Tell Us About Your Experience: What's Your New Normal During COVID-19?
The Journal, the print and digital magazine published by the Kansas Leadership Center, wants to hear from you about how you're dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. Please include your name and email address so that we be able to follow up with you.
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How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting you right now? What leadership challenges has it created for you, your community or organization? *
How are you attempting to exercise leadership during this time? *
What examples of leadership do you see unfolding in your community or organization related to COVID-19? *
What losses have you or those closest to you experienced related to the outbreak? *
With all the uncertainty and breaking news about this topic, what things are you doing to take care of yourself at this stressful time? (We would like to share some of the tips we get with our readers.) *
Who/what is most of in need of support in your community right now? *
What questions do you have related to the COVID-19 response that you aren't seeing being answered elsewhere? *
Please include any additional thoughts or comments you might have here. Is there anything else The Journal  or the Kansas Leadership Center could do to be helpful?
Please tell us your name, hometown and phone number so one of our reporters can contact you to discuss your experiences further.
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