Labour Party members in solidarity with Chris Williamson
To: Jennie Formby, General Secretary, the Labour Party
CC: Chris Williamson, MP Derby North

We are deeply concerned about the suspension of Chris Williamson MP for Derby North over allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ after a recording of him speaking at a Momentum meeting was released recently. We stand in solidarity with Chris, who we fully expect to be cleared as soon as possible by Labour’s investigation – in line with our Labour core values of fairness and natural justice.

Many of the undersigned are members of Oxfordshire CLPs (Wantage, Henley, East Oxford and West Oxford & Abingdon). We have been delighted to welcome Chris to two local meetings this year. He has fitted these events into a busy schedule, being generous with his time and knowledge, speaking on subjects ranging from the impact of austerity cuts, the role of local government in delivering for the many, the current rise of fascism and how we can combat it, developments in South America, animal rights and Brexit. Chris is very clearly a committed anti-racist, working to support all oppressed groups – locally and internationally – demonstrating our Labour Party core values and principles. He is engaging, knowledgeable and extremely hard working, making time to speak at local political education meetings as well as national events about Labour policy and wider international issues with insight and clarity. As such, he is a credit and an asset to the Labour party. (See also the support for Chris in a recent statement by the Secretary of Derby Trades Council -

Jeremy Corbyn recently said: “Chris Williamson is a very good, very effective Labour MP. He’s a very strong anti-racist campaigner. He is not anti-Semitic.” We agree with this description of Chris and believe that the allegations in question are unfounded and out of context.
Chris Williamson actually said: “The party that has done more to stand up to racism is now being demonised as a racist, bigoted party. I have got to say, I think our party’s response has been partly responsible for that because in my opinion… we’ve backed off far too much, we have given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic… We’ve done more to address the scourge of anti-Semitism than any other party.”
These comments are neither anti-Semitic, nor denying the existence of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. He is simply expressing a sentiment that many of us have that we should not be overly apologetic for something we have not done, and in this case we have actively, as a party, worked tirelessly to ensure that anti-Semitism and all other forms of racism and bigotry are purged from our party, our movement, and our society as a whole.

Context – the facts shared recently by General Secretary Jennie Formby (and correct at the time of writing 01.03.19)

Approximately 1,100 complaints were lodged between April 2018 and January 2019, but 433 (nearly 40 per cent) were found to relate to non-Labour Party members, which brought it down to 673. (That still leaves a problem in wider society though.)

Of those complaints there was no evidence of a case to answer in 220 cases. That still leaves more than 400 members (out of approximately 550,000 — so around 0.07 per cent) who had expressed views concerning Jews that were judged as requiring further investigation and disciplinary action. Some received suspensions, others formal/written warnings about their behaviour, while just 12 were expelled.

There are 24 cases that have reached the highest panel that remain outstanding, so that expulsion figure may well rise but not dramatically.

There were two other statistics that seem important from Formby’s exemplary response: one is that 44 members quit Labour while their hearing was pending. That suggests that Labour is not at all a hospitable or comfortable place for anti-semites. It is likely that some of them knew they would be found out and they jumped before being pushed out. The other statistic relates to Margaret Hodge — who has personally submitted 200 of the complaints, but these were not about 200 separate individuals.

In this context, Chris Williamson’s comments in Sheffield make sense – but the context and statistics have not been widely reported or have been mis-reported.

We look forward to the Labour Party investigation moving speedily and expect that the outcome will lift his suspension and clear Chris’s name in good time for Chris to put his considerable energies and positivity into campaigning for Labour wins in the local elections in May.

In Solidarity!

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Labour members in solidarity with Chris Williamson
A Haslam CLP Blackley and Broughton
A.BARTMAN -  Bristol
A.S.Hamlett-Brighton kemptown CLP
Aaron Bate-Cannock Chase CLP
Aaron Brown - Norwich South CLP
Aaron Gale - Aberdeenshire East CLP
Aaron Kelly - Belfast NI CLP
Abby Hoffmann - Norwich South CLP
Abida Ramzan Ilford CLP
Ada Whitaker = Keighley and Ilkley CLP
Adam Baker - Newcastle North
Adam Eriksson - Alyn & Deeside
Adam Eriksson - Alyn & Deeside CLP
Adam Muir - Oxford East CLP
Adam Pollard Powell - Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Adam Wigglesworth - Rother valley - CLP
Adelaide Raimundo - Durham
Adella Harbar Feltham & Heston CLP
Adrian jackson -north east derbyshire clp
Adrian Litvinoff - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Adrian Partridge - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Adrian Rupp - Torridge and West Devon CLP
Adrian Scandrett - South Northants CLP
Adrian Stern - Brent Central CLP
Adrienne Davis Worthing West CLP
Agnes Kory - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Agnes Kory - Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Aileen McLoughlin - Bristol South CLP
Áine O’Neill Chorlton member of the  Labour Party
Akhtar Khan  - Nuneaton
Al Cane - Wantage CLP
Al Merriott-Arundel &South Down CLP
Al Ogden-Steele Blackley and Broughton CLP
Alan Andrews-New Forest West
Alan Bishop - Portsmouth CLP
Alan Bolwell - Hastings and Rye CLP
Alan Bowman - Horley Surrey CLP
Alan Coles - SNCLP
Alan Davies - Heywood and Middleton
Alan Dougall-NE Cambs C LP
Alan Gasparutti - Peterborough
Alan Harrison-Walsall North
Alan Hilditch - Cleethorpes CLP
Alan Ingram - Yardley
Alan Jones Essex
Alan Lafferty-Brentford and Isleworth
Alan Lovstad- Houghton and Sunderland south clp
Alan McGowan - Calderdale CLP
Alan McQueen - Macclesfield CLP
Alan Myers - North West Durham CLP
Alan Rice - Gosport CLP
Alan Runswick-Wallasey CLP
Alan Scott- Midlothian North and Musselburgh CLP
Alan Wright - Worthing West CLP
Alana Heaney - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Alasdair Church - Brent Central CLP
Alastair Price - Rossendale CLP
Alec Moss - Broadland CLP
Alec Price - Rochester & Strood CLP
Alec Shelton Broxtowe CLP
Alex Bleasdale - Exeter CLP
Alex Braithwaite - Hove & Portslade CLP
Alex Bull - Lewisham West and penge
Alex Economou - Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Alex Grayston - Nottingham East CLP
Alex Mair-York Central CLP
Alex Robinson - Riverside CLP
Alex Smith - Garston and Halewood CLP
Alex Steer - Reading East CLP
Alexander Boyle - Brecon and Radnor CLP
Alexander Curr - Huddersfield CLP
Alexander Jamal Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Alexander Jones - Birkenhead CLP
Alexander Macleod-Na h Eileanan an Iar CLP
Alexander Moles, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
Alexandria Hassett - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Alfie Cooke - Gravesham CLP
Alfreda Ellidge - Louth and Horncastle
Ali Wallace - Camborne and Redruth CLP
Alice Bennett- Garston and Halewood CLP
Alice McDowell Uddingston and Bellshill CLP
Alison Aiken - Bassetlaw CLP
Alison Bowry - High Peak
Alison Brown Cardiff Central CLP
Alison Carpenter - Windsor CLP
Alison Cotterill - Dewsbury CLP
Alison Davies - Aberconwy CLP
Alison Dawson - Sheffield Central CLP.
Alison Lush- Warwick and Leamington CLP
Alison McDade - Bury North CLP
Alison Reed - Stockton South CLP
Alison Salmon - Chester CLP
Alison Warner - Great Yarmouth
Alison Wren Bristol East CLP
Alistair Dawkins - Manchester Central
Alistair Vowles - Wallasey CLP
Allan Brack -Clwyd West
Allan Challenger - Gorton CLP
Allan Hore - Bootle CLP
Allan Jones - Bury North CLP
Allan Pearson - South Ribble CLP
Allegra Siddi Guest - Chelsea & Fulham CLP
Allison Jones - Tottenham
Allistair Lomax Bolsover CLP
Ally Din - London CLP
Alma Lucas - Garston & Halewood
Alun Smith-Hammersmith CLP
Alvin Chapman-Thanet North CLP
Alyson Thornton - Sefton Central CLP
Ama Menec - Totnes and South Devon CLP
Amal ismail - Central Ealing and Acton
Amanda Adlem - New Forest East CLP
Amanda Allsop-South Thanet (Ramsgate)
Amanda Bishop - Brighton Kemptown
Amanda Black - Stirling CLP
Amanda James - Wolverhampton South East CLP.  
Amanda James- Eddisbury
Amanda Morgan -Oxton CLP
Amanda Philbrow-Portsmouth CLP
Amanda Reed Hallam CLP
Amanda Sebestyen - Holborn & St Pancras
Amanda Stannard - Colchester CLP
Amanda wellings- high peak
Amelia Mac Dubhghaill - Labour Party in Northern Ireland
Amin Mawani - Ealing North CLP
Amir Kassam - Central Ealing and Acton CLP
Amy Boyd - Bristol North West CLP
Amy Dodd-Broad - NE Cambs CLP
Amy Doherty - Exeter CLP
Andrea Burford- Leicester East CLP
Andrea Busby, Bradford South CLP
Andrea Chambers - SE Cambs CLP
Andrea Egan - Bolton NE CLP
Andrea Faulkner Vale of Clwyd CLP
Andrea Knight - Wellingborough
Andrea Shemwell - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Andrew Armitage - Carmarthe West and South Pembromeshire
Andrew barlow -Selby andAinsty
Andrew Bowen - Doncaster North CLP
Andrew Brewer - South Cambridgeshire CLP
Andrew Collins - South East Cornwall CLP
Andrew Curtis - North East Somerset CLP
Andrew Dunne - Christchurch CLP
Andrew Dyer - Neath CLP
Andrew Edwards - Darlington
Andrew Feinstein - Holborn & St. Pancras
Andrew Ford - ppWarrington South CLP
Andrew Foulds - Sherwood CLP
Andrew Griffiths mid sussex clp
Andrew Gunton - Northampton North CLP
Andrew Hardman - Bolsover CLP
Andrew Harley - Gloucester CLP
Andrew Haywood - Chesterfield CLP
Andrew Hobbs - Warwick and Leamington CLP.
Andrew Hornung - Witney CLP
Andrew Horton - Camborne Redruth and Hayle CLP
Andrew Hyde-Derby CLP
Andrew Ibbotson - Derbyshire Dales
Andrew King-Chesterfield CLP
Andrew Litt - Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Andrew Long-Bexhill and Battle CLP
Andrew Makings
Andrew Mercer - Wallasey CLP
Andrew Moir - Birkenhead & Neston CLP
Andrew Moor-Darlington clp
Andrew Muir - Mid Worcestershire
Andrew Nash - Hastings and Rye CLP
Andrew Plant - Sheffield Central CLP
Andrew Potts - Bassetlaw CLP
Andrew Reid Castleford & Normanton CLP
Andrew Scattergood - West Bromwich West CLP
Andrew Shotton - Hartlepool CLP
Andrew Szczepankiewicz- Amber Valley CLP
Andrew Tiernan - Chipping Barnet CLP
Andrew Ward, Southampton Itchen
Andrew Weeks - Garston and Halewood CLP
Andrew Wilkie - Rushcliffe CLP
Andy Almashoor - Exmouth
Andy Botham - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Andy Bowker- Bassetlaw CL P
Andy Chambers - MANSFIELD
Andy Colwell - Labour International
Andy Coombes - Stroud CLP
Andy Kerrigan - Bridgewater and West Somerset CLP
Andy Latham - Canterbury CLP
Andy McGeeney - North Devon
Andy McIntyre Cambridge East
Andy Richards - Hove CLP
Andy Roberts - Isle of Wight CLP
andy smith- Redcar.
Andy Thomas - Vauxhall CLP
Andy Thompson - Birmingham Ladywood CLP
Andy Wales - Gt Yarmouth CLP
Andy Walker-Wythenshawe & Sale East CLP
Andy Ward - Croydon North CLP
Andy Whiles - Tamworth CLP
Andy Whiteman - Labour International
Andy Williamson-Labour International
Andy wilson sefton central clp
Andy Wistreich - Yeovil CLP
Aneurin Wynne Davies. Clwyd West CLP
Ange Crossley - Bristol East
Angel Kershaw - Keighley
angela bennett - wythenshawe
Angela Chadwick Bootle CLP
Angela Chick - Eltham CLP
Angela Chuhan - Tottenham CLP
Angela Cobinha - Holborn & st pancras
Angela Graham Isle of Wight CLP
Angela Heath  wavertree CLP
Angela Issa - Ruislip Northwood and Pinner CLP
Angela Martin - Sheffield Central CLP
Angela Parker - Warbreck CLP
Angela Rai - Dagenham and Rainham CLP
Angela Rai- Rainham & Dagenham CLP
Angela Thomas Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Angela Walsh - Haltom
Angela Walsh-Leamington Spa
Angela Whitaker Doncaster Central CLP
Angela Wood - Mid Worcs CLP
Angie Birtill - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Angie Burnish - Reading East CLP
Angie Mindel Nottingham East clp
Angie Sandhu - Tooting CLP
Angie Stack - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Angus Cameron - Windsor CLP
Anil Gupta - Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Anita Bartlett - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Anita Gill - Nottingham East
Anita.Kanani -  Newcastle
Anjona Roy -Northampton South
Ann Battle - St Pancras North
Ann Beddow Ludlow CLP
Ann Bonner Labour International
ann bridge-west derby CLP
Ann Bromley-Dulwich and West Norwood
Ann Butterworth - Bradford West
Ann Courtney. Dwyfor Meirionydd CLP
Ann Dean Bootle CLP
Ann Goodburn - cities of London and Westminster CLP
Ann Hallam-Hove CLP
Ann Lewis  - Birkenhead CLP
Ann Lindsay - Camborne and Redruth CLP
Ann McGowan - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Ann Miller - East Oxford
Ann Mustafa - Luton South CLP
Ann Ripley-Sheffield Heeley CLP
Ann Robe - Barrow In Furness
Ann-Marie Cousins - Erith & Thamesmead
Anna Clayden-Kensington
Anna James - Bournemouth West
Anna Lane-Clarke, Mid Devon CLP
Anna Parker - Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Anna Phillips-Swansea West
Anna Pollert - Warwick and Leamington
Anna Rowlinson - Lewisham Deptford
Anne Boundford - Derby South
Anne Edmondson - East Lancs
Anne Greenslade - Labour International
Anne Kirk-Jeffs  - East Riding of Yorkshire CLP
Anne Lovelock - Worthing West CLP
Anne Lyons - Oxford East
Anne Mitchell Hove CLP
Anne Phipps - Penistone and Stocksbridge
Anne Pridmore Harborough CLP
Anne Roderick Norwich LP
Anne Rourke , Wimbledon CLP
Anne Susan Olive - Hove CLP
Anne Tanner - Cardiff West CLP
Anne Wise - Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Anne-Marie Le Gall - Ynys Mon CLP
AnneMarie Foley - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Annette Baker - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Annette Pilbeam - South Thanet CLP
Annette Scambler-Mole Valley
Annie Blindell - Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Annie Haslam-Camborne,Redruth & Hayle CLP
Annie Kelly - Sutton and Cheam
Annie Sullivan - South Cambridgeshire CLP
Annie Thomas. - Bristol West CLP
Annique Doucet - Preseli Pembs CLP
Annmarie Collins- Breckland CLP
Anthony Arnott Leeds West CLP
Anthony Baker-Maidenhead CLP
Anthony Baldwin -  Somerton and Frome
Anthony Booth-Stockton South
Anthony Byrne (South Derbyshire CLP)
Anthony Campling Dulwich and West Norwood clp
Anthony Deakin-Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Anthony Dring-Southport CLP
Anthony duff-wavertree
Anthony Geraghty - Ceredigion CLP
Anthony Grove - Bristol West CLP
Anthony Hacking - Blackburn CLP
Anthony Hanlon- spelthorn
Anthony Haslam - Blackley and Brought on CLP
Anthony lafferty St helens CLP
Anthony Lee - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Anthony O'Malley - Witney CLP
Anthony Purdue - Luton North CLP
Anthony Stapleton – Edmonton
Anthony White - Erewash CLP
Antoinette Paphides Croydon South CLP
Antonia Eastwood WAK CLP
Antony Allen - Macclesfield CLP
Antony Strafford - hoge hill CLP
Anwar Hussein - Lewisham East CLP
Anwen Jones- Oxford west and Abingdon CLP
Anya-Nicola Darr East Devon CLP
Aribert Heim - Wrexham CLP
Arjumand Wajid- Ilford North CLP
Arjumand Wajid/Ilford North
Arthur Shaw - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Arye Finkle - Chipping Barnet CLP
Asa Winstanley, Brent North CLP
Ash Small - Wells CLP
Ashleigh Greeves - Jarrow
Assem Khouzam - St. Austell and Newquay CLP
Athanasios Tsapas, East Bristol
Athena Polydorou - South Cambridgeshire CLP
Audrey White - Riverside CLP
Audrey White Riverside CLP
Averil Parkinson - Cambridge CLP
Avis Carter - Brighton Pavilion
Avril Alexander - East Oxford CLP
Bahir Laattoe Chipping Barnet CLP
Bailey Bradley - Morley & Outwood CLP
Barb Roberts - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Barbara Brown - Fareham CLP
Barbara Close-Barrow and Furness CLP
Barbara Corish Bootle CLP
Barbara Hainsworth Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Barbara Holmes - Oswestry
Barbara Howey - Norwich North CLP
Barbara Iqbal - Manchester Gorton
Barbara jacobs-gower clp
BARBARA KELL South Shields
Barbara Muldoon - NI CLP
Barbara Nicholls, Altrincham &Sale West CLP
Barbara Simpson - Cardiff Central
Barbara Tong -Eastbourne CLP
Barbara White - Ilford South CLP
Barrie Foster - Preseli Pembrokeshire
Barrie Rogerson - Liverpool Wavertree CLP
Barrie Vince. Battersea CLP
Barry Ackerman - Enfield North CLP
Barry Anderson - Lewisham West and Penge
Barry Craik - Wansbeck CLP
Barry Hearth - Neath CLP
Barry Jones - Cynon Valley CLP
Barry Jones -RCT CLP
Barry Milligan - Camborne,Redruth & Hayle
Barry Slapp-Eltham CLP
Barry Vallely - Garston & Halewood
Bashar Al-Damen - Ealing North
Bashir Patel - Ilford South CLP
becky chaberlain  - banff and buchan  clp
Becky Cooper - North Thanet CLP
Becky Massey - Hove
Belinda Bradbury - Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire CLP
Belinda Markham -Bury South CLP
Belinda Pearce - Hammersmith
Belinda Tomkins Cleethorpes CLP
Ben Anthony-Bristol South CLP
Ben Anwyl - Stalybridge CLP
Ben Bellamy - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Ben Bethell - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Ben Brown - Harwich and North Essex CLP
Ben Bruges - Hastings and Rye CLP
Ben McConaghy Wirral West CLP
Ben Selby - Grantham & Stamford
Ben Tunstall - Streatham CLP
Ben Young - Newcastle East CLP
Ben Zona - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Benedict Parker - Macclesfield CLP
Berit Anderson - Isle of Wight CLP
Bernadette Phillips - Gorton CLP
Bernard Christopher Reilly - Reading West CLP
Bernard edwards - shewsbury and Acham  clp
Bernard Forbes - Labour International CLP
Bernard Glazier - Lewisham West & Penge
Bernard Grant - Wells CLP
Bernard Pack-Ceredigion
Bernard Price, Tony  Hughes .Vale of the Red horse Warwickshire CLP
Bernard Spiegal - Battersea CLP
Bernice Jervis - Shipley
Bertha Mundy-Castle - Blackley and Broughton
Beryl Baldwin - Somerton and Frome
Beryl Brown - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Beth Parkin - Derby North CLP
Betty  Orr Newcastle on Tyne
Bev Meadowcroft - Bolton North East CLP
Beverley Bryan-Leigh CLP
Beverley Harper - Somerton and Frome
Beverley Leach - wentworth & Dearne CLP
Beverley Mitchell - Scunthorpe CLP
Beverley Vaughan Thomas Somerton and Frome
Beverly Christian Riverside CLP
Bhasker Bhadresha - Ilford North
Bhavesh Hindocha - Hackney North
Bill Brandwood - Bournemouth West CLP
Bill Geddes Worthing West CLP
Bill Geoghegan- Selly Oak CLP
Bill Haylock - Hexham CLP
Bill Jefferies Lewisham Deptford CLP
Bill Kaye - Warwick and Leamington
Bill MacKeith - West Oxford and Abingdon CLP
Bill Major Riverside CLP
Billiy Almon - Somerton and Frome CLP
Billy dawson -Rossendale +Darwen CLP
Billy Fletcher - Dundee CLP
Binnie Yeates - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Bjorn Graham - Harlow CLP
Bob Bushell - Forest of Dean
Bob Cartwright-Derbyshire Dales CLP
Bob Duffy - Stockton  North CLP
Bob Hope- Christchurch CLP
Bob Hudson - Chichester CLP
Bob Long - Harrow East CLP
Bob McNair - Cambridge CLP
Bob Miller - Windsor CLP
Bob Newman-Ludlow CLP
Bob Russell-Great Yarmouth CLP
Bob Saddington - Lichfield CLP
Bob Thomson- Rother Valley  CLP
Bobby Child - Birmingham, Hall Green clp
Bonnie Craven - Secretary of Sutton & Cheam CLP
Bonny Ambrose - Lincoln CLP
Breda Whyte - Wallasey CLP
Brenda Boshell - Yardley CLP
Brenda Charlwood- Brecon and Radnor CLP
Brenda Pickering - Dartford CLP
Brenda Poole Worsley & Eccles South
Brendan Baker - Gloucester CLP
Brendan McNamara - Selly Oak CLP
Brett Hawksbee - Harlow CLP
Brian Baker  Braintree CLP.
