Brony Feud Contestant Application
Thanks for your interest in being a contestant for Brony Feud at GalaConline on August 1st! Please ensure you join the Discord server, then come back here to fill out this survey!
Are you currently in the GalaCon Online Discord? (required BEFORE applying) *
Please provide your Discord ID. (e.g. Brony4Life#1112) *
What is the preferred name for us to call you? Pronouns? *
If accepted, you will be contacted on Discord by a member of staff. Do you consent to being messaged by a member of staff? (required) *
Do you have a working Webcam? (required) *
ZOOM is required for this panel, are you willing to download/already have ZOOM downloaded? *
Do you have a working Microphone (required) *
This Panel is PG Rated. Do you promise to adhere to this rating and refrain from profanity or NSFW behavior? *
If accepted, can you guarantee availability during the panel's time frame? (19h30 until 20h45 Germany UTC+2 time) *
If not selected initially, are you willing to be put on a waiting list in case of emergency substitutions? You would still need to be available during the above times. *
Please provide any information you feel would be important for the Organizers of Brony Feud to know in advance.
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