Winter Wunderkammer Holiday Sale Contract and Inventory Form
Thank you for participating in the Lab's annual holiday sale and fundraiser! Your contribution enables us to continue to support artists and the arts community.
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Inventory and Box Label information
The following section provides information about your box and inventory
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Price *
One-of-a-kind work may be priced between $1 - $50. Multiples may be priced between $1 - $25. Whole numbers only (i.e. $10, not $9.99). ALL items in the box must have the same price.
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Inventory *
List the total number of items in your box.
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Inventory Drop Off
Please indicate which day you will drop off your work *
I agree to allow the Lab sell the items submitted in my inventory list and retain a commission *
Please choose a commission level for your sales. Your donations enable the Lab to continue to support emerging, experimental and underrepresented artists. All donations are fully tax deductible.
I agree that the Lab is not liable for items lost, stolen or damaged during delivery, exhibition, or return. *
This is a busy public event and we rely in part on the honor system to ensure that each item is paid for.
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