VKC18 Panelist Application
VKC18 Panelist Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a panelist at VKC18.
Just a few reminders:
- Only those who have been accepted will be contacted. We thank everyone who has applied.
- We will try our best to schedule everyone into their preferred times but there is no guarantee.

If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact info@vancouverkpopcon.com

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Contact Phone: *
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Contact Email: *
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Panelists: *
Please list the names of all panelists involved. (Maximum of 5 persons)
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Name of Panel: *
This will be the name that will show up on the information booklet.
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Preferred date during VKC18: *
Please be available for the whole day for the date(s) selected, for the ease of scheduling the panels, and to enjoy the rest of VKC18 as well!
Is there a specific time that DOES NOT work for you?
Due to travelling time, etc.
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Estimated time required: *
Approximate duration of panel/workshop.
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Panel description: *
Please provide specific details regarding your panel's discussions and activities as well as the objective of the panel.
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Required Materials/Volunteers *
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Estimated Budget:
Provide an estimate of the costs for printing, prizes, or guests.
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I understand that chosen applicants will have to provide a $10 security deposit that is refundable upon completion of panel(s). *
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