Scorecard Renovation

In 2016 Rainforest Alberta was borne from the question: How can we measure our province’s innovation ecosystem?
In tandem with Rainforest Strategies LLP, those questions have been asked at summits where we assessed Alberta’s innovation ecosystem with the Rainforest Scorecard. RFS LLP and the scorecard have given us the tools and mental models to critically assess and support Alberta’s growing and evolving tech industry.

Nearly three years later, it is time to assess the Rainforest Scorecard itself. The community has grown and evolved beyond our current measuring tool. This is the chance to develop new statements, revise the language in existing statements, and capture the ecosystem in a way that's informative of the Calgary/Alberta ecosystem. Your insight into the ecosystem is what makes you an expert.

Your job: Assess the Assessment

The first 5-6 statements are part of the current scorecard. The next few are what has been proposed by the community. There may be some overlap.

Read each statement and asign a value of 1 to 5 (low to high) NOT on how the ecosystem is doing but WHAT IS THIS VALUE IN ASKING THIS STATEMENT?

Note: 'Community' does not just mean Rainforest - we are assessing the whole tech and innovation ecosystem in Calgary.

The actual scorecard measurement will come in September.

More context:


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