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Thank you for volunteering for Advance Care Planning (ACP) facilitator training for SF National Health Care Decision Day, Tuesday, April 16, 2019! We are offering trainings for professionals in the field and interested volunteers with varying levels of experience on three ACP platforms. Please use this form to let us know in which training you are interested and your availability to facilitate workshops in libraries and community agencies across San Francisco.

Please see the bottom of this form for more detailed descriptions of the PREPARE for Your Care and Heart to Heart Cafe descriptions, or contact Rachel Lovett at rlovett@tipsf.org.

感謝您參加2019年4月16日星期二在舊金山為全國醫療保健決定日舉辦的事前療護計劃(ACP)引導員志工培訓!我們為該領域擁有不同經驗的專業人士和感興趣的志工,在三個 ACP 的平台上提供培訓。請使用此表格告知我們您感興趣的培訓以及您是否可以在舊金山圖書館和社區機構的工作坊中做引導員。

有關PREPARE for Your Care和Heart to Heart® Cafe的詳細說明,請參閱本表格底部,或者聯繫Rachel Lovett, rlovett@tipsf.org

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Please indicate which languages you speak. We are offering workshops in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese, and need facilitators who are bilingual in these languages. 請說明您說的語言。我們提供英語,西班牙語,廣東話和普通話的工作坊,也需要有這些雙語能力的引導人。如果您會其他雙語語言,請告訴我們,我們也可以創造機會! *
Training #1: PREPARE for Your Care and The Conversation Project Starter Kit: Learn how to give participants the tools they need to identify their health care wishes and express and document them. DATE: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 9:00am - 11:00am. LOCATION: SF Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, Latino Room. Please note "Yes" and list attendees; there is no limit.
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Training #2: Heart to Heart Cafe: Based on a card game, Heart to Heart is culturally sensitive to Chinese traditions around end of life and helps start conversations about end of life wishes. This training is in English and Mandarin/Cantonese and attendees must be bilingual English/Cantonese or Mandarin. The training includes playing a practice round of the Cafe game. DATE: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 9:00am - 1:00pm. LOCATION: SF Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, Latino Room. Please note "Yes" and list attendees; there is no limit. 安心茶話屋是一個紙牌的遊戲。安心卡符合中國傳統文化對死亡的看法,有助於開啟生命末期的對話。此培訓採用英語和普通話/廣東話進行,參加者必須使用雙語英語/廣東話或普通話。培訓包括參加安心茶話屋引導人訓練和參與安心茶話屋。日期:2019年4月10日星期三上午9:00至下午1:00。地點:舊金山主圖書館,100 Larkin Street,Latino Room。請註明“是”並列出參與者名單; 沒有名額限制。
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I am unable to attend the PREPARE for Your Care/Conversation Project training on 4/10, but am interested in volunteering to facilitate and would like to be contacted about online training alternatives.
Please check all workshops that you would be available to facilitate or co-facilitate. We need English and English-Spanish and English-Cantonese/Mandarin facilitators across the three different workshop types. If you are available at times not listed, please let us know. We are still booking workshops. We will contact you to set your schedule. We can't do this without your help! Thank you!! 請查看所有您可以擔任引導員或副引導員的工作坊。在三種不同的工作坊中,我們需要英語 - 西班牙語和英語 – 廣東話/普通話的引導員。如果您有空的時間沒有列出來,請告訴我們,我們仍在繼續安排工作坊。我們會與您聯繫,設定您的日程安排。沒有您的幫助,我們無法完成這次的活動!謝謝您!!
Description PREPARE for Your Care: Whether you're 18 or 88, considering and talking about end of life wishes ahead of time allows end of life to be more meaningful than stressful and is a gift to loved ones.The PREPARE workshop provides tools for participants to identify future hopes and wishes for medical care when living with a progressive or serious illness or at end of life; to identify a person who will advocate for their wishes when they no longer can; and to learn how to better talk with doctors and family and friends about their wishes and those of their loved ones. The workshop facilitator takes participants through a series of short videos and a question guide to prepare them to complete an Advance Care Directive or start the conversation with family, friends or doctors. Informational only, no response required.
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Description Heart to Heart Cafe: What if talking about your wishes was as easy as a card game? Heart to Heart® Café is an activity designed to make it easier for participants to identify their own wishes, or for a family member, caregiver, or health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending. Lead by a facilitator trained by the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care, Heart to Heart is culturally sensitive to Chinese traditions around end of life and helps start conversations about end of life wishes. 安心茶話屋介紹:如果談論您的臨終願望就像紙牌遊戲一樣容易呢? 安心茶話屋是一個個活動,旨在讓參與者更容易瞭解自己的願望,或者讓家庭成員,照護者或醫療人員瞭解臨終時所愛的人想做什麼。由美華慈心關懷聯盟培訓的安心茶話屋引導人代領,安心卡對於中國傳統的生命末期具有文化敏感性,有助於開啟生命末期願望的對話。 Informational only, no response required.
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