Detroit Catholic Central Mothers' Club Board of Directors Application 2021-2022
As the mother of a Catholic Central student, you are already considered part of the Mothers’ Club and we welcome you to attend or volunteer at any and all Mothers’ Club events. If you are interested in becoming more involved by being part of, or chairing a Mothers’ Club event committee, we invite you to apply for a position on the Mothers’ Club Board of Directors (BOD). The name is a bit intimidating. As a member of the BOD, you would be asked to serve or chair a committee with a group of fellow moms. Once assigned to your committee, you will be responsible for the planning and implementation of your event. To be successful, throughout the year you will attend the monthly Mothers’ Club BOD Meetings which are held evenings the first Wednesday of the month. We're better together, and understand we each have different time and talents to give. Your help is always welcome on events or committees outside your own.

Being part of the Mothers’ Club BOD is extremely rewarding, but is a commitment. Mothers active on the BOD feel well informed about events and happenings at the school and have a warm and fun camaraderie with other CC Moms. Serving on this Board is a great way to stay connected to the school, our sons, and each other. We really hope that you will join us in serving our CC community. We know you will enjoy many fun times and gain cherished friendships while you serve.

Please submit your completed application by Friday, June 11th. I know the application is long, but it's meant to best understand where you'd be most happy. There's no guarantees but we'll do our best to place you.

Board applications will be reviewed over the summer and you will be notified prior to the start of the new school year of your committee placement. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Lisa Williams at (248.832.5700). Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve.

Lisa Williams
Catholic Central Mothers' Club President 2021-22
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Additional Talents and Interests
Committee Selection Section
Most new board members are assigned to our largest committees where we need the most help,to gain experience, and meet the most people. Please rank your interest in the following from 1-4, 1 being the most interested and 4 being the least interested. Choose each number only once.
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Additional activities that you have led or helped with at other schools/organizations or skills you'd like to tell us about:
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