College Curling USA - Emerging Region - Club League - Team Roster and Results Reporting Form
This form is for reporting all USA Curling College games that involve an Emerging Region school participating in their regular Club League. One game per submission please.

This form will submit automatically. If you print off and fill in a hardcopy, please scan and send responses to

Date of game
Time of game completion
Location of game (Curling Club or Arena)
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Enter School Team and Players
Roster names will be checked against the list of registered players. All game results are considered provisional until all players are registered with the United States Curling Association. If a listed player does not register by January 31, 2019, that game will be forfeited and the offending team will be awarded 0 points.
TEAM 1 (College Team) - School
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Team 1 - Skip Name and E-Mail
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Team 1 - Player 2 Name
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Team 1 - Player 3 Name
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Team 1 - Player 4 Name (N/A if three person team)
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Team 2 (Non-college Team) - Skip Name and E-Mail
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Note: Results must be verified by a “disinterested third party” witness. This may be any non-collegiate skip or club official in attendance during the game time but not involved in the game will be acceptable.
Number of full ends played
Winning Team and score
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Losing Team and score
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Information Verification
By signing below or typing your name, you verify that all of the above information is accurate. If discrepancies are noted in the reporting of the game's results or by the lack of a witness, your results are subject to disqualification. As team skip you must take due diligence to make sure all parties have taken accurate record of the event proceedings before leaving the club where the match has been played.
Team 1 (College Team) - Skip Signature
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Team 2 (Non-college Team) - Skip Signature
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