Wai Sing A cappella Education 圍唱無伴奏合唱教育
Wai Sing Music provides A cappella courses for various institutions, schools and companies. We hope that people from all walk for life can enjoy the A cappella music.
圍唱音樂 為各類機構/學校/公司,提供不同長度、人數及程度之無伴奏合唱訓練,讓不同人士都能享受純人聲合唱的快樂。

The course is will be led by the Kessay Chan, founder of Wai Sing Music, and his education team. Our coaches provide suitable and unique music arrangements and learning materials for learners. We aim at developing learners' musical senses, singing technique, as well as collaboration skills and the interest for music of all kinds. Through the music learning process, we encourage learners to express themselves, and hence boosting their self-confidence.
課程由 圍唱音樂 的創辦人 Kessay 陳君明 及修畢「圍唱培訓課程」之導師帶領學習無伴奏合唱音樂,導師運用度身訂造之音樂教材,教授音樂知識及歌唱技巧,並從合唱過程培養群體合唱能力,希望學員在過程中了解音樂之美、提升個人自信及表達能力。

Inquiry 查詢: 54450334 / waisingmusic@gmail.com (Mr Chan)
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