Brian Cairns - Battersea CLP
Brian Cairns-Liveroool Riverside CLP
Brian Cocozza, Glasgow Shettleston CLP
Brian Gillies-Corby CLP
Brian Mackenzie Derbyshire Dales CLP
Brian Mcgrann - Northern Ireland CLP
Brian Murphy - Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch CLP
Brian Shackleton - Bradford East CLP
Brian Thompson - Vauxhall CLP
Brian tootle- everton CLP
Bridget Dunne - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Bridget Heelan -Eltham CLP
Bridget Lely - Norwich North
Bridget Maguire - Bradford West CLP
Bridget Oliver - North Devon CLP
Brin Hudson - Wantage CLP
Bronagh Wilson - Northern Ireland CLP
Bryan Hutchison - Poole CLP
Bryn Jones - Chatham and Aylesford
Bunny La Roche - South Thanet CLP
C Jane Kaczynski - Edinburgh Southern
C.R.Gough-Torfaen CLP
Caitlin Mallon - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Callum MacKenzie - Wantage CLP
Callum Salfield - Chesterfield CLP
Cameron Dougherty - Thanet North CLP
Cameron Forester - Shettleston
Camilla Power - Battersea CLP
Camille Sutton - South Thanet CLP
Campbell Jones - Broadland CLP
Carl Dean Enfield North , CLP
Carl Goodwin - Tynemouth CLP
Carl Parker - Stafford CLP
Carl Parsons - Greenwich and Woolwich
Carlos Martinez - Tottenham CLP
Carlos Soto - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Carmen Malaree - Devon and Sutton PLC
Carmen Malarée - Devonport Sutton CLP
Carmen Vazquez - Hammersmith CLP
Carmen Williams - Mid Beds CLP
Carol Anthony - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Carol Archer - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Carol Barnes - New Forest East CLP
Carol Barnes - New Forest East CLP
Carol Canty Kenilworth CLP
Carol Jones - South Ribble CLP
Carol Kelly East Lothian
Carol Knowles Stretford and Urmston CLP
Carol Leadbetter. West Derby
Carol McGuigan - Labour International
Carol Neely Knowsley
Carol Reid - St Helens
Carol Richards Sfton Central CLP
Carol Wellwood - Totnes
Carole Alexander - New Forest West CLP
Carole Anne Rogers-Brislington East
Carole Beckett - Normanton,Pontefract Nd Castleford CLP
Carole Cilia - St Ives CLP
Carole Gausden - Manchester Central CLP
Carole Grady - Hyndburn CLP
Carole Hathersmith, Nottingham member
Carole Maddern Battersea CLP
Carole Wood - Rochdale CLP
Carole-Anne Collins-Carshalton and Wallington
Caroline Barker - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Caroline Baxter - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Caroline Bentley. Norfolk.
Caroline Carney Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Caroline Deans, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Caroline Henderson Hove CLP
Caroline kaye Doncaster central CLP
Caroline Marques - Oxford CLP
Caroline O Gara Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Caroline Raine - Oxford East CLP
Caroline Wilde Liphook CLP
Carolyn Berry- North West Durham
Carolyn Harries - Exeter CLP
Carolyn Jordin - Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Carolyn Newton - Dewsbury CLP
Carolyn Roth - Brent Central CLP
Carolyn Treadwell - Taunton Deane CLP
Caron Lawlor Gloucester CLP
Caterina Lai Peckham Rye CLP
Cath Attlee - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Cath Jones, East Lothian CLP
Cath Ryde - Bolton West CLP
Catherine Bjarnason - Southall CLP
Catherine Campbell - Henley CLP
Catherine Christian - Hall Green
Catherine Clarke - Test Southampton CLP
Catherine Cooper-Chippenham CLP
Catherine Glynn-Davies - East Worthing and Shoreham
Catherine Higgins  - Wythenshawe and Sale East
Catherine Hutchinson - Winchester CLP
Catherine Jenkins Merthyr Tydfil CLP
Catherine Leach - Edgbaston CLP
Catherine Muller-Vauxhall CLP
Catherine Powell Bristol South C L.P
Cathie Hammond - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Cathryn Everiss - Morley & Outwood
Cathy Augustine - Wantage CLP
Cathy Chapman - Selby & Ainsty CLP
Cathy Evans Mid Derbyshire CLP forum
Cathy Noonan - Gloucester CLP
Cathy smith - truro and falmouth clp
Cathy Toulet-Dover & Deal CLP
Cecilia Penn - Bournemouth West CLP
Celia Harris - York Outer
Chance Brown-Norwich North CLP
Charles Abrahams - Leeds North East CLP
Charles Beer-Bath CLP
Charles Collins - Amber Valley CLP
Charles Davis - Brent Central CLP
Charles Jackson:Sutton Coldfield CLP
Charles Martin, Wimbledon CLP
Charles Nettleton Kendal and Westmoreland CLP
Charles Richard Love - Wisbech
Charley Young-Ceredigion CLP
Charlie Blake- Milton Keynes S CLP
Charlie Hall - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Charlotte Ates - Clydesdale
Charlotte Ndupuechi- Test
Charlotte Rendell - Rutland and Melton CLP
Charlotte Williams - Lewes CLP
Cherry Mosteshar - Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Cheryl Perry- Halesowen & Rowley Regis CLP
Ches Chesney Bristol West CLP
Chet Jonstun - Northampton South CLP
Chivonne Head-Doncaster Central CLP
Chris  Howells, Banbury CLP
Chris Abbott-Haltemprice and Howden CLP
Chris Bowen - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Chris Brace-York CLP
Chris Butler - Shipley CLP
Chris Carrigan-Bury South CLP
Chris Coppock-South Northamptonshire CLP
Chris Critchley - Stockport CLP
Chris Easton - Hexham CLP
Chris Edwards  - Vauxhall CLP
Chris Grace - Mid-Norfolk CLP
Chris Hardy - Nottingham South CLP
Chris Howells  - Banbury CLP
Chris Jackson  - Hove & Portslade CLP
Chris Kirk - Vauxhall CLP
Chris Knight - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Chris Lloyd - Woking CLP
Chris Marsh Vauxhall CLP
Chris Mckenzie - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Chris Meacock - (norwich south)
Chris Murphy - Meriden CLP
Chris O’Donovan - Harborough CLP
Chris Perkins _ Derby South CLP
Chris Pursell - Wirral South CLP
Chris Romberg - Shrewsbury & Atcham CLP
Chris Savill - Chichester CLP
Chris Stanland - great grimsby
Chris Stocker - Harborough CLP
Chris Stone - Canterbury CLP
Chris Terry - Eastleigh CLP
Chris Wallis - Hazel Grove
Chris Weller- Canterbury CLP
Christina Campbell - Banbury CLP
Christina Carroll - Leeds West
Christina Hoolihan - Worsley and Eccles South CLP
Christina Lloyd Checkley
christine beckett-north cornwal clp
Christine Chance - canterbury CLP
Christine Charvill - East Oxford CLP
Christine Charvill - Oxford East
Christine Clifford - Cities of London & Westminster CLP
Christine Connolly- east Worthing and shoreham CLP
Christine Cryer - Isle of Wight CLP
Christine Davies - Milton Keynes North CLP
Christine de Pulford - Somerton and Frome CLP
Christine Dickinson - Folkestone and Hythe
Christine Ellis Copeland CLP
Christine FitzSimons - East Devon CLP
Christine Isherwood-Labour International
Christine Jukes Ynys Môn (Anglesey) CLP
Christine Lawrie - Shrewsbury
Christine Lawrie - Shrewsbury and Atcham
Christine Lightbody - Isle of Wight CLP
Christine Miller - Labour International
Christine Roberts-Honiton&Tiverton
Christine Smith - Rutland and Melton
Christine Stacey- Leigh CLP
Christine Stringer - Walsall North CLP
Christine Tongue-South Thanet Clp
Christine Wilson - Somerton & Frome CLP
Christo Peach - Dudley South
Christopher Bornett - South Suffolk CLP
Christopher Burgess - Camborne Redruth CLP
Christopher Corbett Lewisham Deptford
Christopher Davies - Ashbourne and District - Derbyshire Dales CLO
Christopher Finneran
Christopher Reilly - Reading West
Christopher Ruse - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Christopher Sandham - Hemsworth CLP
Christopher Tetlow - Brentwood and Ongar
Ciara Loughran - Northern Ireland CLP
Cindy Barrett South Suffolk CLP
Cindy Bryant - East Ham CLP
Cindy Clark - Shetland CLP
Claire Edwards Great Yarmouth clp
Claire Gibbons-Telford and Wrekin
Claire Hooper - Mid Worcestershire
Claire Miller - Manchester Withington CLP
Claire Yard - Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
Clare Clarke - Mid Worcestershire CLP
Clare Curran - Altrincham and Sale West
Clare Fermont - Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Clare Kneebone - Ludlow CLP
Clare Stranack- Knowsley
Clare Wilmott - BASSETLAW CLP
Claude Baesens - Warwick &Leamington Spa CLP
Clive Darling - Warwick & Leamington Spa CLP
Clive Morris  E.W. and Shoreham CLP
Clive Niall - Camberwell and Peckham
Clive Richards - Torbay CLP
Clive Searle - Bolton North CLP
Clive Swinsco - Sheffield Hallam
Cllr Ben Bellamy - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Cllr Cheryl Raynor - Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Cllr Fred Richens - North Cornwall CLP
Cllr Kallum Nolan - Heywood and Middleton
Cllr Lani Ball - Don Valley CLP
Cllr Pam Bromley,  Rossendale & Darwen
Cllr Ross Willmott Leicester East
Colin Brown-Wallasey CLP    
Colin Campbell - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Colin Counsell - Walthamstow CLP
Colin Fairburn - Leeds NW
Colin Gill-Makerfield CLP
Colin Gough - Torfaen CLP.
Colin Hall - Leicester East CLP
Colin Jackson Sheffield Central CLP
Colin McPoland - Halton, Cheshire
Colin Monehen - Harlow CLP
Colin Morris-Portsmouth North CLP
Colin O Driscoll - Co-Chair Labour International
Colin Sage -Knowsley CLP
Colin Sharples South Ribble CLP
Colin Watson - Peterborough CLP
Colleen Brannon - IW CLP
Collette Barlow - Manchester CPL
Colm Doherty - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Conchita Varicak - Brent Central CLP
Conor Cusack - Enfield North
Conrad Lashley - Rushcliffe CLP
Cora Livesey - Ilford North
Coral price - Batley & Spen CLP
Corinne Churcher - Worthing West CLP
Corrie Drew- Bournemouth
Craig Blyth - Halifax CLP
Craig hughes - south swindon clp
Craig Logan - City of Chester CLP
Craig Thomas Derbyshire Dales
Cristel Amiss - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Cristina Parker - Burton & Uttoxeter
Cyril Wheat - Skipton and Ripon CLP
D Leggett Ettrick - Roxburgh & Berwickshire CLP
D. Bickell - Wantage CLP
D. Whiteley - leicester south
D.Dixon- Islwyn
D.Griffith-Cheltenham CLP
Dal Sandhu - Wimbledon CLP
Dale Barr-Burton and Uttoxeter CLP
Damian Armitage - Morley & Outwood CLP
Damian leonardi nottm clp
Damian Wylie - Hove & Portslade CLP
Damien Stone - Mid Dorset & North Poole CLP
Damien Willey - St Ives CLP
Dan Dewsnap - Leeds West CLP
Dan Kettlewell - York CLP
Dan Morgan- Labour International
Dan Powell Bromley and Chiselhurst
Dan Sansom - Rochester & Strood CLP
Danai Nardi - Dulwich amd West Norwood CLP
Dani Hooker Barking and Dagenham CLP
Dani Passmore - Torbay CLP
Daniel Booth-Stockton South
Daniel Carey - Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Daniel Davies - Newport East CLP
Daniel Knowles - Blackpool South CLP
Daniel Platts - Wentworth & Dearne CLP
Daniel Rowe - North Shropshire CLP
Daniel Traynor - Middlesbrough CLP
Daniel Waterman - Netherlands CLP
Daniel Weegmann - Bury South CLP
Danny Cooke - Battersea CLP
Danny Friedman ,- Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Danny Shell - Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
Dante Newton - Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Daphne Gilbert-Hexham CLP
Daphne Ricketts -Bournemouth East CLP
Daria Edwards - Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Darius Cooper - Hackney South
Darrall Cozens - Coventry North West CLP
Darran Scully - Reading & District Labour Party
Darrell Pointing - Newark CLP
Darren Coyle - Glasgow Provan CLP
darren maurice  leicester East CLP
Darren Michael Calver - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.
Darren Thornton, Mid Devon CLP
Daryl Toole - Southport CLP
Dave Atkin - York Outer CLP
Dave Beard - South Shields CLP
Dave Bolton - Cleethorpes CLP
Dave Clark-Somerton and Frome CLP
Dave EMMETT - Leeds North East. CLP
Dave Evans-Kidderminster CLP
Dave Ferris - East Leeds
Dave Greenhalf - South Dorset CLP
Dave Hartley - Sefton Central CLP
Dave Humphry-Colne Valley CLP
Dave Hunt - Ynys Mon CLP
Dave Kershaw - Sheffield Central CLP
Dave Lawrence - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Dave lowton CLP Helens South and Whiston
Dave Platts - Rotherham CLP.
Dave Reall - Normanton Castleford Pontefract CLP
Dave Stevens- Stafford CLP
Dave Wilkinson Mid-Derbyshire CLP
Dave Yeates - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Davey Ivens - Leicester East CLP
David Addison - Macclesfield CLP
David Allen - Gedling CLP
David Avery - Hackney North CLP
David Bell - North West Leicestershire CLP
David Bell-Wallasey
David Bolton - Cleethorpes CLP
David Booth - Kingston Upon Thames CLP
David Boyden Halton CLP
David Brown - Harlow CLP
David Brown - Selby & Ainsty CLP
David Bull - Rochester & Strood CLP
David Burgess - Guildford CLP
David Cannon - Camberwell and Peckham
David Carr - Sevenoaks CLP
David Chambers - Garston and Halewood
David Cleaton-Caerphilly CLP
David Connor - Washington and Sunderland West CLP
David Cooke - Mansfield CLP
David Corrigan - Rainham & Gillingham CLP
David Dorling - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
David Epstein - Kenilworth and Southam CLP
David Evans - East Renfrewshire CLP
David F G Maunder- CLP- Chippenham
David Gernon - Wantage CLP
David Hassall - Chesterfield CLP
David Hassall Chesterfield CLP
David Hillman-Oxford East
David Hindle - Calder Valley CLP
David Holden - Shipley
David Hope - St Ives CLP
David Hutchby-Derby North CLP
David Ilsley - Liphook and District
David James Eadie - North Cornwall CLP
David Jeremy - Labour International
David John Hughes Rhondda-CLP
David Kaye - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
David Kelley - Shipley CLP
David Kennedy ' Camberwell & Peckham
David Lambert-Bournemouth West CLP
David Lancaster-York CLP
David Lawson - Barnsley Central CLP
David Leake -Selby & Ainsty CLP
David Lewis - Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle clp
David Lewis - York Central CLP
David Life * Carmarthen West
David Lightfoot - Crawley
David Linney-Goldsmid and Hove Park CLP
David McLean-Stretford and Urmaton CLP
David Miller - Bristol West
David Mond - Warwick and Leamington CLP
David Morgan Rushcliffe CLP
David Munnik - Christchurch CLP
David Nelson - Kingston and Surbiton CLP
David Oliver - South Derbyshire
David Penn - Wantage CLP
David Phillips - Gower CLP
David Phoenix  South Knowsley CLP
David Plank - Cambridge CLP
David Purser - West Worcestershire
David Quinn - Labour International
David Richard Graham - Brentford and Isleworth
David Roberts-Blackpool north CLP
David Roger - Brighton Kemptown
David Rogers - Brentford & Isleworth CLP
David Rogers - Treasurer, Canterbury CLP
David Sedgley Sheffield Hallam CLP
David Sinclair - Bethnal Green
David Sketchley - Labour International
David Smith -  West Derby CLP
David Stanley - Eltham CLP
David Stevens-Stafford CLP
David Stevenson-Glasgow Southside CLP
David Stewart - Newcastle East CLP
David Sullivan - Waveney
David Taylor - Cleethropes CLP
David Thomas - Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
David Thomas-Loughborough CLP
David Thompson  Fylde CLP
David Toller - Liverpool Wavertree
David Trower - Cambridge CLP
David Walsh - City of Chester CLP
David Walters Riverside CLP
David Warren - Swindon South CLP
David Warwick Ashfield CLP
David Watson - Doncaster Central
David Watson- Walthamstow CLP
David Webster - Glasgow Cathcart CLP
David Webster, Lincoln- CLP
David West-Sutton Coldfield CLP
David White - Croydon Central CLP
David Wray - Kenilworth and Southam
Davy King - Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Dawn Brosnan - Islwyn
Dawn Fuller - Leeds NE CLP
Dawn Kirkby - Sutton, hull
Dawn Manners Hackney North CLP
Dawn O'Connor - Rochester & Strood CLP
Dean Braithwaite - Carmarthe West and South Pembromeshire
Dean finch- Mid sussex CLP
Dean Thomas - Bridgwater CLP
Deanna Howes-Haslingden and Hyndburn CLP
Deb Evans - Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Deb flinders - Kirk Hallam Derbyshire CLP
Debbie Friedman - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Debbie Litchfield- Don Valley CLP
Debbie Rasberry - Waveney  CLP
Debbie Rushton, Ceredigion CLP
Debbie Thompson  - York Central CLP
Debby Poole -Stoke South CLP
Deborah Grinnell - Grantham Labour Party
Deborah Loe Maidenhead
Deborah McIlveen - Oxford East CLP
Deborah Pearson - Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven CLP
Deborah Ryan - Affilliate Party Member - Unite, Westminster,
Deborah Shields - Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Deborah Smith - Gloucester CLP
Deborah Twigger, Huddersfield CLP
Deborah Warford - Camborne, Redruth, Hayle CLP
Debra Gomer - Pontypridd CLP
Debra Jones-Cleethorpes CLP
Debra Parker- Dulwich and West Norwood
Debra Whitehead- Warwick & Leamington CLP
Debs Miles - Horsham CLP
Della Howells-Gower
Denis Long - Birmingham Yardley CLP
Denis Rumbold IW CLP
Denise Dowdeswell - Sunderland CLP
Denise Fonseca - Croydon South CLP
Denise Moss—Buckingham CLP
Denise Parker- NW Durham CLP
Denise Phoenix-Knowsley South CLP
Denise Trott - Gosport CLP
Denise Young - Nottinghamshire
Dennis Barnes - Ipswich
Dennis Leech - Bethnal Green and Bow
Dennis nichols. Gravesham clp.
