Rawson Elementary Facility Use Request
Requests for use of a facility in the Elementary buildings must be submitted no later than 14 school days prior to the event, whenever possible. For larger events, a 30 day request notice is needed. Approval for late requests may or may not be possible.

Groups that are not school related will be assessed fees for facilities and services along with applicable sales tax. The full School Board policy for facility use of a school district building can be viewed on the District website at www.sdsm.k12.wi.us under Board Policies (831).

Once approved, the event contact will receive confirmation via email from the facility scheduler website. Copies of all approved requests will be forwarded to the appropriate school personnel, custodians, kitchen staff, AV needs, or other necessary staff.

If the facility requested is not available, you will be contacted to work out other arrangements, if possible.

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