MMR Bud Buddy System℠
Attention: Please be aware that your answers will be shared with all other buddies who have submitted a form. Do not enter any information that you do not want to be seen. Make sure to submit at least one preferred source of communication (email/phone number) to be used for this system.

This peer support system is about creating a relationship between two MMR members, who can understand each other’s situation empathically through shared experience and by establishing a consistent form of healthy support. Helping another can be the reason that someone finally discovers peace in life or experiences some relief from having an bad day. This system should not be used to force personal ideas on one another, but rather share experiences and always remain positive and supportive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This system is NOT to be used for the solicitation of cannabis or cannabis paraphernalia. Members will be removed from the group if there is any disregard for this rule and incidents must be reported to the admins of MMR.

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