Dennis O'Malley- Cambridge CLP
Dennis Payne- West Bromwich west CLP
Derek Gunby-Hexham CLP
Derek Kassem Warrington South CLP
Derek Nichols Thornbury and Yate CLP
Derek Taylor-Slough CLP
DerekaDickson-Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
Derrie Clark - Secretary Canterbury Branch
Derry Rose-Gosport
Des Rooney - Stafford CLP
Desmond McKevitt - NI CLP
Desmond Rowan Cathcart CLP
Devinder Singh - Huddersfield
Di Bignell - IOWCLP
Di Coffey-Truro and Falmouth CLP
Diana Allinson  - Hull Clp
Diana Devine - Eltham CLP
Diana Isserlis - Thornbury and Yate
Diana Neslen Ilford South CLP
Diana Radley - West Worcestershire CLP
Diane datson - bromley and chislehurst
Diane Erasmuson - Midlothian South CLP
Diane Garrity Rotherham
Diane Holyoak-North Somerset CLP
Diane Hughes - Chatham
Diane Jenkinson -Ribble Valley CLP
Diane Langford - Canterbury and Whitstable
Diane Miles - Putney
Diane Mitchell - Hove & Portslade CLP
Diane Nichol Hexam CLP
Diane Pearson  gHolborn & St Pancras CLP
Diane Redrobe Heywood & Middleton CLP
Diann fitzgibbons - Rother valley CLP
Dina Groden - Suffolk Coastal
Dittany Morgan - Cotswolds CLP
Dolan Delve-Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Dom Crinson - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Dominic Holland - Sheffield Central CLP
Dominique Gabrielle Payne - Banbury and Bicester CLP
Donald Robson-Eltham
Donna Barker - Canterbury CLP
Dorothy Kelley - Shipley
Dorothy Macedo - Worthing West CLP
Dorothy Rimmer-Eccles and Salford CLPCLP
Dorothy Rogerson - Mansfield East CLP
Doug Macari - Canterbury CLP
Doug Troup, Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
Douglas Adams Nottingham North CLP
Dr Alan Maddison  CLP Houghton and Sunderland South
Dr Brian Robinson - Milton Keynes South CLP
Dr Clive Perrett - Chelmsford CLP
Dr Damien Short, Guildford LP
Dr Dave Madil - Doncaster North CLP.
Dr David Gaffney - Canterbury & Whitstable CLP
Dr David Middleton - Cardiff North CLP
Dr Liz Okokon - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Dr Miro Griffiths - Wirral West CLP
Dr Peter Brickley - Central Devon Constituency
Dr Philip Stephens - Swansea West CLP
Dr Ruth Gould - Thanet North CLP
Dr Valerie Coultas-Streatham CLP
Drusilla Long Adel and Wharfedale
Duncan Williams Leeds North West
Duska Rosenberg - Richmond Park CLP
Dymphna Crowe, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CLP
Eamonn Riley - Cunninghame South
Ed McKeon, High Wycombe CLP
Ed Poole - Enfield North CLP
Eddie Parker, Forest of Dean CLP
Eddie Welch - Labour International
Edith Dyas - Shrewsbury CLP
Edna Palmer-Southport CLP
Edward Bernard - Bootle CLP
Edward Clarke Bristol west CLP
Edward Coleman Ealing Central and Acton
Edward Dogan - Leyton and Wanstead
Edward Earl - Orpington CLP
Edward Pope - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Edward Reed - Bishop Auckland
Edward Wenn - Worsley and Eccles South CLP
Eileen Green - New Forest CLP
Eileen Kehoe - Sheffield Hallam
Eileen Mahony Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Eileen Procter - Tunbridge Wells CLP
Eirene Mitsos - Leamington CLP
Eirwen Hughes - Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Elaine Bolton - Mid Sussex CLP
Elaine Charle -Exmouth CLP
Elaine Donnellon - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Elaine Dyson - Delyn CLP
Elaine Ellen-Ynys Mon CLP
Elaine Etim-Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Elaine Furness Forest of Dean CLP
Elaine Jones - Sefton Central
Elaine O'Callaghan Walton C.L.P
Elaine Pitt- Isle of Wight CLP
Elaine Rhatigan- South Derbyshire
Elaine Rigby Bury South CLP
Elaine Tiffin Brighton Kemp Town
Elayne Stewar Skipton
Eleanor Deakin - Streatham CLP
Eleanor Deakin- Streatham Hill CLP
Eleanor Kilroy - Winchester CLP
Eleanor Tristram, Women's Officer - Stafford CLP
Elfi Pallis - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Elhassan Abuzaid - Bath CLP
Elise North - Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Elizabeth Beach Hull West and Hessle CLP
Elizabeth Beeching Bexhill and Battle CLP
Elizabeth Belworthy-North Thanet
Elizabeth Dore- Highgate CLP
Elizabeth Dudley - Haringey CLP
Elizabeth Greener - North Durham CLP
Elizabeth Hancock Norwich South CLP
Elizabeth Kiybet - Gt Yarmouth CLP
Elizabeth Lewis - Bournemouth CLP
Elizabeth Lock - Oxford East CLP
Elizabeth Mcnulty - international
Elizabeth Pettit - SE Cambs
Elizabeth Ramsden - Warley CLP
Elizabeth Ross Beridge ward Nottingham
Elizabeth Rossetti - City of Chester
Elizabeth Summerill- Easington CLP
Elizabeth Summerill-Easington
Elke Rohn - Worksop
Elleanne Green - Cities of London and Westminster
Ellie Leatherland - Ashfield CLP
Ellie Palmer - Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Elliott Smart - South Cambridgeshire CLP
Elloise Allen - Ceredigion CLP
Elspeth Parris - Brecon and Radnor CLP
Emma Blair- Newcastle upon Tyne
Emma Macbeth - Eddisbury CLP
Emma Page - Derby South CLP
Emma Tipping - Stoke South CLP
Emma Whitby -Sefton Central
Emmet Haverty-Stacke - Hornsey and Wood Green
Emmet O’Brien - Walthamstow CLP
Emrys Jenkins - Swansea West CLP
Emyr Rees - Carmarthen East & Dinefwr
Emyr Rees - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
Eric Brooker-Taunton CLP
Eric Golding York CLP
Erica Lang - Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Eron Rendell- Rutland and Melton CLP
Esther Freeman - Walthamstow CLP
Esther Giles- Bristol North West
Ethan Waller -Southampton Test CLP
Euan Maddrell - Chester West CLP
Eugene Ruane - Garston and Halewood CLP
Eva Nanopoulos - Islington South CLP
Evan Williams Crewe & Nantwich CLP
Eve Hill Labour International
Eve Mangold - Buckingham CLP
Eveline van der Steen - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Evelyn McGregor - Pentlands CLP
Ewan Carmichael - Redcar and Cleveland CLP
Ezra Earp- Isle of Wight CLP
Faraz Khan - Cambridge CLP
Fay Atkinson-mid derbyshire CLP
Fay Baker - Beckenham
Fay Stevenson Macclesfield_clp  
Felicity De Motta - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Felicity Leary - Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Felicity Taylor -Camden CLP
Felicity Wright-Denton & Reddish
Filip Kurbalija - Cardiff North CLP
Fiona Shaw - Norwich North CLP
Fionnbharr williamson - Derby CLP
Fran Bartram- Burton and Uttoxeter CLP
Fran Cotton - Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Fran Yeldham - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
Frances Adams - Rayleigh and Wickford.
Frances Bernstein - North East Leeds CLP
Frances Davies - South Ribble
Frances Hanlon - Holborn and Covent Garden
Frances Hewett  - Canterbury and Whitstable
Frances Kay - Brecon & Radnor
Frances Kelly - Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Frances Patterson - Gosport North CLP
Frances Roberts-Edgbaston
Francesca Hanlon - Spelthorne
Francesca Hart - South Norfolk CPL
Francesca Martinez - Hampstead & Kilburn
Francis nixon-Knowsley CLP
Frank Black - Colchester CLP
Frank Hopewell South Northampton
Frank Hopewell-South Northampton
Frank Löschau, Oxford East CLP
Frank McEntaggart - Wirral West CLP
Frank Robson - Shipley CLP
Frank Torr - Cheadle and Gatley
franky cushion -wavertree CLP
Frazer Healy - Redcar CLP
Frazer Soar - Huddersfield CLP
Fred Coford - Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Fred Grindrod - Henley CLP
Fred McLean Brown - Southend West
Frederick Green - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
G. Halfpenny - Canterbury and Whitstable CLP
Gabrielle Moran - Gedling CLP
Gabrielle Parker - Macclesfield CLP
Gabrielle Vaughan - South Ribble CLP
Gaby Gordon-Fox - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Gaby Lees - Pudsey CLP
Gareth Lowe - Wells CLP
Gareth Mclean-Wansbeck CLP
Gareth Muchall - Liverpool Wavertree CLP
Gareth Murphy - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Garry Clay - Southampton Itchen CLP
Garry Cooper - St.Austell and Newquay CLP
Gary Beard - Carmarthen East & Dinefwr
Gary Beard - Carmathen East & Dinefwr CLP
Gary Brigden - mid Sussex CLP
Gary Bushell - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Gary Griffiths - Woking CLP
Gary Hawes . Wansbeck.
Gary Holder - Henley CLP
Gary Howkins - Bury South CLP
Gary Jakings - Peterborough
Gary Joynson - Aberystwyth
Gary Oldmeadow Horsham CLP
Gary Ostrolenk - Camberwell and Peckham
Gary Parker - Eltham CLP
Gary Ryan Bournemouth CLP
Gary Smillie-Knowsley
Gary Thomas  South Shields
Gary Walton - Labour International CLP
Gary whiting - Batley and Spen CLP
Gary Wright - Winchester CLP
Gaurang Morjaria - Brent North CLP
Gavin Livingston - Linlithgow CLP
Gavin Smart - Aylesbury CLP
Gay Whymark - Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Gayle Letherby - Truro and Falmouth
Gaynor Gabriel -  Bury North CLP
Gaynor Underhill - Wantage CLP
Ged Talty, Rushcliffe CLP
Gemma Sheridan -Liverpool West Derby CLP
Gemma Thornton - Elmet & Rothwell CLP
Gene Feder - Bristol South
Geoff Beech - Telford
Geoff Driver-Mid Derbyshire CLP
Geoff Haigh Preston clp
Geoff Lightford-Leigh CLP
Geoff Mead - Kingston and Surbiton CLP
Geoff Pollitt-Dwyfor/Meirionnedd CLP
Geoff Roberts Southampton Test CLP
Geoff Rouse-South Thanet CLP
Geoff Runciman - Aberconwy CLP
Geoff Shellswell - Ceredigion CLP
Geoff Taylor - Oxford West & Abingdon
Geoffrey Pacey - Middlesbrough CLP
Geoffrey Rose - Gosport CLP
George Anthony- Westminster North CLP
George Cutts - Wealden
George Davie - Washington & Sunderland West.
George Deacon Norwich North clp
George Emmett - Congleton CLP
George Farquhar - Bournemouth CLP
George Farrow - Doncaster CLP
George Garside - Warrington South CLP
George Holloway - Ceredigion CLP
George Kirov - Cardiff North CLP
George Massey Labour International CLP
George Owen -  Labour International North-west France
George Reed - Stockton South CLP
George. Turnbull - Kilmarnock Loudoun clp
Gerald Elvin - Ilford South CLP
Gerald Tasker- Sutton and Cheam CLP
Geraldine O'Connell - Warrington South CLP
Gerard Daly-Esher&Walton CLP
Gerard Marsden - Derby CLP
Gerard mcloughlin Knowsley clp
Gerard O'Neill-Northern Ireland
Gerry Beckett Liverpool Riverside CLP
Gerry Lerner - Labour International CLP
Gerry O'Gorman - Heywood & Middleton CLP
Ghazal Haqani- East Ham CLP
Gilian Moran - Bexhill & Battle CPL
Gill Corless - South Thanet CLP
Gill Day  Cotswolds CLP
Gill Day-Cotswold CLP
Gill Higgins-Doncaster CLP
Gill McCall - Wimbledon
Gill Millman- Croydon South CLP
Gill Mitchell - Denton South CLP
gill osler - wirral
Gill Page - Richmond (Yorks)
Gill Peachey  - Leyton & Wanstead
Gill Pettitt Wells CLP
Gill Ross - Bracknell CLP
Gillian Arrindell - Cities of London & Westminster CLP
Gillian Chambers - Garston and Halewood CLP
Gillian Christie - Portsmouth north clp
Gillian Cruddace - Easington CLP
Gillian Fairbanks - Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Gillian Harris - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Gillian Jackson   Frome and Somerton CLP
Gillian Jackson - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Gillian Kalter - Labour International Switzerland
Gillian Parr - Makerfield
Gillian Stanton - Solihull
Gina Kalla - Ealing Central & Acton
Giovanna Sanguinetti Perth & Kinross
Glen Shakespeare-Southampton Test
Glenda Thurley - North Devon CLP
Glenn Bowman - Canterbury
Glenn Fisher- Derbyshire Dales clp
Glenn Holmes - Ilford North CLP
Glenn Jenkins Luton North CLP
Glenn Warren - Nottingham North CLP
Glenys Palmer. Bath
Glenys Timson Shepshed BLP Loughborough CLP.
