Executive 1:1 Coaching Application
This is an application to work 1:1 with  Eloise Gagnon, LL.L., LL.M. in her Executive 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Program.

We take this application very seriously as spaces are limited.

Once we reviewed your application, if you qualify, we'll email you a link to book a Discovery Call with Eloise to explore if you are the right fit to be accepted into her 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching program.

Thank you for applying to work with us. We look forward to helping you become a powerful leader.
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We only work with people who want to learn, grow, and improve their situation. Why should we choose to have this conversation with you?
Mentoring & Coaching are financial investments in your future. How do you feel about investing in yourself?
We believe in full transparency. The cost of Eloise's 1:1 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Program is USD $25,000. Are you ready to make this kind of investment in yourself? *
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