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Please take the time to read our Alliance Rules & Regulations:

[ 10m SP Requirement for PVP ]
[ 0m SP Requirement for INDY ]

We want to make sure that you are a right fit for Final Ultimatum,
This is why we ask these questions as shown below because we want to make sure you enjoy your time in with us.
So, Fill out this short application, and hang out in our Front-line Discord server as linked above, and one of our recruitment Agents will have a chat with your after you submit your application.

We can neither confirm nor deny that our agency has any records matching your request and or statements.
Please note our secretary will disavow any knowledge of our agent's actions and deny any involvement of activities towards outside entities of any kind.

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What is your main character name? *
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What is your current Skill Point Level? *
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Which Corporation are you applying for within Final Ultimatum? Is this an Alliance application? Perhaps you're already a member of one of the listed Corporations? *
How did you hear about us? *
If you had been referred to us please tell us who is your referral.
Final Ultimatum offers 15 million isk towards recruitment efforts! *Alts not included* Please ensure you spell your referrals in game character name exactly how it appears so we can reward them accordingly.
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How many characters do you have in total? *
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Are you adept at scanning *
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What is your timezone *
We utilize Discord for announcements and other notifications only and use Team Speak for main VOIP services! Having a microphone is required. Is this an issue? *
You would be required to relinquish a full ESI from each of your joining characters! Is this an issue? *
If a CTA ( Call To Arms ) is broadcasted we expect each online pilot to respond without fail. Is this an issue? *
Have you read Final Ultimatums Rules & Regulations? *
We have made this vital information available at the top of this application form!
OATH OF A FINAL AGENT As an official Agent of Final Ultimatum, I do loyalty swear to uphold my duties with the utmost diligence to the very best of my ability. As to my valued alliance Final Ultimatum and all her allies, I have taken an oath to support my great corporation and alliance and I cannot do so without preserving all others in association with it. *
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