Gloria George - Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Glyn Hobson - Sheffield Central CLP
Glyn Secker - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Glynis Freeman - Hove CLP
Glynis Giddings - Ceredigion CLP
Gordon Brocksopp - Sevenoaks CLP
Gordon Cowan - Glasgow Southside CLP
Gordon Davidson -Wantage CLP
Gordon Eagling - Mid Norfolk CLP
Gordon Mackenzie- Dover clp
Gordon Roscoe - Bradford West CLP
Gordon Tucker - Cardiff West CLP
Grace Maryon - Ilford South CLP
Graeme Watson - Rossendale&Darwen CLP
Graham Abbott - Totnes
Graham Bash - South Thanet CLP
Graham Coupe- upper Norwood
Graham Eastwood Blyth Valley CLP
Graham Jones - East Surrey CLP
Graham King - Chesterfield CLP
Graham Matthews - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Graham Membury-West Dorset CLP
Graham Morrell - Ruscliffe CLP
Graham Scambler - Mole Valley
Graham West-Maldon CLP
Grant James - Oldham East
Greg Brown - Norwich South CLP
Greg Higman - Canterbury CLP
Greta Olechnowicz -Tooting CLP
Guy Shennan - Bethnal Green and Bow
Gwen Hanson West Yorkshire
Gwen Jones - Cynon Valley CLP
Gwendoline Mead- South Northants CLP
Gwyn Pendry - Ynys Mon CLP
Gwynne Reddick - Wantage CLP
H. Corkin  Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Hamish Kemp - Bristol West CLP
Hank Roberts - Brent Central CLP
Hanna Kazanowska - Cities of London and Westminster
Hannah Minns - Milton Keynes North CLP
Hansa Monani - Ealing North CLP
Hara Bleben - Bristol West CLP
Harold Pattison- Bishop Auckland
Harriet Bradley-Bristol West CLP
Harriet Evans - Holborn and St.Pancras
Harrison Rendell - Rutland and Melton CLP
Harry Mucklestone Mid Derbyshire CLP
Harry Paterson - Broxtowe
Heather Bower - Holborn and St Pancras
Heather Dent-Cowan - Chatham and Aylesford
Heather Mendick - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Heather Nicholls-DonValley CLP
Heather O’Hara Blackpool South CLP
Heather Robinson- St Austell and Newquay CLP
Heather Sales - Mansfield CLP
Heather Sinclair - Nottingham North CLP
Heather Skibsted-NW Cambs CLP
Heather Swinsco - Shipley CLP
Heidi - ilford South
Helen Austerberry - North Westminster CLP
Helen Beetham - Totnes and S Devon
Helen Bentley - Cotswolds CLP
Helen Beynon-Harborough CLP
Helen Butcher- Mid Derbyshire CLP
Helen Caney - Reasing West CLP
Helen collins South Dorset CLP
Helen Dickson - Wavertree CLP
Helen Erasmus- Caerphilly CLP
Helen Eynon - St Ives CLP
Helen Field - New Forest East clp
Helen Gardner Manchester central
Helen Glazier - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Helen Hay - Lewisham West and Penge
Helen Hughes -Aberystwyth
Helen Jenner - Leeds NW
Helen Mallam - Swansea East CLP
helen marks- Liverpool Riverside CLP
helen marks- Riverside CLP
Helen Marshall - West Cotswold jCLP
Helen Martins - Sittingbourne and Sheppey CLP
Helen Nightingale - Hastings and Rye CLP
Helen Tomlinson - Thirsk and Malton
Helen Tucker - Westbury
Helen wilson- kenilworth and Southam CLP
Helena Opoku - Carshalton&Wallington CLP
Helene Ferguson - West Worthing CLP
Henry Jones - Gloucester CLP
Henry Land - Bournemouth West CLP
Hilary Guppy Bristol north west
hilary klonin - hessle west
Hilary Smith - Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
Hilary Wise Ealing Central and Acton
Hilda Palmer- Broughton and Blackley CLP
Hilda Richardson - Kensington CLP
Holly Rigby - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Hugh Masterson Cambridge
Hugh Nicol - North West Durham CLP
Hugh Wallis - Dulwich and West Norwood
hugh wilde - kensington
Hugo Blake - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Hugo Borger - Oxford West & Abingdon
Hugo Richardson - Kensington CLP
Hugo Robles Espinosa - Southampton CLP
Hugo Sovord - Arfon CLP
Hussein Jama-Bristol West
Huw Spanner - Bath
Iain Baxter - Sheffield Central
Iain Crawford - Cambridge CLP
Iain melville-hazel grove CLP
Iain Morris - Milton Keynes Nth CLP
iain rendell Rutland and Melton CLP
Iain Simms - Falkirk East CLP
Iain Whittle-Nottingham East
Ian Ampleford - Bassetlaw
Ian Ballantine-Gray - Calder Valley CLP
Ian Burrill - Morley & Outwood CLP
Ian Canham - Bury South CLP
Ian Christian - Chesterfield CLP
Ian Crawford - North Devon CLP
Ian David Webber/Pendle CLP
Ian Ferrie - Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Ian Finn - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Ian Foster - international CLP
Ian Gibson - Edinburgh South CLP
Ian Hedley - Sunderland
Ian Hodson - Blackpool North
Ian Hodson Blackpool North CLP
Ian Hollingworth - Labour International CLP
Ian Ilett - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Ian Jasper - Canterbury
Ian johnston-Hampshire North
Ian laffey - Warrington North
Ian Lawson - Swansea West CLP
Ian Lewis - Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Ian MacDonald-Edinburgh South CLP
Ian Marson - Huddersfield
Ian Mayman - Kenilworth & Southam
Ian McBrias - Knowsley CLP
Ian Morrison - Sherwood CLP
Ian Nutt-Stretford and Urmston
Ian page-Faversham CLP
Ian Russell - Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
Ian Smith - Calderdale CLP
Ian Spooner - Labour International
Ian Thomson - Newark CLP
Ian Walker - Ellesmere Port and Neston
Ian Watson - Edinburgh Pentlands CLP
Ian Wellens - Central Devon CLP
Ian Williams, Labour International CLP (New York Branch)
Ian Wood - Hull North CLP
Ian worthington Halton clp
Idris Evans - Shipley CLP
Iestyn Thomas - Swansea East CLP
Imani Kinshasa- Knights Hill & West Norwood clp
Inbar Tamari - Walthamstow CLP
Ingrid Green Gedling CLP
Irene Bernard - Bootle CLP
Irene Brennan  -  West Kirby and Thurstaton CLP
Irene Henson - NE Cambs CLP
Irene Martin Glenrothes and Central Fife CLP
Irene Sepion - East Twickenham
Irene Spencer Timson Wavertree CLP
Isabel Rice-Johnstone
Isuru Perera - Epping Forest CLP
Ivan Wels. Nottingham East CLP
Ivor Minard-New Forest East CLP
J Smith - Blackpool North CLP
J.F. Kilmartin - Hazel Grove CLP
Jack Carter - Henley CLP
Jack Gower-North West Cambs CLP
Jack M Howes-Haslingden and Hyndburn CLP
Jackie Alsaid Fareham clp
Jackie Baker-Hornsey and Woodgreen
Jackie Crane - Rutland and Melton CLP
Jackie Edge - Stoke on Trent Central
Jackie Haskins-Bristol West CLP
Jackie Heslin-Greenwich West
Jackie Hilton - South West Devon
Jackie Hilton, South West Devon
Jackie Treanor - Rotherham CLP
Jacqueline Alty - South Ribble CLP
Jacqueline Baker - Walton CLP
Jacqueline Barrett - Havant CLP
Jacqueline Bartram-Isle of Wight CLP
Jacqueline Boden- Bristol West CLP
Jacqueline Bowe - Luddenden Foot CLP
Jacqueline Bradley - Colchester CLP
Jacqueline Brown - Huddersfield CLP
Jacqueline Cann - South West Herts CLP
Jacqueline Harthill - Brislington East
Jacqueline Kennedy-Hemsworth
Jacqueline Taylor-Bramall Selby
Jacquie burden (Garston Liverpool)
Jake Boyle - Labour International
Jake Phypers - Gloucester CLP
Jakki Oldfield - Colchester CLP
James Burns - Carlisle CLP
James Castle - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
James Chubb - Labour International
James Cotgrave - Sutton Coldfield CLP
James Driver Rothwell and Elmet CLP
James Ellis - Hove CLP
James Ford - Reading West
James Greenstein- Kemptown & Peacehaven CLP
James Griffiths-Chair Bristol East CLP
James Hall South Cambs. CLP
James Hemmings - Doncaster Central CLP
James Landy - Dumfriesshire CLP
James Linsey - Worcester CLP
James Mcnulty - Dearne and Wentworth CLP
James Mottershead - Whiston & St Helens South CLP
James Naylor-Bootle CLP
James Reardon - Bootle CLP
James Spooner- South West Herts CLP
James Sweeten - Wantage CLP
James Thomas - Hove CLP
James Thompson - Northern Ireland CLP
James Thomson - Hartlepool CLP
James Urpeth - Eltham
James Vinciguerra - Banbury and Bicester CLP
Jamie Johnson - Calder Valley
Jamie Keepin - Cynon Valley RCT
Jamie Staniforth - Alyn and Deeside CLP
jamie tedford - sheffield clp
Jamil Versi - Hendon CLP
Jan Brooker, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Jan Calderbank- Wallasey CLP
Jan Coombs - Hornsey & Wood Green
Jan Drew - Deal & Dover CLP
Jan Egan-Leeds East CLP
Jan Feathers - Stevenage CLP
Jan Nolan - South Thanet CLP
Jan Plummer - Colchester
Jan Ryder Coventry
Jan Steele - Reading CLP
Jan Vail-Ludlow CLP
Jane Canning - Wavertree
Jane Connor, Walthamstow CLP
Jane Delan - Rushcliffe CLP
Jane Gilbert - SouthWestHerts CLP
Jane Green, Blyth Valley CLP
Jane Halliday - Rugby CLP
Jane Holdsworth-Putney
Jane Howley- eddisbury
Jane Kane Exeter CLP
Jane Lambe- Leeds
Jane Leach. Worcester CLP
Jane Molsher-Berry - Bolsover
Jane Risby- Rose - Twickenham
Jane Roberts Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jane Ryan - St Ives CLP West Cornwall
Jane Speare-Hackney South
Jane Stockton - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Jane Thomas - Eddisbury CLP
Jane Thompson-Gosport CLP
Janet Ash - Exmouth
Janet Bardney - Doncaster CLP
Janet Beckett - Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Janet Bruce- Blyth Valley CLP
Janet Crosley- Bognor Regis & Littlehampton
Janet Field, Stoke South
Janet James. Swansea
Janet Lambrou - New Forest East CLP
Janet Marks - Labour International
Janet McGregor - South Norfolk CLP
Janet Paice  - Folkestone and Hythe CLP
Janet Rees-Carmarthen East & Dinefwr
Janet Richards - Calder Valley
Janet Schreyer Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Janet Shirley North East Durham CLP
Janet Whyatt - Ynys Mon CLP
Janet Yates - North Cornwall CLP
Janette Evans - Finchley  and Golders Green
Janice Ayton - Hastings and Rye CLP
Janice Holmes - Grantham and Stamford CLP
Janine Chitticks Wirral South CLP
Janis Garbutt-Gloucester CLP
janis leggott - worthing west
Jaqueline Daniels - Wansbeck CLP
Jason Barron - Rothervale CLP
Jason Chrisostomou - Stevenage CLP
Jason Hague Barnsley Central
Jason Noble - Torridge and West Devon CLP
Jason Pearce - New Forest West CLP
Jawed Siddiqi Heeley CLP
Jay Blackwood - Bristol East
Jayne kinsella - halton CLP
Jayne Liddle - South Shields CLP
Jayne Miller - Tiverton & Honiton CLP
jayne nascimento shrewsbury
Jayne Strange - Dover & Deal CLP
Jean Apps - Croydon South
Jean Evans- Brecon & Radnor
Jean Fardoe - Hereford and South Herefordshire
Jean Fitzpatrick Ealing Southall
Jean Fraser - Canterbury CLP
Jean Gidman # Wigan CLP
Jean Hayler Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Jean Jones Gateshead CLP
Jean kincaid Clwyd west
Jean Myers-Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Jean Pooley- Ealing North
Jean Porter, Luton North CLP
Jean Roberts, Brent central CLP
Jean Sneddon-Bury North CLP
Jean Sudhurst-Bolton South East CLP
Jean Sullivan - Warrington CLP
Jean Thirtle  North Norfolk CLP
Jean Watson - Bedford & Kempston Clp
Jean Webb Sheffield Hallam CLP
Jeanette Craine-Makerfield CLP
Jeanette Farrelly - Wavertree CLP
Jeannette Kirby - Liverpool Wavertree
Jeannette Marshall - Colchester CLP
Jeff bowler Mansfield clp
Jeff Cockfield - Dover & Deal
Jeff Conibear - Croydon Central CLP
Jeff Doorn - Dulwich and West Norwood  Labour Party
Jeff Marchant-Central Devon
Jeff Munn-Giddings - South Suffolk
Jeff Riley - Streatham CLP
Jen Davies- Caerphilly CLP
Jen Runham - Cambridge CLP
Jen Sumner - Mid Derbyshire
Jen Wood - Milton Keynes
Jenni Ramone - North West Leicestershire
Jenni Sinclair- Brighton CLP
Jennie Musson - New Forest East
Jennifer Birkett-Broxtowe CLP
Jennifer Borel - Portsmouth CLP
Jennifer Brierley - Bolton North East
Jennifer Cuffe-Middlesbrough CLP
Jennifer Ferin - St Ives
Jennifer Izaakson - Richmond CLP
Jennifer Jones - Shipley CLP
Jennifer King - Dover and Deal CLP
Jennifer Nichols Thornbury and Yate CLP
Jennifer O'Connell - Newport East CLP
Jenny Almeida - Streatham CLP
Jenny Bracey - Ealing CLP
Jenny Cameron - Sheffield Central CLP
Jenny Hardacre - South Cambs
Jenny Jackson-Rushcliffe CLP
Jenny Kassman - Islington North CLP
Jenny Kynes - N Cornwall CLP
Jenny Macnamara North Cornwall CLP
Jenny Ogilvie (Durham CLP)
Jenny Richardson - North Islington
Jenny Sanderson - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Jenny Semahimbo Labour international CLP
Jenny Stone Folkestone & Hythe CLP
Jenny Weinstein-Tooting
Jeremy Bernhaut - Vauxhall CLP
Jeremy Hawthorn- Liverpool Riverside CLP
Jeremy Landor-Hackney South
Jeremy Taylor - Croydon North CLP
Jerry Tresman - Christchurch CLP
Jessica Hall - Caister-On-Sea CLP
Jill Chambers - North West Leicestershire CLP
Jill Chandler banff.buchancoast.clp
Jill Clark-Bournemouth West
Jill Coleman - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Jill Gordon - Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Jill Morgan - West Derby CLP
Jill Narin - Plymouth Moor View CLP
Jill Wilson - North Durham CLP
Jillian Steyne.    North East Hertfordshire
Jim  Cohen -Leytonstone and Wanstead CLP
Jim Ainsworth-Hyndburn CLP
Jim Dooher - Colne Valley Labour Party
Jim Hawkins - Waveney CLP
Jim Keegan - Tunbridge Wells CLP
Jim Maggs. Aberafan CLP.
Jim Malone-Dundee CLP
Jim McSporran-Bracknell CLP
Jim Rolt - North Herefordshire CLP
Jim Smith-Barking CLP
Jimena Castro - Highgate CLP
Jimi Wright-wirral west
Jimmy kanyambo Est North Est
Jimmy Kelly - Labour International
Jo Alexander - Tottenham CLP
Jo Dereza - St Ives CLP
Jo Feehily - Witney CLP
Jo Hallam - Torbay
Jo Jeffery - Highbury West
Jo Kershaw - Hereford and South Herefordshire CLP
Jo Lawson - Huddersfield
Jo Sergeant - Bristol West CLP
Joan Barnett Devizes CLP
Joan Burgen - Coventry South CLP
Joan Fellows -West Bromwich East
Joan Slater/Bedford/CLP
Joanie Patel,  Ruislip,Northwood, Pinner CLP
Joanna Rollo - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Joanne Hickey - Taunton
Joanne Hughes Derby South CLP
Joanne O’Brien - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Joanne Rogers - Sefton Central Clp
Jodi Thomas- Eddisbury CLP
Jody Brown - Brecon & Randnorshire
Jody Lloyd - Liverpool Walton CLP
Jody Whitehead - don valley clp
Joe Attard - Acton and Ealing
Joe Druce - Camberwell and Peckham
Joe Fairburn - adel and wharfedale clp
Joe Lancaster - Leicester South
Joe Roberts/Daventry CLP
Joe Rollin Barnsley Central CLP
Joe Shipman, Liverpool Riverside
Joe Simpson - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Joe Sucksmith - Cheltenham CLP
Joe Wilson - Labour International
Joe Young - Windsor CLP
Joel Davies - Bury North CLP
Joel Thorpe Sheffield Hallam CLP
John A Smith-Colne Valley
John Adams - New Forest East CLP
John Atkin Normanton Pontefract and Castleford CLP
John Beeching Bexhill and Battle CLP
John Blackwell Sydenham
John Booth - Islington North CLP
John Brazendale - Shipley CLP
John Bridge -Eddisbury CLP
John Brook-Colne Valley CLP
John Canty Kenilworth member
John Chapman - Mid Derbyshire CLP
John Chatham Ynys Mon CLP
John Cihlar - Bury South CLP
john constable-Labour international
John Danton - South Thanet CLP
John Davies - Liverpool Riverside
John Davies- Coventry NE CLP
John Davies, Chair St Michaels BLP, Liverpool Riverside CLP
John Davies, Liverpool Riverside CLP
John Dawson - wantage
John Drewery, Huddersfield CLP
John Dunn - Somerton and Frome CLP
John Dunn-Calder Valley
John Earle - West Lancashire
John F. Kilmartin Hazel Grove CLP
John Friend Chelsea and Fulham CLP
John Garratt St Ives CLP
John Gilliver - Doncaster North CLP
John Glover-Liverpool Wavertree CLP
John Goodman - Rugby CLP
John gordon-ellsmere port and neston
John Gowers-Mid-Worcestershire CLP
John Grocock - Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP
John Gruffydd- Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
John Hamilton - Brighton Elm Grove and Hannover CLP
John Hardy - Brighton Kemptown CLP
John Harris - East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
John Heawood - York CLP
John Hemp - Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
John Henry Wrexham
John Howell-Warwick and Leamington CLP
John Hughes Worthing West CLP
John Hurlston - Northfield CLP Birmingham.
John Hurlston-Northfield CLP.
John Kilkelly West Devon and Torridge CLP
John Kingston - Bournemouth East CLP
John L Gibson - North Thanet CLP
John L Gibson - North Thanet CLP
John Lane - Hackney Downs
John Lepts - Birkenhead
John Little. Taunton Deane CLP
John Lyn Evans-Llanelli CLP
John Mason - Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
John McCallum- South Derbyshire
John McChrystal- Edisbury CLP
John Mcilroy-Withington,Manchester
John mercer-Henley CLP
John morris- Warrington north
John Moxham . Camberwell and Peckham
John Munnelly - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
John Myers - Carmarthen West & South Pembs
John Nester - West Dorset
John Newton - South East Cambridgeshire
John O'Connell - Loughborough CLP.
John Ogden - West Worthing CLP
John Ord - Hexham
John Orr - Milton Keynes CLP Chair
John Owen - Rochale CLP
John Owen- mid Derbyshire clp
John Paige - Totnes
John Palmer - Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
John Partington - Reading East CLP
John Patterson. Thirsk & Malton CLP
John Paul NE Cambs CLP
John Pawson - Barking
John Pencott - Doncaster North
John Pendry - Ynys Mon CLP
John Perkins - Pembrokeshire north.
John Piprani - Stretford CLP
John Purcell - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
John Regan - Blyth Valley CLP
John Riley - Wallasey CLP
John Roach - Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
John Robertson - Vice Chair, Canterbury
John Rodge- Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
John Rubinstein - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
John Sanderson - Derbyshire Dales CLP
John Seeley Doncaster Central
John Stewart - Hackney North & Stoke Newington
John Sweeney Islington North CLP
John Thompson - Wavertree CLP
John Toomey - Peterborough C.L.P.
John Tymon - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
John Vaughan Southampton
John Walder - Canterbury CLP
John Webster - Forest of Dean constituency Labour Party
John Weeks Holborn & St Pancras CLP
John Whitehurst-Vale of Clwyd clp
John Woods-Streatham CLP
Johnnie BYRNE; Kingston & Surbiton CLP
Johnny McStay- Gloucester CLP
Jolanta Wilson - Central Devon CLP
Jon de Rennes - Esher
Jon Dunstan - Cardiff South & Penarth
Jon Grunewald - Ruislip Northwood Pinner CLP
Jon Kurta - Canterbury CLP
Jon Moorcroft Doncaster North CLP
Jon Silvani - Southport CLP
Jon Spiteri - Islington North CLP
Jon White Wallasey
Jonathan  Smith Rotherham CLP
Jonathan Belcher - North Norfolk
Jonathan Clyne - Labour International CLP
Jonathan Cooper - Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Jonathan Edwards - Ludlow CLP
Jonathan Feist - Colchester CLP
Jonathan Griffiths - Cambridge CLP
Jonathan Kasparian-Canterbury CLP
Jonathan Marsh, Dover and Deal CLP.
Jonathan Maytham Kingswood CLP
Jonathan Orchard - NW Cambs CLP
Jonathan Spurling - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Jonathan Wilde - Peterborough CLP
Jordan Cullen - Sheffield Central CLP
Jordan Thorpe - Broxtowe
Jose Mansilla - Holborn and St Pancras CLP CLP
Joseph Ashton- Sheffield Hallam
Joseph Black - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Joseph Paglia Winchester CLP
Josephine Hollis - Islington South CLP
Josephine Souter - Reading West
Joshua Baccino-Knowsley CLP
Joshua Jackson - Aylesbury CLP
Joshua Smith - Batley and Spen CLP
Josie Abram Millar Bristol South
Josie Reall - Normanton Castleford Pontefract CLP
Joy Boyd Southport CLP
Joy Braithwaite - Bournville
Joy Gower-North West Cambs
Joy Nichol Jarrow
Joyce Drummond - Pollok CLP.
