Title 1 Survey 19-20
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I feel welcomed when I enter the school. *
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The school schedules parent/teacher conferences in a flexible way so that I can attend. *
Teachers regularly communicate with me. *
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly. *
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I feel comfortable helping my child with his/her homework. *
I feel comfortable helping my child with his/her homework. *
The school asks for my input on family workshops and events. *
I feel knowledgeable about the Title 1 Program. *
I feel knowledgeable about the school's expectations for my child. *
I have been given opportunities to make suggestions about my child's education. *
I have made suggestions that were considered and handled in a professional manner. *
The school has given me information about how I could help my child with school work. *
The information and materials I received at Family Nights have been helpful for me and my child. *
I have visited the school website. *
What suggestions do you have that would improve Family Night next year?
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