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Plant a tree on a pioneering reforestation and agroforestry project developed by PUR Projet in partnership with Acopagro small-scale cocoa farmers cooperative, certified organic and fair trade. More than 2 million trees have already been planted in this project, mainly high value timber species and fast growing species, to allow farmers both to protect their cocoa crops, regenerate their ecosystem and diversify their sources of income. A model approach.
Do you want to contribute to a tree planting project in Peru offered by Ecocert in partnership with PUR Projet?
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PUR Projet develops projects to restore and preserve ecosystems hand in hand with local communities facing climate change everyday and taking action to improve their conditions. We operate these projects with companies willing to commit with us to reduce and offset their environmental footprint by contributing to impactful agroforestry projects and to think how to reshape their activities to make it more sustainable for the planet (
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