Revere on the Move: Program Application 2017
Due Date: January 8th, 2017, 11:59pm

Mini Grant Vision:
Our vision for these mini grants is to help Revere be a community where healthy eating and physical activity are a normal part of everyday life. This improves the overall health of our residents.

We aim to make it easy for residents of all ethnic backgrounds and all income levels to afford and access healthy foods in a variety of manners. This includes farmers’ markets, community gardens, innovative school food services, and healthy options at neighborhood restaurants and corner stores.

We also work to make it safe and easy for residents of all ages to be active. Residents should be able to walk and bike across Revere for recreation and transportation, be active in schools, and access a network of urban trails and parks that residents are proud of.

Revere on the Move is a Mass in Motion initiative, funded by Partners Healthcare and co-led by the City of Revere and MGH Revere CARES. We are a community-led initiative working to make healthy eating and active living the easy choice in Revere. We are led by a Task Force that represents our many close partner organizations and dedicated community members.

Mini Grant Goal:
Revere on the Move (ROTM) is offering up to $3,000 in mini-grants to support programs by organizations, schools, neighborhood groups and others to help make Revere a healthier community.

This application is for programs. We define programs as short-term, possibly even one-time events that serve people at an individual level but do not make permanent changes to the environment or policies. A program would be a walking club on the urban trail for the summer.

Examples of programs we can fund:
• Healthy Shopping class: A program that educates parents on how to read nutrition labels and how to shop for healthy foods on a budget. Why we like this: It only helps small groups of people (low impact) but teaches them to navigate the food environment and provides skills that can last a long time.

• Healthy cooking classes: A program that uses healthy and local foods at the Revere Farmers’ Market to teach local families or students how to cook healthfully through demos and recipes. Why we like this: It is low impact (small number of participants), but teaches live-long skill and connects participants to other healthy resources like the farmers’ market.

• Healthy Biking or Walking Training: This could be a training session for youth on how to safely bike or walk healthfully around Revere, which then asks them to become the trainers and teach seniors or a group of parents the same skill. Why we like this: The program encourages “train the trainer” which has higher impact, and utilizes existing infrastructure to hold a short-term event that increases interest in active transportation.

Applications are due Sunday, January 8th, 2017 by 11:59pm.

Funds must be retrieved from the City before May 15, 2017. If awarded, you will receive more information about the process of working with the City to receive funds.

In the case of projects planned to be implemented after this period, funds will still need to be requested before this date. Projects that are delayed due to reasons beyond control, may write a letter to ROTM explaining the circumstances and asking for an extension. Unclaimed funds will be rolled over into the next Mini Grant cycle.

Evaluation Criteria:
The ROTM Mini Grant applications will be evaluated on the level of impact and change, and whether the objectives are clear and tied to the vision of Revere on the Move. For specific criteria, see the Review Rubric on the back of your application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grant Recipients will be invited to attend ROTM Task Force Meetings during the duration of their project. We meet quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:00-6:30pm at the Revere Police Station. You will also be required to complete an evaluation template at mid-year and at the completion of your project.

The ROTM Task Force commits to provide grant recipients with timely technical assistance, including feedback on measures of success and connections to other community members and organizations who might be potential partners. See application for contact information.

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