Joyce Duncsn Redhill SUNDERLAND
Joyce Heard-Colchester
Jude Ashley-Walker - Isle of Wight CLP
Judi Strega Camborne &Redruth CLP.
Judie Roberts  North Shropshire CLP
Judith Beer-East Devon
Judith Centofanti - Wimbledon CLP
Judith Kelman - Forest of Dean CLP
Judith Mabbott- Sheffield Hallam CLP
Judith Middlemast - North West Durham CLP
Judith Perera - South West Herts CLP
Judith Reilly-Cardiff East CLP
Judith Reynolds - Rother Valley CLP
Judith Wardle - Witney CLP
Judy Atkinson-Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Judy L. Richards - Brighton Pavilion CLP
Judy Short- Colchester CLP
Julia ALbertella - Totnes
Julia Blalock - Kensington and Chelsea CLP
Julia Forsyth - Stretford & Urmston CLP
Julia Hill-Jones - Hornsey & Woodgreen
Julia Jones - Newbury CLP
Julia Timothy- Wells CLP
Julian Brown -Luton North
Julian Jackson - Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Julian Phillips - Nottingham East
Julian Sharpe - Poplar & Limehouse CLP
Julian Swainson - Norwich South CLP
Julie Cunningham Ynys Mon
Julie Foulger - Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Julie Harrington Braintree East
Julie Ivers - Inverness & Nairn CLP
Julie Jenkyns - Hull West & Hessle CLP
Julie knights - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Julie Maguire - NW Durham CLP
Julie Martin Ryde IOW CLP
Julie Sheppard-penrith
Julie Smith - Hendon CLP
Julie Speed - Louth and Horncastle CLP
Julie Williams - Broadland CLP
Juliette Emery - Worcester CLP
Juls Price - Winchester
June Bedi - Warley
June Sutherland - Saltburn CLP
Justin Clements Carmarthen  East and Dinefwr
Justin Constantinou - Cambridge CLP
Justin Emery - Chester CLP
Justine Austin - West Derby CLP
Jyoti Wilkinson - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Kailash Chand  -Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Kal Ross - Liverpool Riverside
Karen bett eastwood
Karen Blackwell - Streatham CLP
Karen Blenkinsop - Warrington South CLP
Karen Brett- New Forest East CLP
Karen Capovila Barrow and Furness
Karen Cowan -  Western Isles CLP
Karen Doyle, North Norfolk CLP
Karen Durley - Milton Keynes North
Karen Evans - Bradford South
Karen Fletcher-RiversideCLP
Karen Goodman-Picken Keighley CLP
Karen Headley - Gosport CLP
Karen Hotchins - Southampton test clp
Karen Robins, Romford CLP
karen thomson northfield CLP
Karen Walker - St Austell and Newquay
Karen Walton - St Ives
Karen Wilson - Sheffield South East CLP
Karl Rodgers - Newton Abbot CLP
Karma McKeefery - Rossendale & Darwen CLP
Karmel Stannard - Saffron Walden
Karon Crawford - Cardiff CLP
Karyn Irwin - Bedford & Kempston
Karz Sheppard - Reading CLP
Kashif Mahmood - Ilford North CLP
Kate Adams- Canterbury CLP
Kate Blair-West Dorset CLP
Kate Jerrold -  Bristol East CLP
Kate Lattimore - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Kate Robertson - Canterbury and Whitstable CLP
Kate Thomas - Newport West
Kate Varnfield - Eastbourne
Kate Vasey, Portsmouth CLP
Kath Davies - Stockport CLP
Kath Morgan Truro & Falmouth CLP
Kath Price - Cheltenham
Katharine Bligh - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Katherine Hodgson - Islington South & Finsbury
Kathleen Allen - Manchester Central CLP
Kathleen Burke Leamington Spa
Kathleen Charles - Holborn and St.Pancras
Kathleen Crotty - Manchester Central CLP
Kathleen Shaw - Devizes CLP
Kathlyn Gadd - Stoke on Trent North CLP
Kathryn Hayman - Totnes & South Devon
Kathryn Stainburn - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
Kathryn Unsworth - South Ribble CLP
Kathy Cohn - Islington North
Kathy Lowe - Bury North CLP
Kathy McCubbing - Reading East
Kathy Packwood - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Kathy Smith - Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
Katie Burton - Wantage CLP
Katie Costello - Islington North CLP
Katie Plumb - Canterbury CLP
Katrina Finn - Newbury CLP
Katy Blair;Belper and Duffield
Katy McDonough - Halton CLP
Katy Sian, Leeds North East
Kay Arthur - Torfaen CLP
Kay Chapman - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Kay Ecclestone - St Austell & Newquay CLP
Kay Green - Hastings & Rye CLP
Kay Jenkinson - Haslingden and Hyndburn CLP
Kay Manasseh - Streatham CLP
Kay Yardley-Eltham
Keeghan raine - Stockton North CLP
Keir Morrison - Sherwood CLP
Keith Briscomb Brentford and Isleworth
Keith Chenery - Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
Keith Evans- West Derby CLP
Keith Finn - Neath CLP
Keith Finn Neath
Keith Gray - LPNI CLP
Keith Henderson - Clacton CLP
Keith Nathan - Leeds North West CLP
Keith Webley - Henley CLP
Keith winter_ beverley and holderness
Kelly Bundell CLP
Kelly McSorley - Coventry South CLP
Ken Archer - Easington CLP
Ken Foster - West Bromwich West
Ken garrad- Ilford South CLP
Ken Holmes - Harwich & N Essex CLP
Ken Ward - Bolton NE
Kenneth edwards  wigan CLP
Kenneth Jones - Basildon and Billericay CLP.
Kenneth Surin- - Labour International
Kenny Fryde - Cambridge
Kenny Harper - Garston & Halewood CLP
Kenny Watson - Warrington South CLP
KeriLynne Krastev-Scunthorpe
Kerry Kousiounis - Bristol West CLP
Kerry Peppiatt BroxtOwe CLP
Kev Bickerdike - Stockton on Tees CLP
Keven Huelin - Reading West
Kevin Boyle Knowsley CLP
Kevin Clegg - Stretford & Urmston CLP
Kevin Cooze - Swansea East
Kevin Donnellon - Sefton Central CLP
Kevin Freeman-Gedling CLP
Kevin Glennie Ogmore CLP
Kevin Johnson - Tynemouth CLP
Kevin Morgan - Wrekin CLP
Kevin Mullins-East Yorkshire CLP
Kevin Pettitt - Hastings and Rother CLP
Kevin Powell - Wells CLP
Kevin Ramage - Perthshire North CLP
Kevin Robinson-Hale Walton CLP
Kevin Rolph - North Cornwall CLP
Kevin Ryan - Birmingham Yardley CLP
Kevin Smith-Eltham CLP
Kevin Tulliver - Arfon
Kieran Crowe  - Hendon CLP
Kim Cousins Bristol North West
Kim Thornton - Harpenden Hitchin.
Kimberley Halawa - Chatham & Aylesford
Kimberley Latter- Chesham and Amersham
Kirsten Iles - Hastings
Kirstie Paton,Lewisham West and Penge
Kirsty Field South West Wilts CLP
Konrad Thomas northern Ireland
Kourosh Jannati - Hammersmith CLP
Krista Grindley - Wanstead and Leyton
Kristina  Ramsden- Beverley and Holderness
Kristine Gunton-Bunn- NE Derbyshire CLP
Ksren Mellors- charnwood leics
Kulvinder Singh Tak - Wolverhampton CLP
Labina Basit - Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
Lara Johnson - Bracknell CLP
Laraine Cole - Thirsk & Malton
Laura Clarke - Southend West CLP
Laura Fatah - Vauxhall CLP
Laura M Stuart - Chipping Barnet CLP
Laura Martin - Birkenhead CLP
Laura McAlpine - Harlow CLP
Laura Nicol - North West Durham CLP
Lauren Mitchell - Sherwood CLP
Laurence Middleton Jones - Brecon & Radnorshire CLP
Laurie Mallon-Labour International CLP
Laurie Malyon-Labour International
Laurie Rawlings  Hove CLP
Laurie Ray - Leeds West CLP
Lawrence Dixon - Cardiff South & Penarth CLP
Lawrence Heath - Hodge Hill CLP
Lawrence Matthews - Manchester Central CLP
Lawrence Mountford- Brigg and Goole CLP
Le-an Mahoney - Scunthorpe CLP
Lea Bentley - Bradford South CLP
Lea Phillips - South Dorset CLP
Leah Jones - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Leah Levane - Hastings and Rye CLP
Leah Webster-Calder Valley CLP
Leanne Ralston - Lewes CLP
Leda Prest - Wakefield CLP
Lee Adams-sheffield
Lee Carson - Bootle CLP
Lee Garratt - Derby North CLP
Lee McKenna - Barrow & Furness CLP
Lee Nixon Stretford and Urmston
Lee potter- Charnwood CLP
Lee Rock - Sheffield Hallam CLP
Lee Rogers- Don Valley CLP
Lee Sinclair - Newark CLP
Lee Singh Gill - Riverside CLP
Lee wood- doncaster north
Leigh Derbyshire Canterbury & Whitstable CLP
Leigh Griffiths - Barnet CLP
Leo Donnelly - Southport CLP
Leonard Harvey - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Leonard Wright - Central Devon CLP
Leonie Rushforth - Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Les Adams - Labour International
Les Campbell - Chelmsford CLP
Les emery - Worcester clp
Les Jevins Gloucester CLP
Les Kimber - Wakefield CLP
Les Marshall Walton Liverpool
Les Mattey-Somerton and Frome
Les Morgan - Buckingham CLP
Les Smith - Pontefract and Normanton
Les Wigglesworth Elmet & Rothwell CLP
Lesley Crompton -Bassetlaw CLP
Lesley Jackson - Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Lesley Lee-HexhamCLP
Lesley Letts-Dorset
Lesley Letts-West Dorset CLP
Lesley Marshall - Ceredigion
Lesley Munro Gravesham CLP
Lesley O'Rourke - Dartford
Lesley Phipps - Bassetlaw CLP
Lesley Price Hallam CLP
Lesley Rimmer - Bootle CLP
Lesley Warner - Colne Valley Labour Party
Lesley-Anne Perrin - Torbay CLP
Leslie Smith Normanton and Pontefract
Liam Craig-Best - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Liam Dorcey - Truro CLP
Liam Scully - Islington North
Liam Wigglesworth - Rother valley CLP
Liliana Ghilardi - Newcastle North CLP
Lillian Jones - Cunninghame south CLP
Linda Bora - Chorley CLP
Linda Craig-Hornsey and Wood Green
Linda Edmondson - Ludlow CLP
Linda Faulkner - South West Leicestershire
Linda Foord - Maldon CLP
Linda Gamston - Rotherham CLP
LINDA Harris Lancaster
Linda Irvine Farnham
Linda Johnson - Leeds North West CLP
Linda Jones
Linda Knox - Skipton and Ripon CLp
Linda Lomax-Louth and Horncastle CLP
Linda McDonald - Darlington CLP
Linda Middleditch - St Helens
Linda Middleditch- St Helens north
Linda Reynolds Teignbridge CLP
Linda Sayle - Holborn & St Pancras
Linda Scott - Wavertree CLP
Linda Shepperd - Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
Linda Speight - Vauxhall CLP
Linda Vaux - Luton
Linda Walker Doncaster Central CLP
Linda Watson Peterborough CLP
Linda Webb-Thornton - Cardiff North
Linda Webb-Thornton Cardiff North CLP
Linda Wilde - Dulwich and West Norwood
Linden Lynn -Totnes CLP
Lindi Barnes - North Cornwall
Lindsay Ogden - Great Yarmouth CLP
Lindsay Ross, Edgbaston, Birmingham CLP
Lindsay Watson North Wilts CLP
Lindsey Iqbal - Heywood and Middleton CLP
Lindsey Weale - Labour International
Linus Beaven - Dover & Deal
Linzi Stirrup - Wigan CLP
Lisa Jacks - Reading West CLP
Lisa Taylor, Weston super Mare CLP
Liv Singh Hove & Portslade CLP
Liz Ashton-Stroud
Liz Bushell Lincoln CLP
Liz Lindsay - Brent Central CLP
Liz Lyon-  Morecambe and Lunesdale
Liz Milne- South Thanet CLP
Liz Peretz - West Oxford and Abingdon CLP
Liz Ramsden - Warley CLP
Lizzie Romilly - Walthamstow
Lois Shaw - Wigan CLP
Loria Rajah - Cambridge CLP
Lorien Hill - Saffron Walden CLP
Lorna Forrester-Paton - Scarborough
Lorna Foster-Doncaster
Lorna Foster-Doncaster CLP
Lorna Hutchinson - Colne Valley
Lorraine Gibson  Burnley CLP
Lorraine Harding, Gedling CLP
Lorraine Mason - Withington CLP
Lorraine Miller - Hackney
Lorraine Murphy - Hastings and Rye CLP
Lorraine Scott Tynemouth CLP
Lorraine Tillett - N Hackney CLP
Lorraine Webster (MK South CLP)
Louie Richards Copeland CLP
Louis Whelan - Cardiff Central CLP
Louisa O'Brien - Cotswolds CLP
Louise Anderson Bournemouth CLP
Louise collins medway clp
Louise Graham - Darlington
Louise Gregson - St Helens South
Louise Ingham, Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
Louise King - Broadland
Louise Richards - harwich and north Essex CLP
Louise Stothard-Birkenhead CLP
Louise Tarbuck  - Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Loveda Cox - Wantage CLP
Luan Cherry-Thanet North
Lucas Hayhurst - West Derby CLP
Lucky Isah - Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Lucy Fairhurst - Stockton North CLP
Lucy Lord - Leeds North West CLP
Lucy Toynbee Worthing West CLP
Lucy Watson - Brigg and Goole
Lucy Wood - Harwich & North Essex CLP
Luke Agnew - Wallasey CLP
Luke Hayne - Romsey CLP
Luke Hayne, Romsey CLP
Luke Howard - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Luke Noel-Storr - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Luqman Khan South Derbyshire CLP
Lyn Padley - Central Devon CLP
Lyn Pye Greenbank CLP
Lynda Constable - Nottingham East
Lynda Freedland -Alyn and Deeside  CLP
Lynda Harvey - Solihull CLP
Lynda Jennings - Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Lynda Keen Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Lynda Margrain - Chipping Barnet
Lynda Skinner - North East Derbyshire CLP
Lynda Williams - Blaenau Gwent
Lynn Coughlin Barking & Dagenham
Lynn Fisher - Huddersfield CLP
Lynn Plant - Fylde CLP
Lynn Tasker - Portsmouth South
Lynne Colton. Sheffield Heeley CLP
Lynne Dixon - Brighton Pavilion
Lynne Dolan -Riverside CLP
Lynne Gillard - Cardiff West
Lynne Korniak - Tamworth CLP
Lynne Leech-Wirral South
Lynne Patterson. Bristol West CLP
Lynne Price-Haskins- Cardiff South & Penarth CLP
Lynne Randle  Nottingham East CLP
M murphy_scunthorpe
Maciej Krzymieniecki - Swansea West CLP
Madeline Nestor Middlesbrough CLP
Maeve Carey - Northern Ireland
Magda McQueen - Cheltenham
Magdalen Meade-Canterbury and Whitstable
Maggi Adams - Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Maggie Amsbury - Derby North
Maggie Gothard - Skipton and Ripon CLP
Maggie Hartley - Ribble Valley CLP
Maggie Ravenscroft - Caerphilly CLP
Maggie Tedd - Harborough CLP
Maggie Thomas- Tameside CLP
Maggie Valenti [North Lanarkshire] CLP
Maggie West Truro and Falmouth Cornwall
Maggie West Truro Falmouth
Mags Kelly - York Central
Maha Elias- North Somerset
Malak Niakan- Hendon CLP
Malcolm Emmerson - Coventry South CLP
Malcolm Metcalf - Bury South
Malcolm Millais - Labour International
Malcolm Segall - Tunbridge Wells
Malcolm Tedd - Harborough CLP
Malcolm Thwaite-Glasgow North Kelvinside CLP
Mandy Chatterton - Hull West & Hessle CLP
Mandy Jayne Gregory - St Austell and Newquay CLP.
Mandy McKenna - N.Norfolk CLP
Mandy Parry Bristol East CLP
Mandy Shrive-Burton and Uttoxeter CLP
Mandy Webb Portsmouth South
Mansy Pannell - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
Manuela Siddi - Chelsea & Fulham
Manuela Siddi - Chelsea & Fulham CLP
Marby Brar - Uxbridge and south Ruislip CLP
Marc Cole - Doncaster Central
Marc Gibson- Ruscliffe CLP
Marc Jackson - Nottingham North CLP
Marc Peel - Somerton and Frome CLP
Marc Sutton Derby North CLP
Marco Siddi-Guest - Chelsea & Fulham CLP
Marcus Ballard - Peterborough CLP
Marcus Hosgood Worthing west clp
Marcus Morgan - Bristol West CLP
Margaret Anderson -  Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven CLP
Margaret Arnold-Croydon South CLP
Margaret Batty - Leeds East CLP
Margaret Fleming - Leicester East
Margaret Fryde. Cambridge.
Margaret Hickey - South Suffolk CLP
Margaret Hinchcliffe - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Margaret Houston Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Margaret Howard East Worthing & Shoreham
Margaret Johnson- Sheffield Heeley CLP.
