UPDATED Alcohol Event Registration Form
Please register all crawl stops and private gatherings using this form. This form is kept confidential, with access limited to the Hanszen College Chief Justice.
Alcohol Policy & Expectations

***Persons under age 21 are prohibited from consuming alcohol at Rice***

Your responsibilities as a host:
1) Registering the party (24 hours in advance)
2) Remaining present for the duration of the party and monitoring the service of alcohol
3) Ensuring that your private party remains "private" according to the alcohol policy
4) Complying with all directions issued by the CJ, AJs, and other officials in college government
5) Ensuring that care is obtained whenever it is needed (eg. calling EMS)
6) Any violations observed or reported to the Judicial Committee will result in a Hanszen Court case being opened and appropriate disciplinary actions being taken by the Judicial Committee
7) Holding an unregistered event will result in a Hanszen Court case being opened and appropriate disciplinary actions being taken by the Judicial Committee
**Hosts are responsible for the behavior and well-being of their guests and any individual who possess or consumes alcohol in the space where the public is held**

Private vs. Public Parties:
- Any social event that has the “spirit or effect” of a public event is public. Events in public areas are public. Events overflowing from private areas are public. Events for which college funds are spent are public.
- Private gatherings are public if they overflow into public space, if attendees enter or leave with alcohol, or if the door is propped open. Private gatherings may only be held in a student room or suite. Maximum attendance is no more than 6 times the number of residents assigned to the host room/suite by H&D.

Hard Alcohol:
- If SJP discovers that hard alcohol was provided to someone who is under 21 years of age, they can rusticate the provider. Take this warning seriously.
- Grain alcohol of any kind is always prohibited (anything over 50%)
- "Hard alcohol" ( >22% ABV ) means every alcohol drink except beer, wine, and pre-made alcohol drinks that are not made from distilled spirits (Smirnoff Ice, hard cider, etc)
- Hard alcohol is only permitted in private rooms or suites where everyone is 21 years of age or older
- Regardless of age, undergraduates may not drink or serve hard alcohol anywhere on campus on Beer Bike, the nights of large public parties (NOD, Sid 80s, Bacchanlia), move-in weekend, during VISION weekend, or during Owl Days

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