School Culture Survey
How many days per week do you leave work to tell someone in your life that today was a good day?
What one word best describes your school culture?
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Do you have personal goals you work toward (not required on testing or evaluation)?
If yes, what is your personal teaching goal
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Do you feel supported by your supervisors?
Does your school put students needs first?
Do you feel included among your coworkers?
Do you feel your feedback and opinion are valued?
What one word best describes your team or department?
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What one word best describes your thoughts at the end of the day?
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If you could have one wish (for education, your district, your school or your classroom), what would it be?
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What educational buzzword or phase do you hear most?
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How has that buzzword or phased changed your teaching?
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What would you tell students who say they want to be a teacher?
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What do you feel like you do best?
What do you feel you should work on?
What else should we ask or would you like to tell us?
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Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts.
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