Online Histories of Special Collections and/or Archives of Institutions in NCAA Division II
Thank you for participating in this crowdsourced collection of data about websites for special collections and/or archives of schools in NCAA Division II. (This survey is produced with the support of the Archival History Section of the Society of American Archivists [SAA]. It is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with the NCAA. The classification is simply used to generate the list of schools.)

On the following pages, you can choose which school website(s) you wish to report on. In preparation for filling out this form, contributors should first check the institution's official website to see whether the school has an archives or special collections.

Contributors should then determine if webpages exist (1) for the history of that school's special collections/archives and (2) separately, for the history of the institution's libraries as a whole.

For this review, we also distinguish whether the history pages of the special collections/archives contain (1) complete standalone histories or (2) simple stub histories (e.g., they only mention the date of the creation of the archives or of the founding of the library building). Some institutions may have both and spaces are provided for each.

Finally, if a school's information has already been submitted, the school will not appear in the list.
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