Application for First Exam
Note: Application for first exam must be completed by the student and reviewed by the Doctoral Director.
Student Last Name: *
Student First Name: *
Student EMPL ID: *
Student E-mail Address: *
Student Concentration: *
Will the student have completed the following courses or their equivalents by the end of this semester: PUBH 810, PUBH 812, PUBH 811 (BIOS 820 if in EPI), PUBH 813, EPID 820? *
Is student in good academic standing? (Student has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and has not accumulated more than two open grades.) *
Is student making satisfactory progress? (See guidelines on satisfactory progress for DPH students in SPH Academic Policies.) *
Notes (e.g., details of special circumstances pertaining to courses still in progress, etc.)
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