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Please use this form to submit an event at EYECON 2018 (Easter Long Weekend, Friday, 30 March - Monday, 2 April 2018)

Please submit only one event per form. You may submit multiple forms for multiple events, eg, you want to run one session of a LARP/Freeform event as well as a tabletop game.

You will receive a receipt via email that your game submission has been received. There will be a link in this receipt to edit your game submission.

Thank you for considering running a game for EYECON. These conventions only can run through the hard work and creativity of our volunteer game designers. Your work is greatly appreciated.
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Minimum / Maximum players
We acknowledge that it might be a challenge, but games with flexible player numbers are much easier to run at a convention from our point of view.

We understand that games require a minimum number of players to work. From our perspective, the lower the minimum number of players required to run your game, the better. It makes it much less likely for your game to fold. Equally, writing a game with 6 characters is also helpful from our point of view.

The more people that can play your game, the better. We do understand that some games are only made for 5 players, however, if it is at all possible to write for 6, that is what we are really looking for.

Eg, for tabletops:

4-6 players = fine
2-6+ players = excellent

Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players
Usually presented in one to two sessions, tabletops are roleplaying games intended for 5-6 ad-hoc or team-based players. Some designers choose to use published system materials, whereas others prefer to utilise modified rules, their own custom ruleset, or sometimes no rules at all.

Freeforms & Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs) are larger games usually intended for anyway from 10 to 60 players. Players are typically encouraged to physically "act" out the role of their character and the games are almost always based on a custom designed system or no system at all.

Demonstration/Promotional Events
Demonstration games are a chance to try out a new game in a friendly atmosphere. They're perfect if you have a free session and you're looking for some more gaming. Usually they have no cost and sometimes they also include free giveaways

Miniatures Game Tournaments
Miniatures Games fall under the banner of "War Gaming", where players field armies consisting of scale models of soldiers, vehicles, etc and battle opponents in order to achieve objectives or score points. Most tournaments require players to bring their own figures though demonstration games are sometimes available.

Card Game Tournaments
Card tournaments are fun ways to spread awareness of a given card game, create healthy places for great players to compete, and can be anywhere on the spectrum from being social and casual in nature to being highly competitive and with prizes being offered.

Special Events
Special events cover any sort of individual or unusual activity offered by the designers or the organisers of the convention. They often provide ample opportunity for both individual players and teams to socialise with their gaming peers in a fun and sometimes competitive environment.

Learn 2 RP
Learn to Roleplay (L2RP) are specially designed sessions that act as an introduction to roleplaying in general and to systems may not have played before. Perfect for beginners, or those keen to learn new systems, L2RP is a chance to experience different genres/styles of role-playing.
Type of games
Clear selection
We know that our talented designers write amazing games and so we would like to challenge you, when picking the system to run your game with, to pick from published game systems.

We have a strong preference for currently popular/relevant systems: Eg, well known games like Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, or up and coming games which have been recently successfully Kickstarted. We are less likely to accept homebrew games,

Our biggest challenge in continuing to maintain attendance levels is finding designers and game masters to write or run modules for popular game systems and settings.

We would like to be able to offer a balance between catering for a creative and innovative storytelling community and appealing to a broad audience of players -- players who may only have exposure to one or two popular game systems.
Which system?
This year we are asking people to tell us the maximum number of sessions they will run, and to tell us when they are available to run. We will schedule you within your availabilities.

There are 11 three hour sessions at EYECON. Longer sessions may be available, on request, as per the convention organisers' discretion.
What is the maximum number of sessions you are willing and able to run? (1-11)
When are you available?
Blurb / brief description
If you already have your blurb ready to go, please include it below.
Anything else?
Do you have other requests? Do you have specific images you wish to use to promote your game which we should contact you about?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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