Fall 2021 Art Classes with Judy Mummau
Fall Semester Art Classes
at Lost Creek Mennonite Church, 2682 Long Road, Mifflintown
All supplies are provided unless noted. Led by artist: Judy Mummau
Deadline to sign up: October 4

Cost for all 3 classes: $35 (JCCH members: $30)
Open to all homeschool families.
Classes will be geared for grades 1st – 6th. Older students are welcome. Parents with students in grades 2 and under are asked to stay and assist their children as needed. A preschool area will be available for creating and playing (bring your own supplies to play quietly).

October 6, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Fall Watercolor Resist
Learn about shapes and design through artist examples while drawing a pumpkin and creating unique patterns. We will be painting watercolors over our crayon pictures to produce a stunning fall picture.
BRING: crayons, pencil, eraser

November 3, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Clay Projects
You will learn about basic clay techniques. Then you will roll air-dry class to impress a leaf and form it into a bowl. This project will be taken home to paint on your own. We will also sculpt clay Pinch-pots and decorate with various tools.
BRING: large real leaf (you may bring several, one will be used), rolling pin, cutting board or plastic placemat, bowl (cereal bowl size). If you do not have these, several will be available.

December 1, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Acrylic Painting
Our clay pots will be painted using acrylic colors of your choice. A tealight candle will be added.
You will also learn about the importance of the value scale and how it is used while you paint a 10" wooden star with a peaceful nativity scene.
BRING: a simple handmade ornament (unwrapped) to exchange

Class details subject to change. You are signing up for all 3 classes and expected to attend. If you are unable to attend, supplies can be picked up at the next class or by contacting the teacher. No money back for missed classes. DO NOT COME if you are sick. If Judy is sick, you will be notified of the new class date. Judy has her PA Clearances and they are available to view upon request. These art classes are meant to be informative, but most of all FUN!! Please contact me with any questions: ArtByJudyM@gmail.com or on Facebook.

NOTE: If you do not receive an e-mail from Judy at least one week before the first class, please contact her to make sure you are on the list.
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