Margaret Knell - Harborough
Margaret Macdonald - NW Leicestershire CLP
Margaret Mackenzie Pendle CLP
Margaret O'Brien - York Outer
Margaret Renn - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Margaret Ruane - Solihull and Meriden CLP
Margaret Vince. Holborn & St Pancras
Margery Thorogood Windsor CLP
Margo Harkin - Labour Party Northern Ireland CLP
Marguerite Faloona Belfast - NI CLP
Mari Zadeh Kingston upon Thames
Maria Burgon - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
Maria Elizabeth Pettit - SE Cambs CLP
Maria Hernandez - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Maria Melia - Cressington CLP
Maria Nelson Newcastle North  clp
Maria Roberts Gorton CLP
Maria Yeaman - Dewsbury CLP
Mariam Ferraiolo - Wavertree Liverpool
Marian Brain - Ladywood CLP
Marian Carty - Croydon North
Marian Jenkins- Cardiff South
Marian O'Regan - Northern Ireland CLP
Marian O'Regan-Northern Ireland CLP
Marian Sedley - Calder Valley
Marianne Walker Peterborough CLP
Mariatu Conteh Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Marie Eccles Chorley  CLP
Marie Joyce - Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Marie Lynam, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Marie Schofield - Huddersfield CLP
Marie-Kate Higgins - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Marilyn Farrington - Eddisbury CLP
Marilyn McLardy-Bury North CLP
Marilyn Murray - Old Bexley and Sidcup CLP
Marilyn Reeves - Alyn & Deeside CLP
Marilyn Sainsbury - Bristol West CLP
Mario Kyriacou - Chingford & Woodford Green CLP
Marion Durkin- Rossendale Labour Party
Marion Mountain - North Tyneside CLP
Marion Roberts - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Mark Beattie-Gateshead CLP
Mark Bebbington  Bury North CLP
Mark Benfold - Ashford
Mark Bolger , Riverside Liverpool
Mark Chapman - Doncaster North
Mark Cheeseman - Mid-Norfolk CLP
Mark Cleary - Mid Worcestershire CLP
Mark Cronfield - Richmondshire CLP
Mark Davis - Stoubridge CLP
Mark Dickson Calder Valley
Mark Dinsdale -Truro and Falmouth CLP
Mark Drew - Dover & Deal CLP
Mark Feathers - Stevenage CLP
Mark Forsyth - Scar and Whitby CLP
Mark Gray - Congleton CLP
Mark Harrison - Norwich CLP
Mark Hinman - York Central CLP
Mark Johnson - Cheadle
Mark King - East Leeds CLP
Mark Kirby-Ludlow CLP
Mark Layden - Lincoln CLP
Mark McKay - Gedling CLP
Mark Prowen - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Mark Pryke - Ceredigion CLP
Mark Randall - Norwich North CLP
Mark Richards - Denton and Reddish
Mark Richford - Hastings & Rye CLP
Mark Roberts- Isle of Wight CLP
Mark Ruark-Crawley CLP
Mark Russell - Chapel Allerton
Mark Ruston - Leeds East
Mark Scollins - Wansbeck CLP
Mark Storey-West Derby CLP
Mark Strawbridge -Doncaster Central CLP
Mark Tate  - Denton and Reddish CLP
Mark Trotman - Gloucester CLP
Mark Tyler - Sheffield Hallam
Mark Vallory Bournemouth CLP
Mark Wareham - Salisbury CLP
Mark Whyte- York CLP
Mark Williams - Enfield North CLP
Markus Keaney - Luton South CLP
Marlon Cameron - Croydon South CLP
Marshall Strong - Leeds Central CLP
Martin Bridgman - Ilford South CLP
Martin Goodsell - Walthamstow CLP
Martin Groves Darlington
Martin Hodges - Newton Abbot
Martin Hopkinson-Barnsley East CLP
Martin Jenkins. Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP.
Martin Page - Harborough CLP
Martin Price -Shrewsbury & Atcham CLP
Martin Pugsley - Heston and Feltham CLP
Martin Richards - Colne Valley CLP
Martin Thornton Leeds West CLP
Martin Vernall - Mid Worcestershire CLP
Martin Walsh - Rossendale and Darwen
Martin Wood - Kingston Upon Hull East
Martyn Bradshaw - Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch CLP
Martyn Dawson - Rutland and Melton CLP
Martyn Hallam - Derby CLP
Martyn Shrewsbury Brecon and Radnor CLP
Martyn Ware - Holborn & St Pancras
Martyn Wood-Bevan - Swansea West CLP
Mary Campbell - Mid Worcestershire CLP
Mary Carlin - Glasgow ProvanCLP
Mary Jackson - Rochdale CLP
Mary Kerr - Canterbury CLP
Mary Moore - Milton Keynes CLP
Mary Russell Richmond CLP
Mary Scott - Rochford & Southend East CLP
Mary Scurr - Watford
Mary Sheen NorthernIreland CLP
Mary Stickley - Labour International CLP
Mary Sullivan Canterbury and Whitstable
Mary Tapissier - Cities of London & Westminster
Mary Wardle Derbyshire Dales CLP
Mary Wheeler’ Southampton and Romsey CLP
Mary Whitby - West Lamcashire CLP
Mary Wyatt - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Maryanne Christie - St Austell and Newquay CLP
MaryAnne Potts ExeterCLP
Marzia Nicodemi - Croydon Central
Mas Laroussi - Derby South CLP
Masood Durrani - Leeds West
Mat Anderson - Nottingham East
Matt Lea - Sefton CLP
Matt Moran - Erdington CLP
Matt Thomas - Worthing CLP
Matt Widdowson - Leicestershire South CLP
Matthew Bailey - Isle of Wight CLP
Matthew Beaton - Stevenage CLP
Matthew Caddis Bradford East CLP
Matthew Clifton - Christchurch CLP
Matthew Collinge - SW Surrey CLP
Matthew Gilbert - Sheffield Central CLP
Matthew Lumb - Hillsborough and Brightside CLP
Matthew Simoni - South cambs CLP
Matthew Stuart - Macclesfield CLP
Maureen Felton. Polesworth CLP
Maureen Freeman - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Maureen Mooney - East Devon
Maureen Parkin - York CLP
Maureen Purcell - West Worthing
Maurice Neville - Mid Derbyshire
Mavis Reed --Rotherham CLP
Max Kimber - Wakefield CLP
Max Klein-Cambridge CLP
Max Middleton-Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Max Smith - Warwick and Leamington
Max White - Cardiff Central CLP
Maximilian Cowell - Banbury CLP
Maxine Jackson - Liverpool Riverside CLP
Maxine Penkethman - Stoke North CLP
Meg Ashley - Redcar CLP
Meg McDonald-Kensington CLP
Meg Ryan  East Ham CLP
Megan Coyne - Bolton West
Mehmood Mirza West Ham CLP
Mel Bunting - Chesterfield CLP
Mel Poole - Birmingham Erdington CLP
Melanie Griffiths - Colne Valley CLP
Melanie Horridge ' Southport
Melanie Kitchin- Heywood & Middleton.
Melanie Lloyd - Swansea East CLP
Melanie Rochford - Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Melissa Fazackerley - South Northants CLP
Melvyn Burton - Leeds East CLP
Meredith Wood-Bevan - Swansea West CLP
Merriel Waggoner Bristol North West CLP
Merryn Hemp - Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Merryn Williams-Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Mervyn Hartwig - Vauxhall
Mervyn Hyde - Gloucester CLP
Mica Nava - Islington North CLP
michael bishop-Harwich & NE Essex  CLP
Michael Boyle - Gedling
Michael Burn - NW Cambs CLP
Michael Coleman - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Michael Connole Maltby - Rotherham
Michael Cook - Brighton Kemptown
Michael Coughlin CLP
Michael Crosland - Labour International CLP
Michael Davies - Walsall North
Michael Dixon - Brighton Pavilion
Michael Fallon - DeLyn CLP
Michael Foxwell - Carmarthe West and South Pembromeshire
Michael Goff Reading CLP
Michael Gossage - Bristol West CLP
Michael Hawkyard- Bidston and St.James
Michael Hughes - St. Asaph, Vale of Clwyd CLP
Michael Knight - Witham CLP
Michael Knox - Skipton and Ripon CLP
Michael lacey - Reading East
Michael Lloyd-Blyth Valley CLP
Michael Loughlin - Lewisham West and Penge
Michael Mc Hugh .Lincoln C L P
Michael Morgan - Scunthorpe CLP
Michael Penkethman- Stoke North CLP
Michael Rathe - Northampton
Michael Skeel - North East Shropshire CLP
Michael Thornton - Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Michael Tuohy - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Michael Westcombe - Greenwich& Woolwich CLP
Michael Wingrove - North Cornwall CLP
Michael Wongsam - West Bromwich East CLP
Michael Wright - Worthing West CLP
Michaela Collord - Oxford West & Abingdon
Michel Laurent-Régisse - Amersham and Chesham CLP
michel trainer-hornsey and wood green
Michele Bohan - Gorton CLP
Michele McAvoy - Middlesbrough South East Cleveland
Michelle Conway - Bolton North East
Michelle Harris - Warwick and Leamington Spa CLP
Michelle Hatwell - Tavistock CLP
Michelle Hesler Hull Westand Hessle CLP
Michelle Hopkins  - North Warwickshire CLP
Michelle Hopkins - North Warwickshire CLP
Michelle Hughes - Bristol East CLP
Michelle Laufer - Hornsey and Wood Green
Michelle Ryan East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Michelle Turner - North Wilts CLP
Michelle Wilkinson Mid-Derbyshire CLP.
Mick Bennett - Liverpool Wavertree CLP
Mick Brooks - Ealing Southall CLP
Mick Cairns - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Mick Connole Hellaby Rotherham
Mick Fitzgerald - Eastleigh CLP
Mick Grady-Hyndburn CLP
Mick Hills-Stockton South
Mick Holmes - Hallam CLP
Mick Johstone- Redcar & Cleveland
mick kennedy St Ives CLP
Mick Wall - Chesterfield CLP
Mick White - Huntingdon CLP
Mick White - Huntingdonshire CLP
Mie czyslawa Pascoe - Camborne and Redruth CLP
Mike Barnshaw - Ealing Southall CLP
Mike Butcher - Aylesbury CLP
Mike Cobley - Cunninghame South CLP
Mike Cohen - Gower
Mike Craig. N. Ireland CLP
Mike Crawford - Berwick-upon-Tweed CLP
Mike Crome Norwich South CLP
Mike Cushman - Streatham CLP
Mike Dixon Brighton Preston Park
Mike Hartley - Skegness CLP
Mike Higgins - Doncaster Central CLP
Mike Hogan- Liverpool Wavertree
Mike Homfray - Bootle CLP
Mike Howard Hastings & Rye CLP
Mike Jackson - Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Mike Kennard (Chatham & Aylesford CLP)
Mike Levers-South Northants CLP
Mike McCarthy - Sheffield Central
Mike Owen - Barrow and Furness CLP
Mike Rahr-Camberwell & Peckham
Mike Rees - Greenwich CLP
Mike Scott - Rushcliffe CLP
Mike Veitch - Sunderland Central
Mike Veitch - Sunderland Central CLP
Mike Walker Worthing West CLP
Mike Wilson-Mitcham and Morden CLP
Mike Wollacott-Bristol East
Milton Pena Blackley and Broughton CLP
Mira Glavardanov - Enfield North CLP
Miranda Townsend - Vauxhall CLP
Miriam Orr - North Islington
Mischa Foster Poole - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Misha Feinstein - Holborn and St Pancres CLP
Mohammed Patel - Bolton north east
Moira EMMETT -  Leeds North East CLP
Moira Steel, Broadland
Mollie Collins - South Dorset CLP
Mona Kamal Ahmed - Kensington and Chelsea CLP
Monash Kessler Battersea CLP
Monica Wusteman-York Central
Monica Zoc-Hammersmith CLP
Moray Grigor - Edinburgh Southern CLP
Morgan Sales - Mansfield CLP
Moshe Machover – Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Moya Harris - Honiton and Tiverton
Mr L Arnold-L1563429
Mrs. S. Wilson - Easington CLP
Ms E.H. Simpson - Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Muchsin Maltezos - Newport West CLP
Muriel Seltman - Eltham CLP
Murray Glickman - Ilford South CLP
N Christopher - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
N. Eastman- Streatham
Nadia Amara  - Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Nadia Jones - Islington North
Nadine Peatfield - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Nancey Pallavus rossendale and Darwen
Nancy Strang - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Naomi Dunn- Thornbury and Yate CLP
Naomi Greene - Morley & Outwood CLP
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi - Chingford & Woodford Green CLP
Nasim Akhtar - Derby South
Nasrin Maleki Fard - Hammersmith CLP
Natalie Brown - Easington CLP
Natalie Monaghan - Glasgow Southside CLP
Natalie Strecker - International Labour
Nathan Street - Bristol South CLP
Nathan Waller - Southampton Test CLP
Ndaizivei Paul - North East Cambridgeshire
Neal Halforty - Belfast NI CLP
Neal Seargent Selby & Ainsty
Neil Aldridge - South West Norfolk CLP
Neil Cameron - Sheffield Central
Neil Hunt - Brecon and Radnor
Neil Larkin - West Ham CLP
Neil Man - Hove and Portslade CLP
Neil McKenna - City of Chester
Neil McNaught - almond valley CLP
Neil Murray - South West Norfolk CLP
Neil Peckham - Lewes CLP
Neil Salter - Forest of Dean CLP
Neil Singh - Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Neil Stove - West Lancs CLP
Neil Thompson - West Derby CLP
Neil Trueman-Morley & Outwood
Neil Wareham - Brecon & Radnorshire CLP
Neill Grant - Derby South CLP
Neville Wright-Hallam CLP
Niall Campbell - Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Nichola McKenzie - Stoke on Trent north
Nichola Roberts - Leigh CLP
Nichola Shellard - Rochdale
Nicholas Baldion- Chealsea Fulham CLP
Nicholas Elmslie - New Forest West CLP
Nicholas Fisher - Newport West
Nicholas Kelly-Bootle CLP
Nick Bilbrough - Totnes CLP
Nick Butcher - Nottingham East
Nick Creaby-Attwood - Hexham
Nick Fitzpatrick Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Nick Gaylor - swansea west
Nick Hall - North Cambs CLP
Nick McDonough - Amersham & Chesham CLP
Nick Moseley - Chesham and Amersham
Nick Oung - Streatham CLP
Nick Parsons - Gosport CLP
Nick Pile - York Central CLP
Nick Rogers - Tottenham CLP
Nick Spencer - Warwick and Leamington
Nick Weaver Wolverhampton SW CLP
Nicky Bryant - Lewes CLP
Nicky Drury - Chester
Nicola Crossley - Kingswood CLP
Nicola Deane Folkestone and Hythe
Nicola Dodd - Lewisham West & Penge
Nicola Douglas - Tynemouth CLP
Nicola Griffiths - Worcester CLP
Nicola Griffiths Worcester CLP
Nicola Grove -South West Wilts CLP
Nicola James - Bath CLP
Nicola Kell South Shields
Nicola Kirton - Aberdeen Central CLP
Nicola Malleson - CLP-the Cotswolds
Nicola Moxham-Camberwell and Peckham
Nicola O'Connor - Broadland
Nicola Parry - Leyton and Wanstead
Nicola Petty - Walsall North CLP
Nicola Qureshi - Wantage CLP
Nicola Redwood - Walthamstow CLP
Nicola Rosewarne - Plymouth Sutton And Devonport
Nicole Gough - LI CLP
Nigel Hamblion-Colchester CLP
Nigel Johnson - Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
Nigel Reigate - Norwich North
Nigel Roscorla - Camborne Redruth  CLP
Nigel Shaw - Norwich North CLP
Nigel Willetts Walton CLP
Nik Colman - Chorley
Nikki McDonald-Doncaster Central CLP
Nikoletta Gavrieli, East Bristol
Nikos Christodoulou - Ipswich CLP
Nilofer Alauddin - Hendon CLP
Nina Davies -  Labour International CLP
Nina Houghton - Wavertree CLP
Nita Tomlinson - Rothervalley
Noreen Brosnan- Camborne Redruth and Hayle
Noreen Mullins-East Yorkshire CLP
Norma Wright Sunderland Central
Norman Bishop - Southport CLP
Norman iveson - Cardiff North CLP
Norman Rimmell - Labour International
Norman Smith Banbury & Bicester CLP
Norman Thomas-South Thanet CLP
Norman Wood - Wantage CLP
Oliver Pye - Labour International
Olivia Atkinson - Preseli Pembs CLP
Ollie Bowen - West Suffolk CLP
Olwen jones - East Hampshire CLP
Orang Kiyani - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Owain Gardner - Glasgow Kelvin
Owain Smolovic Jones - Milton Keynes South
Owen Dempsey - Moray CLP
Owen Holland - Islington South CLP
Owen Jones Norwich CLP
Owen McDowell - Blaydon CLP
Owen Simpson-Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
P Christopher - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Paddy Denning - Darlington CLP
Pam Bromley Cllr - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Pam Ebert - North Devon CLP
Pam Johnson - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
Pam Page - Pavilion Brighton
Pam Perryman - The Cotswolds CLP
Pamela Blakelock - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Pamela Ede Cooper - Gedling CLP
Pamela Field - Weston-super-Mare CLP
Pamela Finden - Winchester CLP
Pamela Gonsalves-Hastings and Rye CLP
Paolo Hamam - Cardiff North CLP
Pascale Mitchell - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Pat Aird Portsmouth CLP
Pat Bolam-Hyndburn CLP
Pat Byrne Labour International CLP
Pat Currie Knowsley
Pat Larkin-harlow
Pat Marsh - Congleton CLP
Pat Massie Redcar CLP
Pat McCarthy - Brecon and Radnor CLP
Pat Mcewan- Grimsby CLP
Pat McGuirk Bootle CLP
Pat Sanchez Rochdale CLP
Pat Schan-East Worthing & Shoreham
Pat Sheehan-Withington
Patrica Macpherson - Lancaster and Fleetwood
Patricia Banke - Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Patricia Bartley-York Central
Patricia Bell - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Patricia Bickers - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Patricia Bishop, Torbay CLP
Patricia Campbell - Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Patricia Elliott-RCT
Patricia Jane Widdess-Paris North East
Patricia Melia-CLP  Halton
Patricia Morrison - York Central CLP
Patricia Sheerin - Putney CLP
Patricia Smith - Northern Ireland CLP
Patricia Thornley Easington CLP
Patricia Wilkinson Don Valley CLP
Patricia Wright CLP-St.Helens North
Patrick Dwyer - Garston and Halewood CLP
Patrick Frondigoun - Cannock Chase CLP
Patrick Hunter Hendon CLP
Patrick Steel - Rugby CLP
Paul Adamson - Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP
Paul Ames Eltham CLP
Paul Arnold-Stretford and Urmston CLP
Paul Benstead East Yorkshire
Paul Bolton -Perth North CLP
Paul Brooks Macclesfield CLP
Paul Browne - Bootle CLP
Paul Bunting: East Worthing & Shoreham
Paul Chadwick Bootle CLP
Paul Clark - Labour International CLP
Paul Clark - Westmorland & Lonsdale CLP
Paul crimmins-Harrow west CLO
Paul Crofts - Wellingborough
Paul Crowther - Berwick-upon-Tweed
Paul Daintry - Ilford North
paul dawson - bristol west clp
Paul Dawson - Milton Keynes North CLP
Paul Filby.  Wavertree CLP
Paul Fletcher Ashfield CLP
Paul Floyd - Leigh CLP
Paul G Connolly - Huddersfield CLP
Paul Gilchrist Sedgefield CLP
Paul Green - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Paul green, Dudley north clp
Paul Halas - Stroud CLP
Paul Hamnett-North East Somerset CLP
Paul Hanson - neath and port Talbot clp
Paul Harper-Reading & District CLP
Paul Hazell - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Paul Hepden - Croydon North CLP
Paul Hine - Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Paul Hutchinson - Elmet & Rothwell CLP
Paul J Ballard - Keighley CLP
Paul Jackson Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
Paul Joscelyne-Southend East
Paul King - Broadland CLP
Paul Knaggs - Chesterfield CLP
Paul Lawlor -Gloucester CLP
Paul Longton - Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Paul Loring - Pudsey CLP
Paul Luke - Bristol South
Paul Luke - Bristol South
Paul Lythgoe - Cambridge CLP
Paul Malone Walton Liverpool CLP
Paul Miles - Chipping Barnet
Paul Missen - West Suffolk CLP
Paul Mitton Brighton, Woodingdean, Kemptown
Paul Needs - Aberavon CLP
Paul Norris Barnsley East CLP
Paul O’Brien - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Paul Raftery - Tooting CLP
Paul Russell-Shipley CLP
Paul Savage Birmingham Edgbaston
Paul Scott - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Paul Simmons - Tottenham CLP
Paul Snow - Loughborough CLP
Paul Steele - Sittingbourne and Sheppey CLP
Paul Swain - Derby North
Paul Timperley Bracknell CLP
Paul Walter - Brent North
Paul West - Huddersfield CLP
Paul Wyatt - Derby North CLP
Paula C Williams-Daventry CLP
Paula Derry - Skipton and Ripon
Paula Frisby - Central Devon CLP
Paula McCourt - Northern Ireland CLP
Paula Newsome-Neath CLP
Paula Wilcock- Stoke on Trent South CPL
Pauline Bouakaz- Chesterfield CLP
Pauline Brown-New Forest East CLP
Pauline Devine Rochdale CLP
Pauline Fraser - Worthing West
Pauline Hammerton - Manchester Central
Pauline Inwood - Mid Derbyshire CLP
Pauline Kitching.Hemsworth CLP
Pauline Moriarty -Newcastle East
Pauline Ratcliffe - Manchester
Pauline Rushton Stoke on Trent
Pauline Tate - Skipton and Ripon CLP
Pauline Thomas - Hall Green CLP
Pauline Vernon - Thornbury and Yate
Pauline Walker NW Durham
Pauline Wheat-Bowen - Huddersfield CLP
PaulRoss  Beridge ward Nottingham
Peggy Watson Wood Green and Hornsey CLO
Penelope Jones- Garston and Halewood
Penny Bruce - Maidstone & the Weald CLP
Penny gowland rushcliffe
Penny Jones Garston and Halewood
Penny Tunbridge - Maldon CLP
Peta Lunberg - Kingston and Surbiton CLP
Pete Adams Portsmouth South
Pete Firmin - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Pete Mawby Rugby-CLP
Pete Rossetti - Chester CLP
Pete Sims - Angelsey CLP
Pete Sorensen - Rushcliffe CLP
Peter  Kelly - East Didsbury CLP
Peter (Jake) Jackson - Rushcliffe CLP
Peter Astbury - Labour International CLP
Peter Banner - Hereford and south Herefordshire CLP
Peter Barrett - Isle of Wight
Peter Betts - Leyton & Wanstead CLP
peter bird - west derby liverpool.
