COVID-19 Vaccination
Thank you for your interest in receiving your COVID-19 vaccination from Clark.

To maximize the use of available vaccine, we must schedule appointments in blocks matching the number of doses in each vial. Moderna is packaged in vials with 10 doses each, J&J 5 doses. We make vaccinations available Tuesday through Friday, 1pm to 4pm. If necessary we will try to consolidate appointments to make a block of 10.

Spread the word! We will be able to provide vaccinations as long as we can get enough people to fully utilize the available vaccine.

We update the number of appointments available every morning.

Updated 05-10-2021 11:00am


Tuesday, 11th - 10 Moderna
Wednesday, 12th - 5 J&J
Thursday, 13th - 10 Moderna
Thursday, 13th - 12 Pfizer (Under 18 years of age)
Friday, 14th - 5 J&J
Specify which vaccine is desired. Moderna is by far the most available for us now. Please indicate all acceptable. Mod-Moderna, Pfi-Pfizer, J&J-Johnson & Johnson.
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