Bravo Fleet Task Force Staff Application

Every task force in Bravo Fleet has a staff consisting of a Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force Executive Officer, and (optionally) Task Group Commanding Officers:

*Task Force Commanding Officers are in charge of the oversight of each Task Force.
*Task Force Executive Officers are charged with assisting Task Force Commanding Officers with the day to day operations of their Task Force, including assisting with canon projects, activity reporting, and mentoring.
*Task Group Commanding Officers are leaders in training within a task force, responsible for mentoring the members in a particular task group and learning the ropes of task force leadership.

If you are interested in volunteering for a TFSS position, please fill out this form or contact David, the BF Operations Officer.

You do not need to be a current or former game manager/commanding officer to apply for one of these positions! You also do not need to be a member of a particular task force to apply for a leadership role there.
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Identify the role(s) you are applying for. *
Identify the task forces you would be interested in serving in. *
Please list your current or former staff roles within Bravo Fleet, with years. You may include GM positions (i.e. running your own game) here.
Please list your current or former staff roles outside of Bravo Fleet in other similar organizations, with years. You may include GM positions (i.e. running your own game) here.
Please describe your previous fleet leadership experience, in BF or otherwise. *
Describe the skills you think that you could use as a member of a Task Force Staff that you believe you could use to support a Task Force and Bravo Fleet. *
Explain your availability for this position, taking into account the other roles you may have in the fleet (including as a player or game manager) and in your personal/professional life. This role often takes at least a few hours a week talking with other staff members or game managers to help with brainstorming and problem-solving. *
Identify and describe an aspect of the fleet that you would change or enhance? How would you do so? *
If you have anything else to mention in this application, please do so here.
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