Application - Natalie Jill Breakthrough 2019
I would LOVE to be able to work with and help every single person that needs it, but that just isn't realistic. In my experience, I can work with and massively impact about 10 people that have INVESTED in themselves at a time.

This allows me to manage the group while still providing the necessary individualized attention so YOU get the RESULT you are after! This is a 3 MONTH process that includes a 3-day retreat weekend!

If you want to be a candidate for one of my select breakthrough experiences, please complete the questions below.

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What is the MAIN problem you are trying to solve / thing holding you back? *
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What have you tried in the past to solve this problem? *
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How committed are you to solving this problem? *
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Are you willing to do the work necessary to get to the other side, EVEN when it gets uncomfortable? *
Is there anything else you want me to know about you? *
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If you were to put a monetary 'cost' to the challenges listed above that have held you back, how much would would you say it has cost you over the course of your life? *
Examples: What has working a job you hated for 20+ years cost you? What opportunities in life have you let pass by because you were too scared, or lacked the confidence to do them? What has being overweight cost you?
Which retreat dates are you interested in? *
The Breakthrough weekend retreat is spending 3 days with Natalie Jill in her home in sunny San Diego, California. It also includes 3 months of coaching, and other bonuses to get and KEEP you on track! The 3-months of coaching continues after each retreat.
If we could provide you a solution to overcome your challenges so you could live your potential and be fulfilled, what type of resources do you currently have to invest in a solution? *
Lastly, we ONLY have 6 spots left in the April experience (max of 10 women). Why should YOU be selected for one of these remaining spots? How committed are you to getting out of your comfort zone? *
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