Home Repair Technician (Riverside, NJ)
We specialize in interior and exterior home repairs. We are looking for a Home Repair Technician with a good attitude, that will be excited to work in a fun team environment. If this is you, please answer the questions below to be consider for employment.
To move forward fill out this document and send us your resume. Please send your resume to doctorfixit.kd@gmail.com.
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Never did home repairs
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Job History *
Please list your last 3 jobs, along with 3 professional references. If this is blank or missing information we can not move you forward in the process.
Transportation *
Are you going to be able to transport yourself from jobsite to jobsite throughout the day?
Legal *
Before an offer of employment is made, there will be a criminal background check and I-9 verification.
Neat, Professional Appearance *
Good hygiene is very important!
Considerate Smoker *
Considerate smokers leave no ashes or butts.
We are all learning something new everyday, life is a journey. Please share something you recently learned. *
Learning more skills means more pay and more benefits.
How would you describe your attention to detail? *
Are aim is to finish jobs with the highest level of perfection without having to touch it up.
How would you describe yourself? *
On Time? *
Arriving on-time shows respect for your co-workers, your job, and your customer. On time means 15 minutes early.
Physical Limitations *
Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing the duties common to the painting or home repair trade? Afraid of heights? Uncomfortable with ladders? Any lifting restrictions?
Training *
What formal group or classroom training do you have? Check all that apply.
Sports *
Which competitive sports have you played? Intramural and competitive pickup games are ok, casual play not included.
How many houses or commercial properties have you worked on ? Give a rough estimate. *
Give a short answer.
What is your main strength in property repairs ? *
Check off the following tasks you can do very well *
Walk me through a tile job. If you check off the box above
Walk me through a drywall patch. If you check off the box above
Please list types of repairs that you are really efficient at performing. *
Please list types of repairs that you are less efficient at performing but have tried before. *
Have you ever been in a foreman position with another company? *
We are a company who cares, and has fun, and has high expectations of performance. Please explain how you would be a good fit. *
What are you looking for in the next company your employed with? Example benefits, insurance, room for growth, team lead, management *
Anything else you'd would like to share? *
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