SkillsUSA Washington Professional Test 2019
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What is a form that many employers use to identify worker applicants’ qualifications for employment?
What term defines an organized display of materials, equipment and services from business and industry?
Which would not be an appropriate item in your personal portfolio?
At a formal dinner, who should give the cue to start eating?
How many US Senators does a state have?
Which of the following is a positive method or behavior to deal with stress?
Who is someone who organizes, operates and assumes the risk of a business venture?
What color ink should be used when completing a job application?
The process of directing or controlling activities with regard to use of time is called:
Who directs and inspects the work and performance of other employees?
An item or task that merits first line of action is a/an:
Which term defines a review of one’s work by others that suggests change or other alternatives to improve the work involved?
Which option below defines someone with initiative:
Who is allowed to speak first when debating a motion in a formal business meeting?
You can give a message to somebody by:
What can cause a breakdown in the communicating process?
Community Service projects:
What is the current SkillsUSA Theme?
As you plan your career, you will probably research several or even many occupations. Which resource can help you the research your future occupation?
Goal setting is an important factor in being successful. Learning to motivate yourself to reach your goals is an important step in the process. Not all people are motivated by the same things. Which of the following are motivating factors will help you?
Have you ever served others in your school or community? If so, you probably worked as a volunteer. A volunteer is someone who provides services to others without expecting anything in return. Which component of the SkillsUSA Program of Work contains volunteer work?
To be successful as a person and an employee, you have to have positive goals. If you set a goal for yourself, what would be your next step to reach that goal?
Which of the following does not usually cause stress or pressure upon an individual?
The skills you will need when working on a team are different than those required to complete an individual project. One of those skills is the ability to cope with ideas that are different than yours. What is the name given to the positive skill needed to resolve differences among people?
What has the three parts: What is going to happen? When will it happen? How will it happen?
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