Outdoor Learning Survey
“Outdoor learning and teacher well-being”

You are invited to participate in a research study on the use of outdoor learning and teacher well-being. The following information is provided in order for you to make an informed decision as to your participation in this study. You are under no obligation to participate and you may decline to do so, or withdraw your participation at any time. Your relationship with your principal, your peers, your school board, or with the researcher will not be affected by your decision.

Research Purpose
The purpose of the research is to explore teachers' use of outdoor learning as a new pedagogy and as it relates to well-being. Outdoor learning is any learning that takes place outdoors, be it on school grounds, in the community, or in a wild place. The survey is intended for practicing teachers at all levels, from preschool to post-secondary.

This research stands to benefit teachers, schools and administrators by exploring the ways that outdoor and Nature-based learning can affect teacher well-being. Benefits will extend to teacher education programs and will contribute to the knowledge base related to new pedagogies, teacher well-being and living schools.

The research will be conducted by Holly McIntyre, a graduate student in M.Ed (Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation) at Cape Breton University. The research will contribute to the Master’s thesis required for graduation.
email: hollymac75@me.com
phone: 581-887-1995

The researcher is supervised by Dr. Catherine O’Brien of Cape Breton University.
email: catherine_obrien@cbu.ca

Research Description
Research will be conducted through an initial online survey followed by interviews with willing participants. The survey should take no more than 20 minutes and the interview, if you choose to participate, should take no longer than one hour.

The data collected will be treated as confidential at all times and any identifiers collected such as name, city and school will be removed in order to protect the identity of participants. While the research poses no known risk to participants, all data collected, including survey responses and interview recordings and transcriptions, will be stored securely until the research is complete, at which time the data will be destroyed. Access to data will only be granted to the researcher and supervisor listed above. Data will be stored as encrypted files in the researcher's password-protected personal computer.

If the study will be submitted for publication, or if any changes are made to the research project, you will be informed. You will also, regardless of whether the study is published, receive a copy of the final report.

You have the right to withdraw your participation at any time during the study. If you have questions regarding the study, your participation in it, or the implications of those, please contact the researcher or her supervisor using the contact information indicated above.

If you have any questions that have not been answered to your satisfaction by the researcher or supervisor named above, please contact:

CBU office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS), Dr. Dana Mount at (902) 563-1338, email: ethics@cbu.ca
Chair of the Research Ethics Board at CBU, Dr. Kathy Snow, at (902)563-1170, email: kathy_snow@cbu.ca
Co-chair of the Research Ethics Board at CBU, Dr. John Hudec at (902) 563-1982, email: john_hudec@cbu.ca.

By providing your email address, and selecting "yes" to the question, "do you agree to participate in this study?", you are granting your informed consent to participate.

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