This form will help you to apply for joining team that develops strategies to make money online. Please be as honest as possible when filling out the form. After filling out you will get email with the results and instructions.
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I am motivated, I want to make money online, I am ready to study. I am also an honest and smart person.
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You do not have to work in a team full time - this is not work at all! You only need to devote at least an hour of your free time per day. But please, let us know how much do you work. It will help our team to make comfortable schedule for you.
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The reflection of an object in water forms an image that is known as water image. Select the water image of the figure below.
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Out of the five figures below, four are similar in some manner. Select the odd figure.
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Joining a team is completely free. You also do not have to pay for a place in the team. You will not make any deposit. The team also does not force you to invest in business development. You can buy ads or make any other investments to promote your business, however this is completely voluntary, and the lack of investing in the league will not affect you in any way. However, if you received money that was earned together with the team, you will have to share a certain amount with the boss (if for some reason the money did not go directly to his account). Next, the boss will distribute the amount in proportion to the contribution of the participants to the project (including himself).
Concealment of income received together with the team is a serious violation. Hiding even insignificant amounts in most cases will lead to exclusion from the team.
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Do not use foul language and do not offend colleagues and / or do not discriminate against them on any grounds. Such violations will entail removal from the team.
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If you have more comfortable ways to contact with you than email, please tell about it. There is no guaranty you will get feedback to the method you specified. Recommendation: check your email account more often.
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