AA2A Artists Evaluation Part 1 2018-19
If you find this form difficult because of a disability, please phone 0114 296 0688 or email aa2aproject@icloud.com We can provide the form in other formats or arrange to do it over the phone.

This is Part 1 of your AA2A evaluation form. Please complete it by Mon 7th January. It should only take 8 minutes.

The results will help us to support your host University so they can improve their scheme, while the placements are still running. You will still need to complete a final evaluation at the end of your scheme (and we chase responses mercilessly).

If you wish to provide us with more detail e.g. suggestions improvements or positive feedback there is space at the end of the form.

These responses enable us to evaluate the AA2A project nationally as well as your ‘host’ University (they will not see your responses but will be given feedback and advice based on all the participating artists’ feedback). We always pass on specific thanks where appropriate.

We look forward to receiving your responses. We read every one. Thank you for your time and commitment filling this in. It really is appreciated.

1.1 Your name
You may remain anonymous but it helps us greatly if you give your name.
Your answer
1.2 Please choose your AA2A scheme from the list below *
Colleges are listed roughly North to South
1.3 Do you have a degree or other formal qualification in art or design? *
1.4 If yes, when did you 'graduate'?
1.5 Were you previously a student at the institution where you did your AA2A scheme? *
1.6 Did you take up one of our placements for recent MA or Phd graduates? Please select the relevant option/s *
Our eligibility criteria allow one M.A. or PhD students with one or more years professional practice could apply to AA2A in the same year that they graduate.
1.7 Please describe your main area/s of practice *
You may tick more than one box
1.8 Approximately how many years in total would you say you've been a practising artist? *
1.9 What is your employment status ? *
1.10 If you have a paid job, is it in a creative or arts related field ?
1.11 Have you been on an AA2A scheme before ? *
1.12 Approximately how many miles is your college from your home ? *
Please just use numbers (eg. 16) for a single journey NOT return mileage.
Your answer
The following section helps us check that we're reaching as wider a range of Artists as possible
1.13 Are you...
1.14 How old are you?
1.15 Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
1.16 If ‘yes’, please tick the most appropriate categories
1.17 If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the last two questions, how helpful are staff with any particular requirements you have?
1.18 How would you describe yourself or your origin?
Many of the questions in these categories are required by, or based on, categories used by our funders. Please tick all that apply or feel free to define yourself using 'Other' if you'd prefer.
1.19 Sexual orientation
2.1 How many AA2A colleges did you apply to? *
2.2 How did you hear about AA2A?
2.3 How easy was it contacting the college to get information? *
2.4 How would you rate the application pack you received? *
2.5 Did you have the opportunity to discuss the feasibility of your project with a technician or appropriate member of staff before starting? *
2.6 Did you understand the selection procedure? *
3.1 Has your college arrange for a formal or informal 'induction' session explaining the scheme? *
3.2 Has your college provide enough introductory information? *
3.3 Were you offered access from October (or earlier)? *
Universities should offer access starting no later than 31st Oct and finishing no earlier than 1st April
3.4 If your scheme started late, was this due to ID or swipe cards or DBS checks?
3.5 Have you received enough help to get started yet? (induction or informal help to use equipment) *
(if you didn't need any help, assess what you think would have been available)
3.6 Are there any workshops or supporting areas that you've not been able to access (if offered by your scheme)?
Please tell us briefly if there is anything that we can do that might help sort this out (we can be very tactful!)
Your answer
3.7 How would you rate the Artists Access Agreement? *
(this resembles a contract and should have been given to you by your college)
If you didn't apply, tick 'No' and go Section 5.
4.1 Did you apply for AA2A's 'Artists Support fund'? *
4.2 Did we clearly explain the application and payment process?
4.3 Did you think it was fair?
5.1 Have you been introduced to students yet? *
5.2 Have you been asked to do any sessions with students yet? *
e.g. informal Q&A, talks or demonstrations
6.1 Has your college made it possible for you to meet the other artists yet? *
6.2 Have you got the contact details for the other artists? *
7. Anything else you'd like to ask or to tell us?
Your answer
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