In recent months, Massachusetts has experienced some of the worst storms in living memory. Tens of thousands of residents lost power, sometimes for many days at a time, and residents in our coastal communities have been particularly hard hit. Many have been housed in motels and homeless shelters while they work to get their homes repaired.

Climate scientists have predicted for many years that the Northeast would be disproportionately impacted by climate change. As we continue to feel the impacts of climate change, storms become more severe and occur with greater frequency, our communities experience greater and costlier risks. We know the most vulnerable get hit first and worst. Massachusetts is not going to solve climate change on our own. But we are a leader state that others follow, and we play an enormously influential role in New England’s power grid.

Therefore, I pledge to do everything in my power to support these five policies before the 2018 legislative session comes to an end July 31st.

1. 50% renewable energy by 2030 with no less than a 3% increase in our RPS.*

2. Give equitable access of solar power to environmental justice communities.

3. Codify environmental justice into law.

4. No subsidies for gas pipelines and reform our DPU to ensure new fossil fuel infrastructure is evaluated for climate change and community impacts.

5. Create a detailed plan for achieving our 80% global warming pollution reductions by 2050.

The Undersigned,

*Initial bill, as filed, called for 2% increase, but sponsor Rep. Kay Khan supports boosting to 3%

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