Search Team Application 2020-2021
Please prayerfully read through this form before submitting your completed application. We are not looking for a particular answer, so answer the questions in a heartfelt and honest manner. Before beginning the application and completing it, invite the Holy Spirit to be with you.

This application is for the small group of disciples who lead the Search Retreats in the 2020-2021 school year. Applicants must be in high school during that time, and must have attended a Search Retreat in the past. In addition to this form, all applicants need to sign and have their parent/guardian fill out and sign the lifestyle agreement forms and bring them to the interview if selected for an interview. Those forms are on the Search web page just below the link to this form.

We are looking for young people who desire to go deeper into their faith, who are open to developing their leadership skills, and who want to serve the Church in this specific way. Search Team is not built to be a resume builder or "just another" leadership opportunity. This is a MINISTRY.

We are looking for young people who can be committed to this ministry. We expect those discerned and selected to be in strong communication with the adult leaders, to regularly attend small group meetings by area, and to fully participate in the major dates of Search Retreats, leadership workshop and whole team trainings. This is a COMMITMENT.

In-person interviews will be conducted for those selected to continue the application process at a date determined by the co-directors who will set up times and places where the interviews will take place.

Thanks for applying for the Search Team! God Bless!
I have read and understood the Life Style Agreement and do not have any objections to it. I will strive to live my life according to it, and will strive to grow in holiness. I have begun this process in prayer and am ready to continue in the application process. *
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