emergency treatment will be the responsibility of the parent. As long as the medical treatment considered necessary is in accordance with generally accepted standards of practice, I impose no specific prohibitions regarding treatment unless stated by certified letter.
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Thank you for registering!
Questions? Please contact Christine Fritschen at christine@risenchristchurch.org or 720-531-9548
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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