ANZAC Alliance Recruitment Form

What we are looking for
- ALL timezone players.
- You must be a team player.
- PvP experience is a plus, but not mandatory,
- We are primarily a PVP corp which means that you must always be prioritising combat over industry.

- Positive attitude and willingness to learn and/or teach.
- A reasonable degree of activity (logging in once a fortnight is not what we're after).
- A mature enthusiastic attitude and the willingness to participate.
- A working microphone and willingness to set up 3rd party programs such as Discord, and Teamspeak.

- 7 mil Skill Points.
For recruitment inquiries, please join the in game channel "ANZA APPS".
The more detail in the application the faster the consideration process.

Before Joining the ANZA
Relocate any assets you want to bring out to null-sec to Jita 4-4.
Name of your Main EvE Character *
How many skillpoints (SP in millions) does your main have? *
Country; State; City/Town of residence? *
Age? *
What timezone(s) are you active in? *
How many hours a week do you play eve? *
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