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We have a limited number of spots available now for 2019 writers! The new site at will comment on topics at the intersection of autism and ABA with a wide-ranging audience in mind. Our writers AND our audience will include everyone from clinical directors and school administrators to therapists, teachers, and parents.
CALL FOR 2019 WRITERS: The Thread Content Project
What we're looking for
We’re looking for diverse styles and perspectives as we publish short articles and stories on topics you want to write about. Our goal is to elevate YOUR personal brand while supporting the entire community with a rich mix of content . We will publish under your byline and support your articles with marketing and back-links to help you accomplish your own goals.

A friendly, casual piece might be "5 ways to jump-start your ABA practice" or "How parents can use ABA at home." At the other end of the spectrum, we welcome formal research articles with citations for BCBA's and academics. As for length, 1000 words is probably the sweet spot but we're open to ideas, and longer topics can be considered for a series.

The Thread team will manage the posting schedule and help you with light editing and topic ideas to make this project enjoyable. Please apply below and include a writing sample if you can.

Sue Lacy,
Director of Communications and Customer Care
Thread Learning, Inc
Cornell University weighs in
The founders of Thread Learning, Inc. won Cornell University's $100,000 Startup Award in 2016 for innovations in data collection for the autism community. Cornell continues to take an active interest in Thread's projects and this new content resource will be no exception. Read their Sep 2018 news story about Thread at and learn more about Thread's offerings at
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