Peter Bloomer - Birmingham Selly Oak
Peter Bosworth - South West Wiltshire CLP
Peter Chambers - North West Leicestershire CLP
Peter Cordwell Lewisham East
Peter Davies - Edinburgh East CLP
Peter Davies - Edinburgh West CLP
Peter Evans Tunbridge Wells CLP
Peter Flack - Leicester South CLP
Peter Fletcher - Rutland and Melton CLP
Peter Gallagher - Keighley and Ilkley CLP
Peter Gates Rushcliffe CLP
Peter Goulden Derbyshire Dales CLP
Peter Green - Northampton CLP
Peter Guillery - Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Peter Harris - Newport E.
Peter Holland-Gateshead
Peter J Clements
Peter James Aron Labour International CLP
Peter Jenner - Leeds NW
Peter Jones-Hereford and South Herefordshire CLP
Peter Joyce Twickenham CLP
Peter Kenny, Leicester West CLP
Peter Mellen - Somerton and Frome CLP
Peter Payne - Wimbledon CLP
Peter Raymond - Poole CLP
Peter Swift  Sleaford and North Hykeham
Peter Thomas Eddisbury CLP
Peter Trodden
Peter Trodden - Kenilworth and Southam
Peter Walsh - Borehamwood CLP
Peter Whiting-South Cambs CLP
Peter Wickenden - Holborn and St Pancras
Peter wilson - braintree
Peter Wright - Broxbourne CLP
Phil Banerjee - North East Derbyshire CLP
Phil Crowe - Hastings & Rye
Phil Driscoll - Leeds East CLP
Phil Elliott, Chester CLP
Phil Gunn - Gedling CLP
Phil Jackson - Nottingham North CLP
Phil Jones - Wirral West CLP
Phil Kelly LPNI CLP
Phil Maxwell Wavertree CLP
Phil McKinnon - Aberdeen Central
Phil Pope - Bristol West CLP
Phil Spurr-SE Cornwall CLP
Phil Turñer-South Shields
Phil Vasili - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Phil White - Newton Abbot CLP
Philip Adams - LI
Philip Brooks - Wallasey CLP
Philip Brown- Watford CLP
Philip Colley - Hastings and Rye CLP
Philip Keefe - Croydon North CLP
Philip Mitchell - Hove & Portslade CLP
Philip Morris - Barnsley Central
Philip Neale - South Thanet
Philip Read - Bracknell Forest CLP
Philip Tyler - Southampton Itchen CLP
Philip Welton - Dover & Deal CLP
Philip Williams - Broadland CLP
Philippa Clements  Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshite CLP
Philippa Mackintosh - North Devon CLP
Philippa Saddington - Lichfield CLP
Phillip Prince-Ludlow CLP
Phillip Simpson Barnsley central
Phyllis Donlan
Pierre Barroso  - Hale Ward
Pierre Shepard - Somerton and Frome CLP
Piers Morgan - Aberdeen Donside CLP
Piroska Markus - Greenwich and Abbey Wood CLP
Polly Rodwell - Ipswich CLP
Poppy Altmann Richmond Park CLP
Prof Michael Miller - Mid Sussex CLP
Prue Lilley - Ashfield CLP
Prue Stothard - Birkenhead CLP
R Goodway - L1413351
R Williams Birmingham CLP
Rachael Barker - rossendale and darwen clp
Rachael Cousins - Swindon North CLP
Rachael Willbourn - Riverside Liverpool CLP
Rachel Goodwin - Canterbury CLP
Rachel Harvey - Derby CLP
Rachel Lever - Hastings & Rye
Rachel Pilsbury - Soutn West NorfolkCLP
Rachel Wright-Tower Hamlets CLP
Rachelle Mcevilly-Sefton CLP
Rajeev Singh - West Ham CLP
Ralph Anthony Ryder - Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Ralph Rea -Haverfordwest CLP
Ralph Reed - Stockton South CLP
Rashad Ashraf - Wakefield CLP
Ravi Mistry - Bethnal Green & Bow
Ray Barkley - Windsor
Ray Burnell - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Ray Garland - Old Bexley & Sidcup CLP
Ray McHale - Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Ray Miller-Labour International
Ray Mooney - North Norfolk CLP
Ray Packham - Chippenham CLP
Ray Sutton - North West Leicestershire CLP
Rayla Javaid Ilford North CLP
Raymond Davies - Gower CLP
Raymond Shemilt - North Cornwall CLP
Raymond Thompson  N W Durham CLP
Reba Johnson - Tottenham CLP
Rebecca Elliott - South West Norfolk
Rebecca Hancox - Garston & Halewood
Rebecca Harman Macclesfield CLP
Rebecca Napper - Stretford & Urmston CLP
Rebecca O'Gorman- Heywood and Middleton CLPP
Rebecca wade - sedgefield
Rebecca Wright - Redbridge CLP
Rebekah Ball - Holborn and StPancras CLP
Reehana Taj - Bradford South CLP
Reg Day  Cotswold - CLP
Reiko Speechley - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Rena Valeh Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Renato Colonna - Bournemouth CLP
Reuben Ramsay - Hastings and Rye CLP
Rhodri Huws - Sheffield Hallam
Rhona Welsh keighley & Ilkley CLP
Rhys Haslam - Surrey Heath CLP
Richard Banks - RossendLe and Darwen CLP
Richard Chilvers Waveney TUC Sec/Unite
Richard Chisnall - Somerton and Frome CLP
Richard Clarke - Islington & Finsbury
Richard Coleman-Suffolk Coastal CLP
Richard Coles - Stockton South CLP
Richard Eastell - Brecon and Radnorshire
Richard Ferris-Newport West CLP
Richard Hering - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Richard Hopper - Cambridge
Richard Juby- Bexleyheath and Crayford
Richard Kedie - Salisbury CLP
Richard Keidan - Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Richard Kuper - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Richard Murgatroyd - colne valley clp
Richard noonan - Gloucester CLP
Richard Nowalski - Bristol North CLP
Richard Samson - Labour International
Richard Searle Calder
Richard Siebert -Ilford Soith CLP
Richard Simkins - Sheffield Heeley CLP
Richard Smith - Hull West & Hessle CLP
Richard Thomas- Swansea CLP
Richard Thompson-Gosport CLP
Richard Turner - South Norfolk
Richard Tye - Gainsborough CLP
richard watson - central suffolk & north ipswich clp
Richard Webb - Sheffield Brightside
Richard Wells - Ceredigion CLP
Richard Winter - Runnymede and Weybridge CLP
Richie Gregory - Sefton CLP
Rick Blyth south west Devon
Rick Coates-Bury South CLP
Rick Evans - North Warwickshire & Bedworth CLP
Rick Frewin-new forest east clp
Rick Mock-Wantage CLP
Ricky Manders - Gloucester CLP
Rik Hall North West Hampshire
Rinaldo Frezzato - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Rita Chamber - Dulwich and West Norwood
Rita Craft - Lewisham East CLP
Rita Mendelson - Newcastle Central CLP
Rita O’Brien - Canterbury & Whitstable CLP
Rita Richardson Northumberland
Ritchie Hunter - Riverside CLP
Riva Joffe - Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Rob Bunday Lewes
Rob Dagnall Norwich South CLP
Rob Denis on - Newcastle East
Rob Devenish- Dover and Deal
Rob Gardiner-Huntingdon CLP
Rob Gowland - Bognor Regis & Littlehampton CLP
Rob Hardy - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Rob Jones - Gower.
Rob Lennon - Sutton Coldfield CLP
Rob Lennon - Vesey Sutton Coldfield CLP
Rob Marsden- Tamworth CLP
Rob Sewell - Barking CLP
Rob Simmons Hertford & Ware CLP
Rob Stephenson- Dumfries and Galloway
Rob. Theobald -Ashford Kent
robert bowles - ashton under lyne
Robert Bradbury-Clwyd South
Robert Brady - Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Robert Carr-Berwick
Robert Davies-Cardiff West CLP
Robert Eagers - Croydon Central CLP
Robert Ellard - Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Robert Ellidge-Louth and Horncastle
Robert Feather - Halifax CLP
Robert Fulton- Knowsley CLP
Robert Griffin - Bristol South CLP
Robert Hughes - Burnley CLP
Robert Jackson - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Robert Khan pendle CLP
Robert Lawrie - Shrewsbury and Atcham
Robert Lockwood - Norwich CLP
Robert Macpherson - Lancaster and Fleetwood
Robert Maggs-Bassetlaw CLP
Robert Mannings-NorthDevon CLP
Robert Nicholas - Brent Central CLP
Robert Payn - Faversham and Mid Kent CLP
Robert Prince Wellingborough CLP
Robert Robinson  - Wimbledon
Robert Wiggin - Wolverhampton North East CLP
Robert Wilkinson - Gloucester CLP
Robin Ashman - Sherwood
Robin Beste - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Robin Foster - Taunton Deane CLP
Robin Powell - Banbury
Robin Vyrnwy-Pierce - Aldershot CLP
Robyn Dasey: Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Rochelle Russell-Brecon & Radnorshire CLP
Rod Bridger  - Hastings Clp
Rod Springthorpe Tameside CLP.
Rod Webb - Hastings & Rye CLP
Rodney Kay-Kreizman Wimbledon CLP
Rodney Nicholls - Bradford East
Roger Grenville - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Roger Herring -Don Valley CLP
Roger Lewis - Exeter CLP
Roger Luffman- Bournemouth West CLP
Roger Sealy - Carlisle CLP
Roger Smith - Manchester Gorton CLP
Roger Wilcox Rhondda CLP
Roger Wright Wrekin CLP
Roisin Dargan-Peel - Rossendale CLP
Roland Bishop - Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Roland Laycock - Mansfield CLP
Roland Rance - Walthamstow CLP
Roland Shanks - Tottenham CLP
Ron Blindell - Newbury
Ronald wilkinson - Liverpool CLP
Rory Todd - Darlington
Ros Chapman Rushcliffe CLP
Ros Gowers Mid Worcs CLP
Rosalind Austin _St Giles
Rosalind Clayton-Islington South CLP
Rosalind James - Cleethorpes CLP
Rosalind Larner   Maldon CLP.
Rosaline Riley - Loughborough CLP
Rosamund Lavine - East Surrey CLP
Rose Jones Colne Valley
Rose Lelliott - Worthing West
rose long-york
Rose Seabury - North Durham
Rosemary Addington - Kingston and Surbiton CLP
Rosemary Bunting - Worthing West CLP
Rosemary Hale - New Brighton CLP
Rosemary Mackenzie - Derbyshire Dales
Rosemary Turner - Norwich NS CLP
Rosemary Ward- Welwyn Hatfield
Roshan Pedder - Esher and Walton CLP
Rosie Eagleson - Faversham and Mid Kent CLP
Rosie Rechter-Dover CLP
Rosie Robertson - Beverley and Holderness CLP
Roston Knipe -Broadland CLP
Rosy Wood-Bevan - Swansea West CLP
Rowena Luke-King Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Rowena Melville - Skipton and Ripon CLP
Roy Bly - Sheffield Hallam
Roy Buchmueller-Suffolk Coastal CLP
Roy Dunnett. (Epping Forest LP)
Roy Housley - Shipley
Roy Jones - Preseli Pembs. CLP
Roy Mcgee - Huntingdon
Roy Wenborne - West Ham CLP
Roy Wilkes - Bury South CLP
Roy Woosey - Wavertree CLP
Royston Knipe - Broadland
Ruaidhri MacKay - Hackney
Rui Barbosa - Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Russ Blakely-Portsmouth North CLP
Russell Fletcher Crewe CLP
Russell Whiting - Gedling CLP
Ruth Appleton - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Ruth Charlton - Keighley and Ilkley CLP
Ruth Forward thanet south clp
Ruth Gillett - Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Ruth Jamieson-South Suffolk CLP
Ruth Knight - Slough CLP
Ruth Morgan - Harrogate
Ruth Muirhead - Islwyn CLP
Ruth Muller - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Ruth Murgatroyd - York CLP
Ruth Steigman - Islington North CLP
s pahl - Ilford South CLP
S.churchill Birkenhead
S.Deakin Wallasey CLP
S.J.Ware - West Worcs.
Sabena Peer- Ilford South CLP
Sabine Ebert-Forbes - Keighley & Ilkley CLP
Sabine Roach Alton Branch Labour Party
Sabine Roach EastHants Labour CLP
Sadasivam Arun - Cardiff Central CLP
Sadie Haywood - Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
Sadiq Habib—Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Saira Willmott-Daby: Medway CLP
Sal Morawetz - Nottingham East CLP
Salim Kaaba - Cardiff West CLP
Sally Ann Etheridge Labour International
Sally Carter - St Austell and Newquay CLP
Sally Cook - Wolverhampton SW CLP
Sally Garland
Sally Holder - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Sally Parrott - Guildford CLP
Sally Richardson - Richmond Park CLP
Sally-ann Dwyer - North East Cambs CLP
Sam Adams - Southend West
Sam Browse - Sheffield Central CLP
Sam Gorst - Garston and Halewood CLP
Sam Partington - Oldham East CLP
Sam smith -Garson halewood clp
Sam Stewart - Lewisham east CLP
Sam Weinstein - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Samantha Bentley - Gainsborough CLP
Samantha Mason - Walthamstow CLP
Samantha Rogers Don Valley CLP
Samford Spencer - Bournemouth East
San Senik - Don Valley  CLP
Sandie goode - tewkesbury clp
Sandra Fay - Swansea East CLP
Sandra Hanna-Selby and Ainsty
Sandra Holliday - Cynon Valley CLP
Sandra Lane Shrewsbury&Atcham CLP
Sandra McDonald..Liverpool Riverside.
Sandra McLaren - Bournemouth East
Sandra Morland-Tynemouth CLP
Sandra Neal - Bristol East CLP
Sandra Rogers-Halton CLP
Sandra Smith - Rugby CLP
Sandra Stark - NWNorfolk CLP
Sandra Wyman - Leeds North East CLP
Sandra Yvonne Yehya - Kirklees CLP
Sandrine Kasango - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Sandy McSherry - Bassetlaw CLP
Sanjay Klair - Birmingham Ladywood CLP
Sanjiv joshi-Uxbridge & SouthRuislip CLP
Sara Callaway - Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Sara McDonald - Gower CLP
Sarah Brittlebank - Warrington South CLP
Sarah Bryant - Broxtowe
Sarah Byrne- Hackney South
Sarah C Jones Cotswolds member
Sarah Couzens - Canterbury and Whitstable CLP
Sarah Dawson - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Sarah Franklin - Islington North
Sarah Fry-Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Sarah Gill- Rushcliffe CLP
Sarah Grant - Rotherham CLP
Sarah Hayes - Gorton
Sarah Heesom - Chorley
Sarah Howden - New Forest East CLP
Sarah Macgregor - Bracknell CLP
Sarah Perrigo - Leeds North East
Sarah Regan - Cheshire West & Chester CLP
Sarah Rice - Gosport CLP
Sarah Sharp - Sevenoaks CLP
Sarah T - Manchester Central CLP
Sarah Teversham-Hall Green Birmingham
Sarah Thomas - Denton & Reddish
Sarah Trousdale - Manchester Central
Sarah Williamson - Warrington South CLP
Sasha Phillips Tenby CLP
Sav Buzz - Leeds Central
Scott Ramone - North West Leicestershire CLP
Scott Ward - Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Scott wollen - Totnes
Seamus Carey Tottenham CLP
Sean Barton Swansea Gower
Sean Burke - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Sean Butterly-Darlington CLP
Sean Conway-Nottingham East CLP
Sean Ferguson - Sefton Central CLP
Sean Jones - West Worcestershire CLP
Sean Kelleher - Hendon CLP
Sean Law-Donside CLP
Sean O'Donoghue   Brecon & Radnorshire
Sean Perry - Milton Keynes CLP
Sergio Malarée - Devonport and Sutton CLP
Shamil Sharshek Ulu - Hammersmith
Shamir Patel - Brent North CLP
shamsher chohan-harborough clp
Shana Begum - Bolton North East
Shar Muta - Knowsley CLP
Sharon Bestley-Portsmouth CLP
Sharon Finlay - West Lancashire CLP
Sharon Gebhard - Luton South CLP
Sharon Higgins - Worsley and Eccles South
Sharon Kelly - Haringay CLP
Sharon Leavy- Manchester Gorton CLP
Sharon Newnham - Totnes CLP
Sharon Root Tonbridge & Malling CLP
Sharon Roscoe - Bradford West CLP
Sharon Wadkin-Snaith - North Wiltshire CLP
Sharon Wilkinson Portugal CLP
Shauna Gavaghan - Hertsmere
Shawn Hearn - Bracknell Forest CLP
Shawn Peacock - Redhill CLP
Shazia Parveen-Derby North CLP
Sheena MacDonald Canterbury
Sheila Bouitieh-Gateshead CLP
Sheila Burgoyne - Norwich South CLP
Sheila Edwards _Atcham.
