CiderCon 2020 Presentation Nomination Form
We are getting excited for CiderCon 2020 from January 28-31 in Oakland, California! We're ramping up our production track. Ireland will be our international cider maker feature this year, and the trade show is growing again! Have something to teach conference attendees? Please submit the following form for consideration.

We are especially recruiting presentations in the following areas: (1) ADVANCED production (2) Quality issues in cider (fermentation flaws for example) (3) Featuring speakers from, beverage, marketing or fermentation backgrounds in related but non-cider fields (4) Orcharding (5) Legal and Compliance (6) Cider sales.

Nominations are due July 26. Please contact with any questions.
You can use this form to either submit your own presentation pitch or to nominate a presentation from someone else.

We reserve the right to recruit alternative speakers for any topic pitched.

THANK YOU! We look forward to reviewing your pitch. ~Michelle McGrath, ED USACM

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