FRESH Conference Curator Questionnaire
Thank you in advance for your time and participation! We're thrilled to have your feedback. The questionnaire is comprised of 12 questions, which is a mix of multiple choice and short answer. It's designed to take less than 10 minutes of your time. In general, the purpose is to understand your existing practices, challenges, and interest in fostering diversity at your event(s).
How do you define your goals for diversity when you’re organizing an event/conference?
How satisfied are you with the diversity of the speakers at your events?
Who is responsible for keeping track of the diversity of the speakers at your events?
Do you ever have trouble finding speakers who are (1 being "never" and 5 being "always"):
People of color
People with disabilities
Young people
LGBTQ people
Are there any other categories or types of people that you struggle to find?
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How often do you invite a speaker with whom you or your team has no personal connection? (Someone who is not an acquaintance, colleague, or friend)
How do you find them? How do you approach them?
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Do you pay speakers? Why or why not?
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If you do pay speakers, do you have a standard system for negotiating fees and terms with speakers or is it on a case-by-case basis?
How would you describe your biggest barrier to having a more diverse speaker line-up?
Which of the following, if any, can you imagine being useful to you?
Is there anything else that you would like to add or for us to consider?
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About You
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Preferred type of contact (email, phone, etc.)
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