Haenim 喜臨護脊腰櫈揹帶保養計劃 (網上登記)
- Haenim喜臨之香港總代理 - 港豐遠東有限公司,將提供Haenim喜臨之產品首年免費保養 (購買日起計)
- 保養及維修並不包括人為疏忽而導致之任何損壞
- 如提供不正確資料則此登記紀錄作廢
- 請保留零售商之發票作維修之用

Please complete the below warranty form within 14 days after purchasing the product
- We, Kingsford Far East Ltd., the sole agent of Haenim, in Hong Kong, offer first year warranty to the product (from purchasing date).
- The warranty will not cover any damages due to negligence or improper handling.
- This warranty will become null and void if information is inaccurate
- Please bring along with receipt for after sale service
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為快速處理閣下的產品保養申請,煩請閣下把該產品的購買發票/ 收據清晰拍照後,把圖檔以附件形式電郵至我們的客戶服務部: haenim_warranty@kingsfordfe.com *
In order to process your warranty form quickly, please email the purchasing invoice/ receipt of the product to our Customer Service Department at: haenim_warranty@kingsfordfe.com
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