Are you interested in co-hosting/co-creating a Bio-regional Gathering for Work That Reconnects Network Facilitators and Practitioners?
Please fill in this form if you are interested in helping to plan and/or host a Gathering for WTR facilitators and practitioners in your region. All the information shared in this form will be available to all who fill it out so you can find each other.

Please plan to attend one of the zoom calls on April 24th or May 5th for coming together to plan and share ideas. We will send Zoom links to all who submit this questionnaire. These gatherings are self organizing and opportunities to bring people together preferably in person, but it may be through online meetings.

Let’s come together as nodes in our Gaian network to activate our immune response to climate chaos and collapse, ongoing racism and oppression. We can deepen our connections with each other, share our stories and pain for the world, and nurture our creativity and resilience to serve the web of life on Earth.

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