Student Life Multicultural Center Buck-Identity Workshop Request Form
Hello and thank you for your interest in our Buck-Identity Workshops! Please read all of the below information prior to filling out this form. Please allow one week to hear back from a staff member about your request. If you do not hear anything with this time frame, feel free to e-mail Bowen Marshall ( for any updates.

Due to staff transition and a high demand of workshops, we are unable to guarantee requests made for facilitations for the month of January. Someone will be in touch with you if we are unable to schedule your workshop on the requested dates.

Should you have any questions about the above information or the request form as you complete it, please contact Bowen Marshall (, Associate Director in the Multicultural Center.

General Information
All workshop requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of both the preferred and alternative dates. This will give us enough time to secure a facilitator for you. If we are unable to find an available facilitator, we will e-mail you to find a new date and time for your workshop.

All workshops require PowerPoint capability, internet access, and sound. If other accommodations are required (e.g. copies, computer, etc.) the facilitator will inform the requesting party. All equipment should be set up at least 15 minutes prior to the workshop's start time so that the facilitator can pull up any materials on the computer and to ensure starting on time.

Unless otherwise noted, you should expect all workshops to last approximately one hour in length. We are able to tailor the content to fit a 45-minute time frame or to last longer than one hour, but we are unable to fulfill requests made for a time frame that lasts for fewer than 45 minutes.

Details about what each workshop entails and the appropriate audience for each can be found here:

Notes for Students
Greek-letter organizations: Effective August 2017, all sorority and fraternity organizations should utilize the request form linked here to request a workshop for your Standards of Excellence (SOE) instead of the current form:

Resident Advisors/Student Organizations: Our team would be pleased to assist with your next program! We ask that RAs work in pairs for the planning and marketing of each residence hall workshop. Each request form should include the names of all collaborators for the event. Please be sure to include specific information about the program and its location.

Notes for Staff and Faculty
We have experience facilitating in both classroom settings for student audiences and meetings for staff/faculty audiences. We are happy to help with professional development sessions, student organization meetings, or other collaborative efforts. We are able to tailor our presentations and materials to meet your needs.

Since we are student-centered office, please note that students receive priority in our request system. Learning and Development ( within the Office of Human Resources is a great resource for staff and faculty workshops focused on diversity and inclusion. In the event that we cannot accommodate you, we are happy to refer you to them.

Open Doors
If you are requesting an Open Doors training, please remember that this training lasts for four hours. You have the option to hold this in one 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions. There are two Open Doors-specific questions listed below that you should fill out to help us schedule your Open Doors training. You may ignore the "Workshop Time and Date" and "Alternate Time and Date" questions.

Open Doors requests will be passed on to our Program Specialist for Open Doors, Hannah Simonetti (, and she will contact you about scheduling it.

Identity-Specific Workshops
You can also request trainings and workshops about a particular issue or identity. These requests will be filtered to the Student Life Multicultural Center's Intercultural Specialists based on your intended interests and outcomes. Below is a list of programs you can request, as well as which option you should select on the form below.

Please select "Native American/Indigenous" below to request one of these workshop and place the specific topic from this list in the "Purpose/Goals" section. These requests will be filtered to Melissa Jacob, Intercultural Specialist for Native American/Indigenous Student Initiatives (
- Navigating Native American Student Services at Ohio State
- What Does it Mean to be Native at OSU?
- Harmful Mascots: The Use of Native American People as Mascots
- Frybread Power: The Painful History of Resilience and Survival
- Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?
- The Art of Native American Beadwork
- An Unholy Childhood: The Michigan Indian Boarding School Experience
- Who is Indigenous? Definitions of Nationhood and Belonging

Please select "Black/African American" below to request this type of workshop. Please describe in detail in the "Purpose/Goals" section what you would like to cover in the workshop. These requests will be filtered to Katherine Betts, Intercultural Specialist for African/African American Student Initiatives (


All workshop requests should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of both the preferred and alternative dates.
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If you are requesting Open Doors, please use this space to indicate the date(s) and time(s) you would like to hold the training. Please also list any considerations you would like the facilitator to take into account for your Open Doors training.
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Thank You!
Please allow at least one week for someone to contact you about your request.

Should you have any questions or do not hear from us, please contact Bowen Marshall (

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