San Angelo ISD Connect+ Device Survey
During the 2020-21 school year, SAISD is planning to provide a device for each high school and middle school student as part of the districts Connect+ initiative. The district has several committees working on the details and preparations for Connect+. The committees include campus and district representatives. One of the key items of the project is deciding what device will be provided to high school students and what device will be provided to middle school students. (It may be the same device for all or one type of device for high school and a different type for middle school.) We would like your input in this process as our committee is considering device options for secondary students.
I am a: (please check all that apply)
Which of the following devices do you have experience with? (i.e. Know how to navigate around and complete basic tasks) (Please check all that apply)
Of the devices listed below, which device(s) would allow you to meet the needs of your students, expand the learning environment and prepare students for the future. (Please check all that apply)
Please explain why you chose the above device(s). (please list the device before your comment. For example: A windows device: because... )
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Which of the following device features do you feel are important to be used in an educational environment? (please check all that apply)
Which of the following advantages of a student device do you feel are important? (please check all that apply)
Please list any programs, apps, textbook resources, or online resources that are key to the learning environment in your classroom or classes that you attend. If you know which types of platforms each resource will work on, please include that information. (ex: if it works on Windows, Chromebook, Mac, and/or iPad) If you don't know the platforms, it's OK.
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Do you have any of the following devices at home? (please check all that apply)
Do you have internet access at home? If so, what kind?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
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