Pristine Pomskies Puppy Application
By filling out this application you are not guaranteed a puppy nor are you required to purchase a puppy. This application process is for us to select perfect homes for our pomsky puppies. This information will not be shared and will be kept private. If your application is approved, a $500 non-refundable deposit can be made for you to reserve a puppy.
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Do you agree to get the puppy spayed/neutered before 12 months of age? *
Which puppy/puppies are you interested in? Adoption fees are listed next to each puppy. *
Does eye color make or break your decision? *
Have you done any research or have experience on the temperament of Pomskies, Huskies, and Husky mixes?
Are you willing to send a copy of completed veterinary work for the adopted pomsky (ex. finishing all rounds of vaccinations and completed spay/neuter)? *
Do you understand that if you are no longer able to keep the dog for any reason, at any time during the dog’s life, it must be returned to us? *
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