NCIDBF 2016 Steers Information Form
Hi All,

For NCIDBF 2016, we will be racing Lake Meritt in Oakland, CA. Conditions can be windy in the afternoons and waters are cold but not frigid. Please fill out this quick survey for our knowledge, so we can run a professional race with minimal to zero incidents.

For CDBA and SCDBC., your steersperson must be "race" or "tourny" certified under one of our organizations.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Steersperson's Name
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Steersperson's Contact Email
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Steersperson's Contact Phone
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Steersperson's Team Name
If you are steering for multiple teams just use your Primary Team
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Has steersperson previously steered at SFIDBF?
This is a good thing. We know you have the skills ;)
If no to the previous question, how many race heats the steersperson steered in his/her career?
We kind of want to discourage newby steers from creating mayhem at our festival..
Has your steersperson been involved in any dragon boat collisions or capsizes since September 2015?
We also want to discourage bad luck ;) and recognize that even veteran steerspersons can be the source.
If yes to the previous question, please provide a brief description of the incident.
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