AAEA Assistant Principal Conf 2013
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My school uses some form of social media to communicate with the external public. *
I use social media in my personal life to communicate with family and friends. *
How often do you use social media? *
Never used
I check my status every 15 min
How old are you? *
How scared are you that your staff will make a grievous error using social media that will cause an awkward conversation with district administration? *
"you are not meeting the standards of this district and or its administration"
Not scared
Scared to death
What is your favorite social media tool? *
Is your school a Google Apps for Education School? *
This means: does your school use Gmail as its email?
Would you allow students to use social media in school? *
Answer this question personally. Forget about what your handbook says.
What is your role as assistant principal? *
Check all that apply
What are your thoughts about social media and school?
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