Calendar/ Space Request
A. All Calendar/Space Requests will be handled, by date received, through the Office. NO EXCEPTIONS.
B. Church-Wide Events will be given priority over personal use, with exceptions given to Funeral Meals.
C. Should there be conflicting requests, the Staff will confer with the Contact person making the request and /or with the initial scheduling party to determine an alternate date.
D. Without prior authorization, there will be no evening reservations made for Perry Hall before 6 pm weekdays, due to the Child Development Center’s scheduled use of this space.

Please make sure that you clean up the area you are  using. Empty trash and take to the dumpster outside.  Run the vacuum and turn off the lights.  Check and clean bathrooms.  It will be the responsibility of the scheduling party to make arrangements with the church office for entry into the building after regular business hours. If you will be using Perry Hall with the Kitchen, a copy of the Kitchen Committee Guidelines will be provided. Thank you!

 All Groups or Individuals using the Kitchen and/or Perry Hall  are Responsible for Cleaning the Kitchen After Use.  Please Sign Your Name, Group Name/Event, and Date That You are Using the Facilities.
1. When reserving the kitchen  please schedule for the entire needed time.  Scheduling can be done on the church’s website,  Time includes set up, actual usage time and cleanup.
2. When needing to borrow items for use outside the church property, please check with the person in charge of the next church meal, to make sure they will not need the items.  Any items borrowed from the kitchen, and removed from the church property, must be signed out and returned (after cleaning inside and out) to their proper places by the next service. Any items borrowed from the church kitchen should be for short term use at a single event.
3. Before moving an item, please note its location, and return it to the same.
4. Please return utensils to their labeled section/drawers.
5. Please return unused plastics to their storage baskets, and plates, cups, and napkins to their shelves.  Return baskets to the basket shelf.  Check pantry.  Spices are alphabetical.  Return pantry items to their designated spaces.
6. Please return pots, pans, bowls and equipment to their places.  Almost every item has a designated/labeled place.
7. Please clean drink containers with hot water and soap, placing them on their proper shelves when through.  Please run clean water through the spouts.
8. Please clean any aluminum with vinegar or chore boy rather than bleach which can discolor the aluminum.
9. Please wipe all surfaces including the counters, stoves, steam table, sinks.  Please clean any spills inside the ovens and microwave.  If you used the griddle, clean with vinegar while still warm to remove the grease, then clean with hot water and soap.
10. If the dishwasher is used, please run garbage disposal until empty, drain and turn all breaker switches off. 11. Please clean any spills that may have occurred in the refrigerator.
12. Please clean the Bunn coffee maker.  It needs to be plugged in at ALL times.
13. Please remove leftover food from the kitchen.  It can be taken home, given away, or sent to a shelter.  Please don’t leave it in the refrigerator.  Items left in the freezer need to be dated and will be discarded after two months.
14. Please sweep and mop the floor.  Broom is in the dishwasher room and mini vac in pantry. Mops are in CDC laundry room and boiler room.
15. Please take home and wash towels, and return by next service.
16. Please take out trash.  Dumpster is behind the garage, key is hanging on wall of kitchen.
These guidelines are for the benefit of all who use the kitchen. The kitchen committee appreciates your help in keeping the kitchen usable for all.
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