The York Tea Party would like to invite the public, including politicians, to give a speech at the March Toward Liberty Tea Party being held at "The Commons" in Yorktown by the Riverwalk 10 AM to 5 PM, Saturday, March 6th and 10 AM to 3 PM, March 7th, 2010.
--------See http://www.YorkTeaParty.org for more details.---------
Speaking Slots are assigned to the first individuals to sign up. While we will make every effort, speaking times cannot be guaranteed.
No group or individual will receive "top billing" or be promoted as a keynote speaker. However by signing up to speak you do agree to allow your name to be listed as a speaker at the event.
The theme of this event is how and why we are to participate in every part of government beginning with the most local.
We will not limit the nature of the speech beyond suggesting that it not simply be derisive, asking that it be kept within the time allotted, and insisting that it be civil.
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I would like to speak at the March Toward Liberty. I agree to limit my speaking time as scheduled. If I take questions will do all I can to maintain civil discourse during mine and others speeches. As I am given a chance to speak, I agree to also listen. I therefore pledge to try to arrive for the first speech and stay to the last, if possible, and maintain a civil discourse respectful of others and the law.
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