LUNA Formative Assessment
This form is a formative assessment, not a judgment of your knowledge. It does NOT ask for your name. Relax, do your best and lets keep working on LEARNING
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During a solar eclipse the Moon appears to completely cover the Sun. What phase is the Moon in just before and after a solar eclipse? *
What causes the different phases of the Moon? *
What’s thought to be the moon’s origin? *
The distance between the moon and earth *
The Earth takes a year to orbit around the Sun. What about the Moon? Does it orbit the Earth? *
The moon does not rotate *
The Moon has no gravity *
The moon becomes larger on the horizon because it is closer to Earth *
Have you ever looked up at the Moon and wondered how big it is? Select ONE answer below that you think is closest to the size of the moon. *
Meika and Toby live in Mount Vernon, Iowa. They looked outside last night and saw a crescent Moon. They have friends in South Africa. If their friends look up at the Moon on the same night, what shape moon will they see? *
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