Sheila edwards - shewsbury and Acham CLP
Sheila Geraghty - Ceredigion CLP
Sheila Rowell west Suffolk CLP
Sheila Scoular - Ilford North
Sheila Sheppard - Stalybridge & Hyde
Sheila Taylor - Bermondsey & Old Southwark CLP
Sheila White- dudley clp.
Sheila White.  Stourbridge member
Shelley Ismail - Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Shelley Martin - Elmet & Rothwell
Sheona Watson -Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Sherry Marks 'Chippenham CLP'
Sherry Marks Chippenham CLP
Shezan Renny - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Shirley Hart, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Shirley Higton East Yorkshire CLP
Shirley leighton chorley
Shona McWilliams - Chipping Barnet CLP
Siamak Alimi - Coleford, forest of Dean
Sian Davies - Norwich (North) CLP
Sian Thomas - Kingswood
Sian Vasey - Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Sid.ledward /wallasey CLP
Simon Bell Horsham CLP
Simon Boxley - Chichester CLP
Simon Brace - Gedling
Simon Childs-Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Simon Cowan - Southwark CLP
Simon Danby- Penrith & The Borders CLP
Simon Dewsbury - Birmingham Hall Green
Simon Donohoe - Great Yarmouth CLP
Simon Draper - Lincoln CLP
Simon Duerden-Workington CLP
Simon Jones - West Dorset CLP
Simon Koreshoff - Carmarthen East & Dinefwr CLP
Simon Korner - Hackney North CLP
Simon Lynn - Hackney North CLP
Simon Lynn - North East Somerset CLP
Simon McKeown - Richmond Park CLP
Simon Milner-Edwards- withington clp
Simon Morrison-Peacock - Stockton(South)
Simon Newson-Montgomeryshire CLP
Simon Pearson - Holborn and St Pancras
Simon Truss - Macclesfield CLP
Simon Wilkinson - Thirsk,  Malton &Filey
Simon Wolfers - Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Simone Williamson - Derby North
Skye Hollywood - The Cotswolds CLP
Sohail Ahmed-Reading CLP
Solomon Picciotto - Warwick and Leamington CLP
Sonya Andermahr - South Northants CLP
Soodi Balali - Brent Central
Sophia macGibbon _ Brent Central Labour
Sophia Mangera Lewisham Deptford CLP
Sophie Allen - Derbyshire Dales
Sophie Cannivady - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Sophie Dodd - Wavertree CLP
Sophie Jenkins - Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Stan Smith - Broxtowe CLP
Stanley Nicholls - North Thanet CLP
Stefan Cholewka Rochdale CLP
Stephanie Braithwaite - Portsmouth South CLP
Stephanie Grant - Tottenham CLP
Stephanie Lang Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Stephanie Shrubshall - Harwich and North Essex CLP
Stephe Meloy - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Stephen Allman - Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Stephen Bell- Wallasey CLP
Stephen Bennett Stockport CLP
stephen brennan -carmathen east and  dinefwr
Stephen Brown - Plymouth Sutton & Devonport CLP
Stephen Carlill - Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Stephen coles - bridgewater
Stephen Hadden Warrington South CLP
Stephen Henley - Derbyshire Dales CLP
Stephen Hooton - Shipley CLP
Stephen Jackson - Chesterfield
Stephen Jackson-Chesterfield CLP
Stephen Kelly - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Stephen Kelly - St. Helens South &Whiston CLP
Stephen Norrie - Stratford-upon-Avon
Stephen Paul Stocks - Telford CLP
Stephen Pyle- Cambridge CLP
Stephen Reading - Newton Abbot & Kingsteignton CLP
Stephen Roberts Rhondda CLP
Stephen Smith - Bolton West CLP
Stephen Smith - Isle Of Wight CLP
Stephen Taylor - Lincoln CLP
Stephen Wagg - Leicester South
Stephen Walshe -  Selly Oak CLP
Stephen Williams-Lewisham West
Stephen Yates - South Thanet
Steve Adams - Colchester CLP
Steve Arloff - Bradford West CLP
Steve Ascott -- Ceredigion CLP
Steve Billingham
Steve Bradbury - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Steve Caldwell Calder Valley CLP
Steve Callan - Birkenhead CLP
Steve Fowler - Camborne Redruth and Hayle CLP
Steve Fox - Hackney South & Shoreditch
Steve Franklin-Grimby CLP
Steve Furber- Canterbury CLP
Steve Gower - Gloucester CLP
Steve Gray - Cardiff CLP
Steve Greenwood-Heywood and Middleton clp
Steve Hudson - Labour International CLP
Steve Jack - York Central
Steve Jansky - Nottingham East CLP
Steve Kind - Leeds West CLP
Steve Lloyd - Barnsley Central
Steve Marles - Sheffield CLP
Steve McKenzie Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Steve McSweeney - East ham CLP
Steve Meehan -Coventry CLP
Steve Nunn - Dartford CLP
Steve Page - Shipley CLP
Steve Parker - North Herefordshire CLP
Steve Philips - Great Grimsby CLP
Steve Rush - North Norfolk CLP
Steve Slator, Colne Valley CLP
Steve Smart Bristol East (CLP)
Steve Tooze - DaWN CLP
Steve Tyler - Totnes CLP
Steve White Northampton South CLP
Steve Williams - Leyton & Wanstead CLP
Steve Williamson - Warrington South CLP
Steve Wood (Bristol West)
Steven Allen - Labour International
Steven Bligh - Plymouth Moorview CLP
Steven Eckford- Keighley and Ilkley CLP
Steven Hemmings - Edinburgh South West
Steven Pickering - Withington CLP
Steven Shallcross - Oldham east and Saddleworth
Steven Watson - Cambridge CLP
Stevie Jones - Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Stewart Bullen-Mid Dorset and North Poole CLP
Stewart Eames - Cambridge CLP
Stewart Hunter - Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch CLP
Stewart Lever - Warrington North
Stewart Roberts - Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
Stewart Thompson - Norwich North
Stewart Whitehead - Arundel and South Downs CLP
Stuart Charlesworth - Salford and Eccles
Stuart Crosthwaite - Sheffield Central CLP
Stuart Curry - Sunderland Central CLP
Stuart Graham - High Peak CLP
Stuart Leaver - North West Leics CLP
Stuart Madden - Sittingbourne & Sheppy CLP
Stuart McCorquodale - Butetown CLP, Cardiff
Stuart Mcintyre-Isle Of Wight.
Stuart Walker NW Durham
Su Thantrey - Mid Derbyshire
Sue Arloff - Bradford West
Sue Arnall - Bury North CLP
Sue Beatty Kemptown & Peacehaven
Sue Blackmore - South Telford
Sue Brock-Eastleigh
Sue Brown Rother Valley CLP
Sue Bullen - Mid Dorset & North Poole CLP
Sue Butler - Wentworth & Dearne CLP
Sue Doughty-Derby North
Sue Easterbrook - Shipley CLP
Sue Furnell Stevenage CLP
Sue Garbett - Colne Valley CLP
Sue Gifford -Plymouth CLP
Sue Hocking - Mid Worcestershire CLP
Sue Hodgson Portsmouth south CLP
Sue Jaiteh - Banbury CLP
Sue Keefe - Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Sue Kent Harwich and North Essex CLP
Sue Larty-Wavertree CLP
Sue lowton st helens and knowsley
Sue McCormick - Dumfriesshire CLP
Sue Murphy - St Helens South & Whiston
Sue Pankhurst - West Suffolk CLP
Sue Perkins - Derby North CLP
Sue Phillips - Gower CLP
Sue Robins- Newton Abbot CLP
Sue Ryan - South Leicester CLP
Sue Shaw - Henley CLP
Sue Sheard Bootle
Sue Young-Ceredigion CLP
Sukaina Hirji-Watford
Susan Armstrong Robinson -West Lancs CLP
Susan Blackburn South Thanet PLC
Susan Campbell- Holborn and St. Pancras CLP
Susan Craig-St Helens South and Whiston
Susan Dellet Bermondsey & Old Southwark
Susan Dugmore - St Austell and Newquay CLP
Susan Fairweather - St Austell & Newquay CLP
Susan Gould - Walton CLP
Susan Hampson - Hastings and Rye CLP
Susan Klink - Orpington
Susan Malpass - Gosport CLP
Susan Mathieson, Blyth Valley CLP
Susan McKenzie - West Norfolk CLP
Susan Mellor - Selby and Ainsty CLP
Susan Olech - Tooting CLP
Susan Paraszczuk  Bolton North East
Susan Peacock - north west durham
Susan Pearce - Oldham West & Royton CLP
Susan Pearce - Oldham west and Royton CLP
Susan Ram - Labour International
Susan Thomas-Swansea West
Susan Walker - Mid Norfolk
Susan Wood Waltham Forest CLP
Susan Wright - Norwich North
SusanJones _ Caerphilly
Susanna Mitchell - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Susie Greaves (Nottingham East CLP)
Suzanna Davies - Coventry NE  CLP
Suzanne Gannon - Colne Valley CLP
Suzanne Kerr WAVENEY
Suzanne Stevens - Wavertree CLP
Suzy Eckford- Keighley and Ilkley CLP
Svetlana Rakocevic, Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Syed Anwar-ul-Haq Liverpool Walton CLP
Syed E Siddiqi- Ilford South CLP
Syeed Reza - Croydon
Sylvia Hargrave - Sunderland Central CLP
Sylvia Pott-Newcastle northclp
Tahir Butt - Ilford South CLP
Tahir Mahmood - Wolverhampton
Tahir Mirza - East Ham CLP
Tanagra Jabu Nala-hartley - Oxford East CLP
Tanbir Siddique - Cheltenham CLP
Tanja Heyer - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Tanya Smith - Norwich North CLP
Tara Zuk – Ludlow CLP
Tarin Brokenshire - Cambridge CLP
Tariq batt Derby
Terence Hancox-Edgbaston
Terence Kenyon - Stalybridge & Hyde CLP
Terence Kenyon - Stalybridge and Hyde Constituency
Terence McCormick - Knowsley CLP
Terence Mcginity-Westminstet North CLP
Terence McKenna-North NorfolkCLP
Teresa Bailey - Lewisham Deptford CLP
Teresa Chalcroft - Worcester
Teresa Connolly - Greenwich + Woolwich CLP
Teresa Cullen - Broxtowe
Teresa Dawson - Wantage CLP
Teresa hayter, Oxford East
Teresa Mulqueen - Streatham CLP
Teresa Steele - St Austell and Newquay CLP
Teri Slatter EWAS CLP
Terina Hine - Cities of London & Westminster CLP
Terri Baccino-Knowsley CLP
Terry Barry Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Terry Brough / St Helens North
Terry Clarke Liverpool Riverside CLP
Terry Conway - Islington N CLP
Terry Davies - Telford CLP
Terry Deans - Plymouth Moor View
Terry Gallogly  - York CLP
Terry Goble - Horsham CLP
Terry Harper - Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Terry O'Donnell - Leeds North West
Terry Sheridan - Salford
Terry Short - Barnsley Central CLP
Terry Smith Berwick CLP
Terry Wall - Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
Terry Wood - Jarrow CLP
Tessa Caley-Hull West and Hessle CLP
Tessa Ogden - Labour International
Theodorus Harper - South Lakeland CLP
Theresa Dunningham - Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CLP
Thomas Barr - Northern Ireland CLP
Thomas Butler - Liverpool Walton CLP, Disabilities Officer
Thomas Fisk - Darlington CLP
Thomas Smith - Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
Tim Appleton - Labour International CLP
Tim Browning - Bristol South
Tim Caddy - Sheffield Central CLP
Tim Gausden - Manchester Central CLP
Tim Gopsill-Dulwich and West Norwood
Tim Hanlon - Copeland CLP
Tim Heaton - S & U CLP
Tim Jackson Buckingham CLP
Tim Jones - Oxford East CLP
Tim Meredith-Hartlepool CLP
Tim Munton - Maidstone and the Weald CLP
Tim Murgatroyd - York CLP
Tim Pilsbury - South West Norfolk CLP
Tim Roderick Norwich CLP
Tim Turner - Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Tim Wardle - Market Harborough CLP
Tim Watdon-Wirral West CLP
Tim West - Twickenham
Timbo Davies- Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Tina Moonen - Ealing North
Tina Robinson  - Wantage CLP
Tina Werkmann - Hallam CLP
Tiphanie Churchyard - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Tolga Aramaz - Enfield North CLP
Tom Brandon - Streatham CLP
Tom Coady - Brighton Pavilion
Tom Graham / Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Tom Hanley - Bolton West CLP
Tom Harris - Pontypridd CLP
Tom Martyn - Pudsey CLP
Tom Pendleton - Bootle CLP
Tom Reed - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Tom Shaw - Halifax CLP
Tom Unterrainer - Nottingham East
Tommy Galvin - N Ireland CLP
Tommy Hurst - york clp
Tony Booth-Wokingham
Tony Dines - Worthing West CLP
Tony Gorman - Ruislip, Northwood, Pinner CLP
Tony Gothard - Skipton and Ripon CLP
Tony Graham - Islington North CLP
Tony Hinkin - Porthcawl
Tony Holland-Newport West
Tony Horsfield - Penistone and Stockbridge CLP
Tony Hughes - Kenil.+SouthamCLP
Tony Jones- Wallasey CLP
Tony Phillips - Birkenhead
Tony Rabin-South Thanet CLP
Tony Rimmer - Bootle CLP
Tony Williams - Ynys Mon (Anglesey) CLP
Toral Dixit - Ealing Southall
Tosh McDonald-Doncaster Central CLO
Tracey Dawson - Milton Keynes North
Tracey Macleod-Na h Eileanan an Iar CLP
Tracey Moran - Doncaster Central CLP
Tracey Russell-Twickenham CLP
Tracy Bytheway - Ilford north clp
Tracy Firby-Fisk - Darlington CLP
Tracy Masters  - Bury St Edmunds CLP
Trefor Harris - Brighton Kemptown
Trevor Challenger- Taunton CLP
Trevor Ellis - Carshalton And Wallington CLP
Trevor Holding - Islwyn CLP
Trevor Hughes - Tewkesbury CLP
Trevor Joyce - Warwick and Leamington
Trevor Roberts - Rotherham CLP
Trevor Turvey-Herne Bay CLP
Tricia French - Hackney South and Shoreditch
Tris Stock - St Ives CLP
Trish Mensah - Bristol West
Trish O'Hara - Newham
Trish O'Hara -West Ham
Trish Senior - Elmet & Rothwell CLP
Troy Bettles-Corby CLP
Tyler Howell-Bray - Dover CLP
Ujitha de Zoysa - Ilford North CLP
Umaar Kazmi - Rushcliffe CLP
Umar Nasser - Chesham and Amersham CLP
Una Doyle- Holborn and St. Pancras
Val collins/Runcorn Cheshire
Val Graham-Chesterfield
Val Kelynack Camborne Redruth CLP
Val Purcell- Wallasey
val walsh-Bootle clp
Valentina Treskavica - Enfield Southgate CLP
Valerie Burlinson-Dunfermline CLP
Valerie Hartley - Leamington & Warwick CLP
Valerie Hearth - Neath CLP
Valerie Marriott Loughborough CLP
Valerie Ruth Appleton - Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Vanda Bubear - Brecon and Radnor CLP
Vanessa Merriott-Arundel & South Downs CLP
Vanessa Stilwell - Dulwich and West Norwood
Vanessa Trentham - Romsey & Southampton North CLP
Vanessa Wigmore-Taunton Deane CLP
Vaseem Ahmed - Ilford North
Vaughn Ling-Sheffield CLP
Vera Baccino-Knowsley CLP
Veronica Cubbin- Weaver Vale CLP
Veronica Kelly - Bootle clp
Veronica Treacher - Henley CLP
Vicki Lackenby Blaydon CLP
Vickie Ellison Sefton clp
Vicky Karambatsos - Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Victor King, Preston CLP
Victor Martin-South West Norfolk CLP
Victoria Cuckson - Bootle CLP
Victoria Husemeyer - Islington
vikki harper newark clp
Villayat Sunkmanitu - Nottingham North
vin ferguson-Liverpool Riverside CLP
Vincent Bailey carmarthen west
Violett Cleghorn - Cotswold CLP
Virginia Harman - Somerton and Frome
Virginia Keyes -Torbay CLP
Viv Eden- Mid Worcestershire
Viv Hogg - Whitley Bay CLP
Viv Pribram - Cities of London & Westminster
Vivien Kaliczak - Warwick & Leamington CLP
Vivien May - North Cornwall CLP
Wallace Mather-Sunderland CLP
Walter Zuk-Ludlow
Wayne Hall - Darlington CLP
Wayne Oldham Henley CLP
Wenche Orstavik-Cambridge CLP
Wendé Anne Maunder - L1299747
Wendy Alstin - Bury St Edmunds CLP
Wendy Cooksey - Rotherham CLP
Wendy Crane - Milton Keynes North CLP
Wendy Morgan - Aberconwy CLP
Wendy Patterson - Newark CLP
Wendy Roberts Nottingham South CLP
Wendy Rogers - Vale of Glamorgan
Wendy Sindall - Harborough CLP
Wendy Smith - Loughborough CLP
Wendy Taylor Ilford South CLP
Wendy Turner - Amber Valley CLP
Wendy Whiteman Sittingbourne and Sheppey.
Wes McLachlan - Canterbury CLP
Will Baker - Brighton Kemptown CLP
Will Hepple Washington and Sunderland West
William Campbell Southampton CLP
William dean martin lowther - north west durham
William Edmondson-Ludlow CLP
William Fernandes - Clwyd West CLP
William Forbes Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
William Hathersmith, Nottingham member
William Jackson - Redditch CLP
William Kell South Shields
William Mora - Uxbridge&Hillingdon CLP
William Owen -- York Central
William Sydenham-North East Hampshire CLP
William Tabarn West Lancashire CLP
William Walker - Burton CLP
William Wells GT Yarmouth CLP
William Wright - Warrington North CLP
William Yong, Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Willie McKenna WEALDEN CLP
Wilma Jess.  Scotland
Wisty Thomas - Wimbledon CLP
Wojciech Dmochowski - Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Yoursef Qandeel - North Ealing CLP
Yousef Qandeel north Ealing CLP
Yunus Elias Leicester
Yvette Graham-Ramsgate CLP
Yvette Haimes Newcastle East
Yvonne Booth - Barrow & Furness CLP
Yvonne Deeney~Bristol West CLP
Yvonne Folan - Monmouth CLP
Yvonne Foss - East Surrey CLP
Yvonne Gibbins Grantham & Stamford CLP
Yvonne Roberts - Bury South CLP
Yvonne smart Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Yvonne Swann - NE Derbyshire
Zac Arnold - Forest of Dean CLP
Zaed Hussain -Hyndburn CLP
Zahida Aslam - Derby South CLP
Zarrin Shannon - Bury CPL
Zeljko Djordjevic - Enfield Southgate CLP
Zena Sullivan - Islington North CLP
Zia Teshome Holborn and St Pancreas CLP
Zoe Allan - Brecon + Radnorshire CLP
Zoe Hughes Derby South CLP
Zoë Richardson - Kensington CLP
Zoe Zero - Beckenham
Zulfqar Ali - Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Zulma Wickenden - Holborn and St Pancras
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